Drink Deeply and Dream Pt. 6

So as promised  this chapter is longer than any so far I hope you enjoy it.  I have had fun writing it and while my muse is beginning to rebel against me .I have plans for  Callie and the gang. You just have to stay tuned. 🙂 I love you guys  and all the comments you post.



Chapter Six–


Callie’s Pov.


I needed a coffee bad and of course I had to work on my essay about Gaul. I had no idea where to really start. The sun was warm as I walked to the little cafe: I didn’t like driving in nice weather, there’s nothing quite like a nice walk taking in the fresh air and the natural beauty of flowers and trees.


I’m not a tree hugger, but being a natural witch I couldn’t help but feel comfort in nature, even if I was only a half witch.


Grounding myself in the earth’s core energy, I let the negative emotional baggage  melt from my heart. It was not Mickey’s fault he freaked. I should have been more in control. What had happened to my shields? I have gone drinking before and never have they been that weak.


I passed a bench add  for an exhibit on Vikings tomorrow night at 10:00. Interesting. I had another paper to write on Vikings for my extra history class. It couldn’t hurt right? It read that there would be a guest speaker. Some expert on the culture back then. Well I couldn’t pass it up.


I crossed  over to the other side of the street and walked into the  well lighted and cozy  cafe.“Morning Callie, what can I get you today? We have some new flavors, or would you like your normal Caramel mocha?” I smiled widely up at Jessie.


“Morning Jessie. Surprise me, just as long as it has lots of espresso. I had a rough night and I have to work in a few hours.”


He nodded and grinned, “The trouble twins convinced you to go out again last night? And let me guess, they let you drink too much?”


I shook my head, “Well they did talk me into going to Fangtasia, and while I did drink I know I wasn’t drunk when I left. Buzzed maybe but not drunk.. But I did meet a guy last night and he was nice. Before you ask, his name is Rick.” Jessie showed me  his million dollar smile. How on this green earth could I be surrounded by so many good looking men?”


“Rick, huh. What’s this Rick look like?” He smiled as he handed me my coffee.


“Well he was short, had a lot of tattoos and these odd eyes. But he was really sweet.” He smiled wider. It was nice to have a good conversation.


“Who was sweet Dolly? Whoa you look like you got run over by a horse twice. What the hell happened to you?” Taking a deep breath I turned to face Tyson. Now, most would be offended by  his horse comment but that’s usually because they don’t know that he can read their souls, their Auras.


“Morning Tyson, I feel like shit.” He smiled at me before rubbing my head. “It’s okay  Dolly, I’ll make you my scrambled eggs and toast and fix you right up.”


I chuckled,“Thanks Tye.”


“Oh hey,Tye our little Dolly has met a guy!” Shit!  I could just beat the hell out of Jessie!. I had almost bypassed telling him.


“She did? And you were not going to tell me? I’m wounded Dolly. Who is he? What’s his name? Did he lay a hand on you? If he did I would have to ..” I couldn’t let him finish that thought.


“His name is Rick, he’s a vampire and no he didn’t touch me outside of dancing with me.”


He nodded, “You tell me if he does anything else. Those vampires can be dangerous. Just say the word Dolly.”  He gazed at me lovingly.


“If he steps out of line you’ll be the first to know.” He smiled, I couldn’t help but feel loved.


(Five minutes later)


Try as I might I could not seem to focus. Every time I would try to my mind would bring me back to last night. Back to those deep caring eyes. They may belong to a younger looking body, but they held the weight of many years. I may not know how old he is really is but he just felt safe.


It’s a weird feeling, being safe. Growing up without a definable family often makes you cautious.Thinking back now, I realise there have been times when I thought someone was watching over me. How else had I gotten out of that fire that killed my second foster family? I was in bed asleep then I was outside. The doctors wrote it off as instinct, that I had walked out of the house without realising it in my sleepy daze.


Or that time when I  was almost hit by a car? I should have been dead. But nearly each time afterward I had felt safe. How weird is that? What kind of guardian angel wants to guard me?


“Callie is that you? Wow, it has been a long time.” Stirring out of my musings I looked in the direction of the voice.


“Corey? What are you doing back so soon? I thought you were off to study in Europe?”


