Drink Deeply And Dream Part.7

Sorry it has been so long  since I updated This story it has been crazy. But I think you will forgive me  when you see how long it is :). I hope you like it and enjoy.



After work I drove home with Mickey in the car. The book and chocolate he bought were in the back seat. He was sorry for being mean earlier. He was not totally alone in being responsible for the incident so I forgave him though I would have done it anyway without the gifts. But I will never turn away a book and chocolate.


“I want candy… I want candy….” I pressed the green answer button on my dashboard. Thank God for technology. Nowadays you turn your engine on and your phone syncs to your car. “Hey Tina,” I answered.


“Bitch where are you guys .I want to get my groove on before I’m 80.” I couldn’t help but giggle at her overly dramatic statement.


“We will be home in less than five minutes. I’ll just wear some jeans and a shirt. No I am not wearing another skirt or dress because it is simply not me. I will see you at home. Bye T.” I hung up and stared at Mickey.


“What are the chances she will let me dress myself tonight?” I sighed.


He full  out chuckled. “Not a chance Suga, she has been looking for a reason to doll you up. This ‘Ric guy is just the reason she’s been looking for. You may get away with some  dress pants, don’t hold your breath on the rest of your clothes though.”  I slouched in my seat.


“Don’t look so sad. I promise I won’t let her make you into glitter Barbie. Or slutty Barbie. I have a feeling your new man isn’t attracted to overly slutty.” I smiled at him. Mickey to the rescue again. At least I could relax knowing I had back up.


We pulled into the driveway and got out. Tina was in the living room and already dressed in her black dress with the slit on either side. She may as well just put a loin cloth around her waist. If it wasn’t for the  strips of fabric dangling  from the hem everybody would get a show.


“Your clothes are on the bed. Shower and be quick about it, we have to eat on the way.” I nodded, giving Mickey my ‘should I even go tonight’ look. He nodded, “You better, she put in the effort to get your things together. And hurry. I can’t be held  accountable  for her crazy if you take too long.” Some help he is.


The hot water felt amazing on my skin and served to both clear and focus my mind as I focused on the water, letting my mind go blank and.drawing energy from its essence. Grounding is  essential  to keeping  control and remaining centered. It is meditating. I use the elements to center myself. Earth is my elemental sign, overlapped by Air. When I cast I can draw  power from them with little  effort. Water is an element which is strong and life giving: Every living thing has water inside of it.


Letting the peace wash over me I started to shiver, I had let the water grow cold. I got  out of the shower and shut off the water. I walked into my bedroom as I dried off and saw a pair of denim  jeans and a sleeveless emerald green shirt on the bed. I dressed quickly and applied some light blue eyeshadow with some black eyeliner. I added some pale pink lip gloss and zipped up my boots; I was ready to go out. My hair would be in ringlet curls when it finished drying so I didn’t bother putting it up.


Tina and Mickey were waiting at the door when I walked down the short hall.  “Come on! You could have at least done your hair up or something.You want this guy to stay interested? So be interesting.” I rolled my eyes at classic Tina and her boy advice but I was not about to pretend to be who I am not.


“If he doesn’t find me interesting as I am then he can walk. Honestly Tina! I am not going to change to fit a guy’s Idea of the Ideal woman. If I act a certain way now and change to my true self later and it doesn’t work, then the time together was a waste. Or if I do act  the part for the rest of my life there is resentment. And we don’t even know if he is truly interested anyway. Lots of people dance with random people in a club. Isn’t that why you love them so much?”


She nodded as she sighed, “You’re right but I’m telling you girl, he was checking you out the second we entered. I’m sure of it.” I shrugged as I got into the passenger seat of Tina’s car, heading to Fangtasia and a night of uncertainties and adventure.


We pulled into the parking lot of the vampire nightclub and parked as close as we could. The line wasn’t too long. As we made our way to the end of the line we were flagged by the bouncer. “Is everything okay Sky?” I asked.  He nodded and smiled at me, “I have instructions that you three are to go right in.”


I knew I must have been staring off into space because the next thing I knew I was being nudged. I recovered quickly and gave Sky a smile and responded, “Thanks Sky!” as I walked through the door with Tina and Mickey on either side of me. Butterflies started to flutter in my stomach. You would have thought that I would have had  some time to practice what I was going to say to him. Reigning in my anxiety as the music met my ears, I went to the bar and ordered a rum and coke.The bartender smiled and nodded, handing me the drink. I went to pay but he waved his hand, “The boss says you  and your friends drink for free.” I smiled my ‘this is awkward’ smile. “Thanks,” I said as I turned and walked to the same booth we always sat at. Mickey and Tina  weren’t there but I wasn’t worried, well not that much anyway.


