Greeting and Salutations dear friend and newcomers. I would like to Thank you for stopping in for a spell. Please browse my site and enjoy the works of fiction.

I started writing stories when I was seven and the love has never left me. I did just start  posting my stories a couple of years ago. Drink Deeply and Dream is my first fanfiction to be posted. And even then I was given a little nudge to even share it. ( minor perfectionist)

But so many responded and that was it. If people wanted to read my scribbles, then I would give them something to read. Anyway shout out to all you lovely darlings and many blessings to you.




4 thoughts on “About”

  1. What a pretty page! I just discovered your blog, thanks to TJ6’s FanFiction Updates… I do pull myself out my editing hole on occasion to read emails and find new stories to read. I’m about to head to my Bat Cave, so I thought I’d check out your story! What a nice surprise to find my blog listed as one of the ones you follow. I’m honored! 🙂 Thank you! Off to read now…

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      1. I needed LOTS of helping setting up my blog, and fortunately, gyllene came to my rescue! It still takes forever for me to post something. I’m excited that I found you, too! I’m sure I’ll love it! I just started reading the story, but then got swamped with editing, so I hope to get back to it soon. Now that summer’s over, it’s back into editing mode! I wish I would have found it in the summer when things were slower. Oh well, I’ll just add it to the top of the list! A fan of mine? Thank you, but all I do is edit other writers work… I wish I could write, but those days are long gone. 🙂 Keep up your writing! I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen so far! It’s different, a very refreshing change, and quite imaginative! 🙂 I noticed that you were nominated for some YWBA, so congratulations! I wish you the best of luck!


      2. Ty ❤ take your time reading and enjoy it makes me so happy you enjoy it so much.im grammatically challenged.if it werent for robin m.it would be a mess.i have deep appreciation for editors.and love the stories you have betad. I hope this autumn season find you happy and well.poor Robin M and wendy were nice i wàs afraid of bugging them.but they are great,like you. Thank you for the congratulations.i dont think ill even place in the ywbw.so many great authors


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