Grinning he answered, “Home on break. What have you been up to? Giving those teachers at that college hell I hope?” I couldn’t withhold a giggle.


“You say that as if I’m some kind of know it all psycho student!”  


Chuckling he pulled me into a hug. “Hmm, maybe over enthusiastic. Still hang out with the mopsy twins?”


I rolled my eyes at his antics, “If you mean Tina and Mickey then yes. They are my best friends after all. They keep me out of trouble.”


Corey’s eyebrow raised in question.” And how is that?”


Sitting up straight I tried to give off a serious vibe, “They get into trouble enough on their own. When I help them out of it I’m never in it.“


Corey just smiled. ”If you say so. By the way I see your nursing Jessie’s famous remedy for alcohol. Too much trouble last night?”


Before I could speak Jessie spoke up, “No, our little miss met a guy.” I could just slap him right now. I had been grilled enough this morning. I don’t even know if I’m actually going to see him again anyway. I mean if I think about it maybe the attraction was all in my head. There was no way my logical mind would fall so fast. Still the feeling of Ric’s hands on me, and those eyes… Suppressing a shiver I turned to face Corey, smiling like a cat that got the damn mouse!


“Did she now. Do tell little kitten. Has Some Tom-cat caught your fancy?” I roll  my eyes. Leave it to werewolves to make a cat reference. “I did meet someone. It was a chance meeting at  Fangtasia. I’m sure he’s a vampire. He was so sweet, and nice.” The three weres in front of me  just stared at me.
“Cat’s got your tongues,” I giggled as I slid five dollars to Jessie. “This should cover it. I’ll see you around”.


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Drink Deeply and Dream Prt. 5

This is a short chapter but I promise you there is a longer one  coming.:) Until then here is a chapter I hope you  like it. A big thank you to my Beta  tj6james6. She is the best of the best. And Thank you  for all your comments they help  feed the muse and encourage me to write :P.  Well no further a due …


Tina’s Pov


The morning had suddenly all gone to hell. Mickey was now looking chagrined and slightly taken aback that he had just possibly hurt one of the kindest girls we knew. He looked after Callie as she stormed off. I felt bad for her, she never asked to be born with that gift of hers. We had watched her growing up. It wasn’t easy for her knowing how people felt about her. Growing up in a  small town where the families had two parents and two kids and houses with white fences  was never easy. She had lived in foster homes amid the old fashioned dream of 2.5 kids and a white picket fence until a lady named Octavia found her and took her in.


Since Callie had learned to block emotions from others, our lives had seemed to even out. I felt really guilty. I should’ve remembered that some days it’s hard for her to keep up the blocking. And I called myself her best friend?


“Fuck I didn’t mean to yell. She just got on my nerves. Ya know she can’t go reading people.”


I nodded, “You must really love him in order for her to pick up on it so strongly, even with her weakened as she is. I think we missed something last night. She seemed normal when we got home.”


Mickey sighed, “I should talk to her. I need to make it up to her.”


I nodded again, “You should start with buying her a book. And chocolate, you know the kind she likes.”


He nodded slightly, still looking green around the gills, “She is the easiest to cheer up. Our little book worm. You think it’s starting? Octavia warned us. Should we call her?”


I shook my head, “Not yet, I’ll call her later if it doesn’t get better. We don’t need our girl depressed. Bad things happen.” He nodded knowingly and slowly wobbled his way to his room. After finishing my breakfast I cleaned up and went to get ready for the day. Her birthday was coming up and I had plans to make and things to do.

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Drink Deeply and Dream Pt.4

So its time again for me to post an other chapter. It is short,I am sorry when I was splitting up the chapters they became uneven. Thanks To my Beta tj6james6  who is always an encouragement. Oh and she puts up with my grammatical errors. ❤ Now without more ramblings, from an over tired  Hotel night clerk. I promise things will come together. Enjoy!


Chapter Four–Headaches, Nightmares, and Hangovers.


After stopping so Mickey could throw up and we could get enough aspirin and water to drown a herd of horses we got home at about two in the morning.  I hopped right into the shower while Tina  took to bathing Mickey so he didn’t to go to bed with puke all over himself. Once I was dressed I made my way to where Tina was dressing Mick, I couldn’t hold back a yawn.

