Drink Deeply,and Dream Prt.2

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Chapter two -Fangtasia

I made my way straight to the bar, “The Usual please Chow?” The Asian looking vampire gave me a nod as he poured my rum and coke. “Thank you,” I said as I handed him a five.

I was feeling giddy as I made my way to our usual booth, flanked by my friends.The music started to play and since I had finished more than half my drink I was up and headed to the dance floor. Tina followed suit and Mickey watched our drinks.

Caught up in the moment Tina and I had started grinding and dancing against each other. We had both taken dance classes and were well-skilled in the art of seductive dancing, even if only one of us used those lessons.

“Don’t look now but that hot man at the bar is staring at ya. I wonder what he wants?” Tina said
as we kept in perfect step with each other.

I snorted a laugh, “Probably checking out you in that dress,” I teased. Feeling kind of brave I made eye contact with the mysterious stranger, making sure to sensually move my hips from side to side before turning to face Tina and sliding my body against hers.

Strong and gentle hands slid to my waist and I could feel hips grinding against mine. From what I could feel pressed against me, I guessed it was Mickey behind me. Seriously, I often forgot he is bi-sexual and who could blame me? It had been years since he had been with a girl. I leaned back against him, enjoying his caress as we swayed on the dance floor.

Bringing my arm above my head I slid it down to rest on one of his hands. His cold hand! No, his ice cold hand. I looked around for the first time since I had started to dance. I saw that the whole bar was watching us and sure enough, Tina and a very stunned Mickey were gaping at me. Trying to keep my cool and not make a fool out of myself, I turned to face the man I had essentially been sexing up.

I was light headed as soon as I met his eyes. Those beautiful bluish-gray eyes. I had not noticed that I wasn’t breathing.

“I’m sorry if I startled you miss.You looked like you were having such a good time that I wanted to join you.”

I flashed my ‘save me before I make a fool of myself’ smile at my friends, “Well I enjoyed our dance, Mister. I think I’m going to go finish my drink and maybe get another.” He smiled and my heart thumped in my chest.

What was wrong with me! How was this man making me feel like this? He made my body react in ways it had never done before. I have been turned on by guys before but not like this. I felt like I knew him somehow.

His eyes never left me as I started to walk away. I felt as if his eyes were trying to drink in my appearance. “May I buy you a drink then? If it is ok with your friends that is?”

I smiled wider, “I wouldn’t mind if you joined us. I doubt they will either.”

He smiled, leaning closer and whispering “I’ll be right back.” I just nodded. I knew he didn’t glamor me since I could not be glamored. I turned to face Tina and Mickey who were still in shock as I walked over.

“You are going to catch flies guys,” I giggled, “ And you better snap out it, I am going to need you both.” As if I had glamored them to do it they closed their mouths. Mickey was smiling like he had a secret and Tina could not have looked any prouder.

“You play your cards right honey and you won’t be a cherry much longer,” Tina pointed out, sounding almost giddy.

By the heat in my cheeks, I knew I was now beet red. “None of that talk! Either of you! I just met him. Sheesh.”

They just laughed. “Hookah, you didn’t see the way you two looked at each other: Like you were the only ones around.”

I swayed my head in utter astonishment, “You are so drunk, Mick. It’s not even one in the morning. We do have work tomorrow you know,” I tried to remind him and being true to himself, he not so quietly responded.

“So? Shit girl I will be fine and sober by the time we have to go to work. I’ll just take an aspirin and drink water when we get home.” With a sigh and a shrug of my shoulders, I let him go back to what he was doing. I could never understand how people can just party, get trashed and just get up the next day to go to work.

It’s true I don’t get hangovers but there is something about over drinking that makes feel sluggish and just wrong.

With a slight movement, Tina had my attention. “Heads up girl! Prince charming is on his way.” Rolling my eyes at her cliché I glanced to the side and saw the slight figure that was now seconds away. He was a god. He had to be.There was no other way to explain it. I was falling for a vampire god! I noticed a little too late that I was gaping. I pulled the remnants of my self-respect off the floor and regained a modicum of composure.

“I hope you like rum and coke. I took the liberty of getting your friends drinks as well,” he said as he put the drinks down on the table. I smiled, staring into those bright eyes.