“Are you enjoying your night?” I jumped at his words and I turned to meet the eyes of the very man who seemed to make my insides tighten and my thoughts to magically disappear.“Yes, thank you, how is your night so far?”


Flashing me his smile he replied, “Wonderful now that you are here. Where are your friends? I would have thought they never leave your side.”  How could he know that? He had only met us  once before. Was he following me? How could he…I mean he can’t go out during the day.


“They are here somewhere, probably drinking and starting trouble.” I sighed and let my myself relax.


“Would you like to get out of here? It’s not too late to grab dinner or something.”


I couldn’t breathe for a minute. He had. He had just asked me out! “I.. Um.. I shouldn’t leave Mickey and Tina. There’s no telling what they could do.”


He smiled, “Fear not dearest,as the local sheriff ,I will have one of my underlings keep them out of trouble. I’m only asking for some time with you.”  He had a point, and they were adults after all. But should I trust their care to his underlings?  After a minute I had made up my mind.


“Okay, just let me tell Tina that I’m leaving so she doesn’t get worried. Not like a worried Tina. She is much worse when she is drunk.”


He nodded. “I’ll get my coat and keys and meet you out front.” I nodded and weaved my way to the dance floor which was crowded with men in a circle jeering. Sure enough Tina was dancing.   


“HEY T!! TINA!!” She looked up at me with a questioning look. I smiled.


“Hey,  come to shake that fine ass of yours?” she shouted back.


I shook my head, “ No, Rick wants to take me out tonight so we are leaving. He’s going to have a friend of his help you get back.” She nodded, giving me a wink.


“Go get ‘im girl!!!!” I turned and walked  away from the howling monkeys around her.


The fresh night air  was sweet and welcoming. Rick looked like an ancient God had stepped off the pages of a book.  He kept glancing casually around us as if he were expecting an attack.  “Come my dear let us go somewhere. Where do you want to go?”


Staring at the stars thoughtfully I said, “I have no clue, could we go somewhere and talk. I feel like I know you, but that’s just crazy.”  


He shook his head. “No, not crazy little one. How about I take you to my favorite spot?”


Taking his hand I let him lead me to the passenger side of his black SUV. Once I had slid inside he went to the driver’s side and soon we were off. The wind was in my hair and the moon was watchful as we zipped down streets and turned around corners as we left Shreveport, to where I didn’t know, and for once I don’t care. I was safe, somehow I knew I was safe.


“So, what is it that you do when you are not out dancing?” My head snapped quickly to face him.

“I’m going to  school for History, specializing in Vampire  culture. In fact, we just learned of Sir Godfrey of Bouillon. He was a fighter in the crusades. His sword is in a church in Jerusalem. Before that I did a report on Mark Anthony. Did you know he was blonde when he was young?”


He looked thoughtful for a minute before smiling.  “What do you do when not escorting girls to mysterious places? “  I asked: I just wanted him to talk, god how I liked his voice. It soothed and excited me at the same time. He had to have seen great things.


“You are the only one I have escorted in a very long time. Do you go to school everyday?” Nodding, I smiled. So he didn’t take many girls out with him. It was a wonder, I mean the man was like a Greek statue.One I just waned to rub my hands all over. I could feel the need to touch him, to have him hold me building up inside. My mind screamed GET A GRIP GIRL! You are not that kind of lady!


“Um, yeah  Monday through Thursday I work at the cafe 1-5. On Wednesdays I work 10-6, Friday, Saturday and Sunday I have off. My classes are usually from 7pm -10pm except for the weekend.” Just like that our old friend silence was back.  


“When do you find time for yourself or your studies? Surely you have  homework? That is the word right?” I couldn’t help but smile at his cuteness. “Well I am only taking a few classes right now. And I happen to love to read and enjoy reading  legends, poems, and history. And Tina and Mickey  get me to go to Fangtasia a night or two with them. I’m not one for glitz and glam. I would rather have a small fire in a field with the moon high in the sky, tribal drums  and good company.”  He smiled at me but I could tell he was surprised  by my answer.


“And what would you do if those things were present?”