“Hey T.,  go shower I’ll put him to bed. K?”  She smiled with relief and left the room.


Picking the well built and even more drunk wrestling type man of the floor I half dragged the poor guy to bed and covered him up. I returned to my room and stretched out on my bed. It wasn’t long until the darkness of slumber took me away.


The forest path was thickly laden with trees. The full moon was high in the sky and howling wolves were chasing someone. That someone looked an awful lot like me


She was in a long flowing white gown and her hair was a mess of curls. What made it even more strange was the crescent moon on her right shoulder. I watched as she ran and ran, there were snarling wolves behind her. I followed behind them, wanting to see what was going to happen next.


She was trapped against some rocks, there was no way for her to escape. At first, the words she started to mumble were slow and soft. As they got louder I understood it was a spell of some kind. My latin is very rusty but from what I could gather, she was calling the moon, the maiden, to come to her to protect her daughter. Then she started to glow! The glow was a soft purple and it was coming from her hands! As she raised them the wolves ran off. But just as I thought it was over. A figure came into view.


“Witch, you will die for your treasonous ways.”


She spat at him, “Since when is love  treason? You really should have known that I would only marry for love.”


The dark, obviously obese villain snarled, “Love? Ha! Your mind is full of such childish notions. When a woman marries she belongs to her husband. Before she marries her oldest male kin owns her. I command that you marry Lord Byron.”


My head turned from the repulsively old fashioned idiot when a half amused snicker drew my attention to the woman in white, “How dare you think that you can tame that which is meant to be wild and free.Your Lord Byron would not find what he wants from me for my maidens head is gone.You own nothing.”


Enraged the man lunged at her. “Foolish wench! What if you are with child?” She sidestepped him but not fast enough to escape the blade of his dagger entering close to her rib cage. Coughing she slid to the  ground. All I could hear was a scream; It was coming from me.


I jolted upright in bed, bright morning sunlight illuminated my bedroom. What  was that? Who was she? I really needed to not drink on an empty stomach. Sliding my warm fuzzy purple slippers on my feet I went to go get coffee and check on Mickey.


Voices to my right were barely audible whispers. Entering the bright yellow room we call the kitchen, there sitting on a stool was a very hung over Mickey and Tina was at the stove making what I thought was eggs. She was the brave one in our group. Mickey nursed a glass of orange juice and popped two aspirin.


“You look like death warmed over, maybe you shouldn’t drink so much?”


He nodded, grimacing with the pain of the movement, “Not so loud sweets,” he whispered as he held his head, “My head feels like a drummer’s been playing on it all night.” I smiled as Tina turned with a plate in her hand.


“Serves you right, you two better eat, you have work today. And I doubt Jake will be happy if you call out again Mickey,” Tina said, sounding like she was chastising a recalcitrant toddler.


That comment brought the chuckle I had tried to keep in, out. Mickey turned a little red but he did not find it amusing. “Nah, I be fine. He hasn’t  fired me yet,” he whispered as he looked at his eggs and turned slightly green.


Tina joined me in giggling. As I pointed out the facts we all knew, “That is because he wants you. I’m surprised you haven’t taken him up on his offer yet Mick. Lost your game?” I knew I was asking for a crude comment but I was saved by his moment of rebuttal.


“He is my boss! You don’t play where you work.”


I spared a look at Tina, just knowing she had a comment. And she didn’t disappoint, “Like that has ever stopped you before. Mark, the owner of that Italian restaurant down the block. Or that one. What was his name? He worked for Marina?”  I remembered that one, it was a hot mess. Who knew Carlos was a player?


“His name was Carlos. And there was Antoine, the one from that outlet store,” I added with a giggle.  


A wave of irritation and indignation came from Mickey, “Alright! I’ve made mistakes. What about you Tina? How many boys have you gone through? Which flavor of the month did you not fuck?” Closing my eyes I felt something else from Mickey. He was not angry at our poking at his ex-lovers; It was that we were implying that Jake, the love of his life, was only a fling to him.