* Sorry for cutting it short . At this point I have the next chapter close to being ready.*

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Drink, Deeply and Dream Prt.1

Drink deeply and dream


I only own the characters of my imagination, and the story of course. But the others are on loan from Charlaine Harris and Alan Ball. This Is my first published fanfic. And I have many ladies to thank. A few of them are my mentors and friends. But a big thank you to my amazing Beta Breathesgirl who is an award winning writer and Beta. Thank you to the girls on the chat groups on facebook. I hope you like this. -Autumnchild26

Chapter one-The present is the future of the past.

“Two hundred years have passed since the VRA was passed. Despite the rocky road that the Vampires of that time had to walk, peace was finally possible. Five years after the VRA was made law Shifters and Weres came out of the closet. Soon after them, more and more Supernatural creatures kept stepping into the light thanks to the efforts of Sookie and Eric Northman. Sookie was a Fairy/human hybrid who was raised by her beloved Grandmother to accept people for who they are, not what they are. Sookie’s courageous and noble loving heart united the supernatural communities.

“It was not long after the VRA passed that Sookie was gifted a child with her husband. It was quite the scandal at first. Once fairies came out of the shadows a rumour about the existence of a Cluviel Dor spread. It became painfully clear that that was what had allowed Sookie to bear a child: It had been a gift from the King of the fairies.

“Tristan Northman was born.

“Godric took to traveling the world after almost meeting the sun. He revisited the cultures he had left so long ago. Razul, the fourth greatest swordsman in America, seemingly disappeared. Whispers among the vampires said that he took jobs acting as a bodyguard to various world leaders.

“Alcide Herveaux passed away at the age of seventy-five, forty years after the bill passed giving Shifters and Weres their own rights.

“Bright Angelic beings started to make appearances all over the world, assisting transitions and smoothing things over to give everyone a peaceful existence. Later the world learned that these beings were called Fairies.”

The bell went off and I shoved my notebook into my bag. “Oh, and class, your reports on the events of the revelation and the tribulations the different species faced and how those triumphs and tribulations shaped us today is due Friday.” I doubt many heard him since half the class was already gone. We may be in college now but no one wanted to stay too long after class. You could be asked to stay and help clean the lab: unless you were Professor Garrett, he gave extra assignments.

As for me, I never minded helping out, or even doing some extra assignments, unlike the others who took this class as a bird course ( meaning one of the easiest classes offered and a way to keep a higher GPA.) As a little girl I used to dream of the historical figures I learned about in school, all the while knowing I would never actually meet them. There was a reason there were no pictures of any of them, just vague details. Northman was a Viking. Godric the Gaul was self-explanatory. I satisfied my curiosity by learning all about the cultures each had come from.

“Callie is everything alright?” I smiled up at my slightly confused professor.

“Yeah, everything’s fine Sir. I was getting swept away wondering what it was like back then. Did you know any of the people we heard about today?”

He let out an unneeded breath before nodding, “I did. I’m closer to Eric’s age than anyone else. My maker was close to Godric’s age. You could say I grew up with Northman. Why are you so interested Callie? You are the only one to ask me such a question.”

l shrugged my shoulders, “I just thought it would be interesting to hear history from a man who saw it first hand. What was Erikir like?” Garrett looked at me as if I had just spilled some secret or something. What did I say?

“How do you know his true name?”

I could feel my insides become jittery, “I’ve been reading and studying the culture of the Vikings. And that of the Gauls. There’s not much really known about them. Not since Rome conquered so many of them.” He just smiled at me and looked me up and down: It unnerved me to no end. We were silent until he chuckled.

“You are a strange girl Callie. I can tell you are not in this class for the easy or extra credits. You really are a fan of vampires and our cultures?” I nodded at his words. It’s true. Most people just wanted to live forever or sell pictures and what not. Even after all this time we are still so obsessed and vain.

“No, I took this class to learn more about vampire culture and possibly build a better understanding of the past in case it tried to repeat itself.”

He nodded, “Well it’s late, you should probably go home. I’ll walk you out.” True to his word the red haired vampire walked me out of the classroom. It was Friday and I was going to go out with Tina and Mickey, my two best friends.
It was only a few minutes later that I ran into Mickey. “Hey bitch,where you been? Doing extra credit again? Girl, you will never change,” he said as he smiled and shook his head.