I giggled. “I would dance in the moonlight to the drums. It has been a dream of mine for a long time, but I haven’t had much time this summer to really enjoy it. Unfortunately Mickey and Tina are not the type to enjoy music without  words and electric guitars. Octavia, my aunt,  used to take me to dances with her coven.”


The car pulled over, when we had stopped I met his eyes. “Come,we have a little further to go. I think you will enjoy it. But you have to trust me okay? Close your eyes, I will lead you.”  Seeing as I let him take me this far,  no sense doubting now? I closed  my eyes and gave him my hand.  Suddenly my feet were off the ground and he held me against his chest. One arm under my knees the other wrapped carefully around my back. The wind was whipping all around us.


Five minutes later…..


My feet were back on the ground, I could feel his lips next to my ear as he whispered. “Open your eyes, y love.”  I couldn’t help but be in shock at how beautiful  things were. The small Lake, the vibrant green grass and the many purple and yellow  flowers. It was like something out of my imagination.The light from the stars and the moon lit up the water, giving it a mystic, mirror-like sheen .Nature’s magic  always astounds my senses.


“It’s… it’s wonderful Rick. So beautiful, enchanting. How did you find this place?” There was that boyishly charming smile again. “When you walk the earth as I have, you find earth’s little treasures here and there. Places  humanity has forgotten or has lost reverence for. People used to worship the earth and her magics, now it lays forgotten.”


I nodded at his words since I totally agreed with him. Usually i would have a response to what he said but i was lost in his poetic words. Did I have no defences against this man? “I agree with you all the way,” I finally said.  He took my hand and led me under a tree to sit. He sat first and then arranged it so i was sitting in front of him.


“I hope I am not being too forward but I feel like I know you.Tell me a story about you. Where did you grow up? What things do you like?”  Looking up at the stars I sigh peacefully.


“I grew up here and there, I was orphaned when I was five. And then I came to live with my aunt Octavia.  Before that I was in a couple of foster homes but was raised mostly in New Orleans.


I wanted to get away from the city for a little while so when I was accepted to college out this way my best friends, Mickey and Tina, moved with me.


Okay, it’s your turn to tell me a story about you?” I brushed a strand of hair away from my face.


“Well. you know that I have a child?”  I shook my head no and he continued his story. “I do and we traveled the world together. Once we were in France and  he thought it would be funny to mess with a young girl. He glamoured her into thinking he was an angel of God. He told her it was her destiny to fight the English. Needless to say, I never let him out of my sight after that for a long time: He caused too much chaos.”


I sat there dumbfounded. ”He was behind Joan of Arc?” He laughed at my sense wonder. .

“Sort of. She had a desire to learn to fight for her country so Eric gave her a push in the right direction and showed her some tricks with a sword. Her downfall came when politics came into play. My child learned first hand not to interfere directly. Had we joined the fight ourselves we could have won it for the French.”


That blew my mind. Not only had he known Joan of Arc but his son had encouraged her to fight which led her to her death. “It must be amazing to have seen so much history, to have influenced it first hand. ” I turned to look into his eyes only to see that he was staring up into the sky. I could feel the mood shift and the youthful smooth face suddenly looked shadowed and old. Something told me he held a lot of burdens. My heart ached with the need to massage his heart and make him smile.


Reaching my hand out I gently touched his cheek and brushed my thumb against his skin. His eyes snapped to face me as he leaned his  head into my touch. His eyes closed, his words were soft, “ I’m sorry. Tonight was supposed to be fun. Do you want to go for a swim?”


Just like that his boyish features lightened a fraction. He started to walk toward the lake and remove his shirt and pants. I took his hand, “Sure, and just so you know, I Like talking to you. I get the feeling that you have a lot of things you keep hidden. And I want you to know that I am here when you want to talk.”


Walking closer to me his eyes never wavered from mine, “I will remember that, but come, last one in is…what do your people call it?” I laughed. I took off my shirt  and my pants and started running, “last one is is a rotten egg!” His hearty chuckle echoed in the little paradise. Before I knew it I heard a splash.


“Hahah Callie you are a rotten egg.”


Pouting  in mock sadness I said, “No fair! You used your speed! Cheater, cheater pumpkin eater!”  His eyebrows arched in confusion.


“You must be mistaken. I do not eat Pumpkins.”


I laughed,  “It’s another expression.” I dipped a toe into the  water but couldn’t help the shiver.


“Jump in, the water is great.”