WAIT! LOVE? OMG  Mickey is in love with Jake! And I knew from Jake’s feelings that he loved Mickey. Before I could stop myself I put my foot in my mouth again. “You love Jake! You really do! Every time he is brought up you feel love.” As soon as it was out of my mouth I regretted the words.


“STAY OUT OF MY FUCKING EMOTIONS! It is none of your DAMN business.” Immediately his hands went back to holding his head and his eyes started to water as he turned a darker shade of green.  My hand quickly went to my mouth, my eyes wide. He had never yelled at me like that. It’s why I never really go out and drink to have a good time. The next day my ability to filter and block emotions is always shitty.


“I.. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to.. You know what? I think I’m going to go out and stop at the cafe on the corner. I.. I’ll see you guys later.” With that, I headed out of the room to get dressed and get away from Mickey.


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Drink Deeply and Dream Pt.3

So i think I like  posting on Tuesday is best. I hope you enjoy I am currently working  on later chapters . I hoping to build  as  many as I can so you guys  don’t have to wait too long between each chapter. i may  post more than one a week if  the one i post is so short. We will see. Happy Tuesday. Enjoy—

Chapter three


What shocked me was his manners. You just do not find such a polite man easily these days.


“Actually, it’s one of my favorite drinks. Thank you. I don’t think I got your name.“ His boyish  grin was just as attractive as the rest of his body.


“My name is ‘’’Ric, now that you bring it up I do not know yours either,” he said as I was attempting to show him my most seductive grin.


“Nice to meet you ‘’’Ric, I’m Callie. And the vibrantly dressed  gentlemen to my left  is Mickey Reynolds. Next to him is Tina Rogers.” Taking a sip I noticed that ‘’’Ric’s eyes were back on me.


“So what brings you three to a Vampire bar? Is it the music, the thrill of being around vampires?” Part of me wanted to find a reason to leave, the other was content to be indulging my vampire god and love of vampires.


I stopped when I noticed I had stayed silent too long. Thank god for a very drunk Mickey.


“Not much to do ‘round here unless you go to N’awlins.” If the smell of alcohol didn’t let on to how far gone Mick was, his speech sure did.


It was unnerving how intently ‘Ric was scoping out Mickey. Almost as if he were sizing him up. “It is true that the capital is alive and filled with music. It can get a little too much after a couple of years.” I nursed my drink until Mick waved that he needed me to move so he could exit the booth.


My mind went back to thinking about the fact that only seconds ago I had silently called ‘’Ric mine. A gasp from the crowd drew my attention to the now flat on the floor Mickey. How much did he actually have to drink? I went to pick him up off the floor when I noticed ‘Ric had him on his feet.


“I can help your friend to the bathroom and get him some water. I will right back.” It was then that the music chose to pick up. I watched as the man I could easily succumb to helped my closest male companion. I turned in time to see Tina  heading back to the dance floor.


My eyes took in the decor. There on the wall was a picture of ‘Ric and a taller blond man.The photo was dated back almost a hundred years. I wondered who the other person was. I placed my empty glass on the table and jumped when.I heard the menfolk return.


“It seems your friend is very sick. I have my friend at the bar taking care of him. But…”


Biting my lip I nodded. “We should be going soon anyway. Question for you ‘Ric. That picture of you on the wall, who is the one next to you?” I could see his eyes sparkle and then fade.


“Someone I met a long time ago. I have not seen him in many years.” There was a twinge of sorrow in his eyes. Guilt was starting to rise in my chest. I didn’t like for my Vampire god to be  sorrowful.


‘I’m sorry I didn’t mean to bring up a sore spot.”


He smiled at me softly, “Think nothing of it dearest one, You have nothing to apologize for.” I know the smile was growing in my mind’s eye. Dearest one? My heart fluttered again.


What the hell am I? A high school girl? Grown women just didn’t  get this smitten so fast. But there was something about him. It was almost as if I knew him.


Just then  Mickey decided to fall over his stool, spilling his water everywhere. “It was nice meeting you ‘Ric, but I think it’s time we left. Maybe I’ll see you around?”


He smiled at me and nodded, “I look forward to it, Callie.”
With one last smile, Tina and I went to take Mickey home.


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