I smiled back at him, “Hey Mickey. Have you been waiting for me? No I wasn’t doing extra work. In fact, I had a question for the professor.”

He rolled his soft brown eyes, “say what you want suga. You still up to going out tonight? Tina is foaming at the mouth to go shopping with us at the mall before eight.”

I nodded, “She is always ready to shop. I swear that girl was born in a shopping mall.”

I jumped slightly when a familiar voice spoke, “Talking about me? Hope it’s all good!” She stuck her tongue out to reveal a tongue ring. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes.

“Yo, hooka when did you do that? Yous didn’t have that last night when I dropped you off,” Mickey exclaimed.

Tina smirked and her eyes were alight, “Roscoe actually. He has one like mine.”

I gave her my best reproachful glare, “You sure it was the greatest choice? I mean, don’t people get an infection from them?”

She nodded and shrugged her small shoulders. “Next week we’re getting matching tattoos. I think he’s the one.”

It was Mickey’s turn to roll his eyes, “Please bitch! You said that about the last four men! You are crazy to just give your heart away so quick.”

Tina rolled her eyes, “Like you can talk. How many men have you had?” I chuckled to myself because I had seen that coming.

“It’s not the same suga, you can sample the nectar without buying the flower.” To emphasize his point he shimmied his hips.

I could feel the blush on my face.“Ok, guys are we going shopping or what?” I pushed forward, out the doors and into the parking lot.

“You know you wouldn’t be so abashed honey girl if you got you a little somethin’-somethin’,” Mickey smiled and wiggled his eyebrows.

I could see Trina shake her head. “Oh hell no Mickey! Don’t you be filling her head with crazy. She can wait as long as she wants to.” I smiled. It was no secret in our little group that I was still a virgin. I just wasn’t so confident and outgoing as Mickey. Nor was I as sexy and free spirited as Tina. I wasn’t bad looking. I’d had a few dates but none of them were what I was looking for. I thought I came close once, until he said some things which were bigoted. He was a racist and with Tina being a very beautiful dark complected girl I was not going to have it.

“I will give myself to the right guy and at the right time. Can we just go shopping already and leave my lack of sex life out of it?”

Mickey whistled, “There’s that fire I love so much.” I slid into the back seat of Tina’s chevy. Cyndi Lauper’s Girls Just Wanna Have Fun was playing on the radio, quite suitable for that night.

We arrived at the strip mall ten minutes later and filed our way into JC Penny’s. While Tina and Mickey competed for the most outrageously revealing outfit they could find I looked at a few nice skirts until a single short black skirt caught my eye. It was cut simply and would reach just over my knees.There was a little metal belt with what looked like a tree. It resembled the Yggdrasil tree! I had to have it! Now for some shirts.

“Hey, suga where’s you goin’?”

Turning, I flashed him my best smile, “Shirts,” I said and I walked off. Five minutes and three shirts later I had settled on a dark purple camisole cut so it dipped to give a small show of my girls but not so much that it would be considered slutty. And finally a black jean jacket and I already had my pair of sexy black leather boots which could double as a weapon should I need to kick someone. Hey, it happens more than I want to think about. Tina was always flirting with every guy she could and Mickey started the occasional fight. We payed for our clothes and left the store.

I started to change in the back of the car . Mickey, who had scooted in next to me, had already changed as we were driving.

“Mickey, bitch get up here and take the wheel I need to dress too.” With the speed and skill of a ninja, Mickey was in the front seat, holding the wheel as Tina flipped over to the seat next to me and slid on her indecently short and tight black dress: It left nothing to the imagination.

Soon we pulled up to Fangtasia, the bar was over two hundred years old and still running.

I ran my fingers through my wavy black hair and applied lip gloss and light make up.

We had been here many times before, the bouncer even knew us. “Evening Sky! Is it busy tonight?” I asked as we got to the front of the line.

He shook his head, “No, it’s kind of slow for a Friday night. Not many humans in tonight, though the night is still young.” I nodded, smiling at the hottest werewolf I had ever seen.

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