Shaking my head I continued his statement with, “If you don’t feel the cold. But us mortals  get cold.!” He chuckled, swimming as close as he could get to the edge before climbing out and smiling. I was speechless watching him approach me. I had thought he was Adonis before. Nope, he was a god and I had died and gone to heaven. His muscles were well defined and that lower V on his hips…Oh boy. His shorts were riding a little lower as he walked. Heavy with water and gravity.I felt my mouth go dry. I knew he could have no pockets. So the sizable bulge in his shorts was all him.


His laughter pulled me away from my appreciation of his devilishly attractive body. He smiled, “See something you like little one?” I nodded, still speechless and Rick was still laughing at me. He reached his hand out to me still smiling.


“Come on, live a little. You know that when I was human we bathed in rivers and lakes.There was no way to heat the water. I survived.” I shook my head, rethinking taking off my clothes.  He wrapped his arms around me. “Do you trust me?”  I knew it was yes, but the tone in his voice made me wary.


We launched into the air as I clung to him for dear life. Hovering  over the lake, I stared into his eyes and he just smiled at me.  “Look at the sky it’s brighter up here.” I nodded in agreement before we descended. The freezing  water washed over my skin as Rick’s strong arms held me tight. I was light headed and could feel my head buzzing one minute, the next I was gasping for air.


“Are you trying to drown me?” I screeched.


He straightened up at my words. “Never, I would never harm you Callie. I find myself enjoying our time together. Something I have not done in many years. You make me laugh, not an easy feat,” I could feel the blush rising on my face.


“I have never done this with anyone but Mickey and Tina. I don’t usually do this type of thing. I over think things, second guess myself. I do not just get into a car with a nearly complete stranger. Yet, I find that I haven’t  over thought anything tonight. I only started doubting myself  a little. And well, we are here so I obviously  got into your car.”


I bit my lip, waiting for him to say something. The silence stretched and his eyes never left mine. The sky was lighter than it was before: We didn’t have much time.  We swam to shore and  got out. I grabbed my clothes and quickly got dressed. Was I foolish? Tina always said never reveal your emotions on the first date. Was this our first date? DId I offend him? I started to recap everything we had talked about as we silently drove.


Rick’s POV


Tonight had gone  just as I had hoped. After Tina had unknowingly let Callie’s love for the stars and her desire for nature slip I knew that I would be taking her to the little paradise that I had found so long ago. My beast has been clawing at me to get her alone. When I saw her tonight  I wanted to grab her, kiss her, hold her. I never wanted her out of my sight. These emotions are interesting. I have loved before; many years ago. Irina had died ,she was not unlike the princess next to me.


I was happy with Irina back then, her warmth and her love for life had stirred my dead heart. Callie, however, stirred me to my core. Just being in her presence was captivating. Irina could not hold a candle to my feelings for Callie. It was hard to think about. When I first saw her I felt the pull. At first I thought that it was my destiny to change her. But I find that she may be my mate? My Son had explained his pull toward his soul mate and the feelings seem strangely close.


She is a woman of these times. We had just met, there was no way to tell her that she may be my true mate! I couldn’t  risk chasing her off. Oh, how I will chase her. I will have her heart for my own. She would have rather just talked the night away but there are just so many things i want to shelter her from. What had shocked me was how she didn’t kiss me. She never even made a pass at me. She could have and I would have welcomed it. In fact, most women would have.


She wanted my stories, she wanted me and I wanted  her, I wanted to feel her, to track her if she were in trouble.The need to have my blood inside her was strong. I want to be inside her. Even if it is only my blood in her veins. In all my years I have only willingly let  three people ever taste my blood: My two children and Irina.  The even rise and fall of her chest was mesmerising. If it wasn’t for her body language I would have thought she was relaxed.  Her shoulders  told me she was not comfortable. The look on her face  showed a private war being fought. I could not take it if she rejected me. Did I say something? No, why would she act this way.


“Callie are you alright? You haven’t said anything  in awhile.” She turned her heavenly eyes to me, confusion evident.


“I’m fine, just thinking about tonight.”  She smiled. God those lips. I placed my hand on her forehead and I was rewarded with even more confusion and amusement?  

“I’m sorry, but every time my son’s wife says she is fine it means she really isn’t. Then they argue, or she faints because she is ill. I’m trying to figure out which ‘fine’ you are. You are sure I didn’t offend you?”


She shook her head and laughed loudly before settling down. I don’t get it. How was I funny? Human women, nope just women. In all my years no matter how many I have had, I don’t understand them.


“Usually you would be right. If a women says ‘fine, go ahead’ it means don’t do it if you don’t want the couch. Or if she has had a bad day and doesn’t want to talk about it, she wants you to weasel it out of her.  I was just thinking of us. Not that there is an us. I mean we just met. And I don’t know if you want to ever see me again after this.”


It was my turn to laugh.  How could she think I didn’t want to see her again? Had I not asked her earlier. Did she think me so fickle?


“My dearest love, there is definitely a…how did you say it?  An ‘us’  But you don’t have to doubt that I want to see you again. In fact  I want to ask you something.” She looked at me curiously, “I want you have some of my blood. I feel  the need to protect you. Should you be in danger I will be able to find you. But there are side effects.”


She sat back  in her seat, biting her lip as I waited for her speak. Dread, sadness and this strange hollow feeling was rising in my stomach.  


“I know the side effects, and I would accept your offer but first answer these questions.” I nodded I was curious and excited.  She would take my blood! The beast inside me roared in triumph.


“Ask me anything, I will hide nothing.” It was a half truth. She can’t know who I am, not until I know how she feels.


Smiling  she asked her questions. “One. Why is it you want to have a blood tie with me? A vampire of your age would have been taught that the blood is sacred. You don’t even know me. Second:  Is being tied to me what you want because I interest you or are you satisfying your need to own me. Third: Do you want me to take your blood because you want to seduce me? Fourth are you just bored and I am providing a distraction. You said you want  to see me again? Why? Think about them please. And when you can answer them. I will take your blood.”


What a creature? Here I sit, offering her my blood! Offering  a part of myself to her. And she asks me to think about it? I have never been questioned! But was she wrong? She was raised by Octavia.There is no telling what a blood tie would do to her. She stared into my eyes. The fact that she wasn’t worried that I wasn’t watching the road was not lost on me.


“I will think and I will answer your questions. But I want you to  remember that I want to see you again. And I will my sweet Callie. I am a very old Vampire and I am patient. Now where do you live? Your friends would have gone home already. I told them I would be bringing you home?”


She mumbled something that sounded  akin to high handed male. “642 Walnut Road,” she finally said.


I nodded, “So not far from here then.“ I smiled as I sped  all the way up the driveway. I helped her out of the car walked her to the door. She looked into my eyes and before I knew what she was doing her lips were on mine. She wrapped her arms around my neck and I deepened the kiss. A shiver ran through my body before I broke away. Who was this intoxicating woman? She was not a fairy, and not exactly a full witch. What the hell did I get myself into? She smiled at me, her eyes lighter than before.


“Good night Rick. Thank you for a wonderful night.”  


I just nodded at first. “The pleasure was mine, Love. Sleep well.”


With that  our night ended and I had a call to make. Ironically the one  person who could help was the one person I have spent  so long avoiding.

“Master, it is good to hear from you but I need to ask why after so long?”


I chuckled,  “Evening child. Is Mrs. Northman there? I am in need of your wife’s help. And when can you  be free to meet. I find myself missing you.”


He chuckled into the phone, “I am not far. I have  volunteered to give a Q and A at an exhibit.” I smiled.


Finally Eric put Sookie on the phone, “ Sookie,  I am sorry to call you but I have a question.” I listened to her excitement. It had been far too long since I had talked to them. “No, not a fairy question, a female one. No, it’s not Nora or Pam. I met someone. And no she doesn’t know who I really am.”  After laughing at me she answered some questions I had.  Her musings? That I was falling in love.


Well damn!




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  1. I think Sookie nailed it! Lol Callie has such a great mind, I loved her questions at the end. It was a great evening just getting to know each other a bit. I look forward to seeing their relationship grow. Thanks for the awesome update.


  2. Wow…. I just found you and already love your story. I kinda got scared in the first chapters trying to figure who Ric was.. Was he godRIC or eRIC? I only read love stories with a Sookie/Eric love story so I was excited in later chapters that it was not Eric pursuing Callie cuz I would’ve stopped having to read but woo hoo it’s was Godric and I LOVE ME SOME GODRIC AND OC CHARACTERS! So yay I get to keep reading this lovely story yay! I so love Godric! Thank you, thank you!!😅 Whew…



      1. Great job kid! I’m waiting for more LOL and thanks again for using your precious time to gift us with your great story… To me it is a gift from all you writers to let us into your brilliant minds and allow us to participate in your stories so it is us who actually owe you the gratitude!!


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