Drink Deeply And Dream Ch.8

Callie’s Pov


I don’t know what came over me but I kissed him. I kissed him and I loved it. Wanted it even. Like it was the only driving thought in my mind. I didn’t want to let him go! Oh God! How could I face him again. I could feel my cheeks burning from a blush as I closed the front door, the house was completely dark and silent as I made my way to the bathroom to shower. There was a lot that happened tonight. It had started out as a night out with friends and turned into a date! A date! Does he want to  see me again? Did he say that? Didn’t he? Shit we are dating! Oh, why is it that everytime something happens Tina and Mickey are passed out drunk?


The hot water soothed my inner turmoil. What was I going to do? I knew the answer before I asked the question: Nothing! I had school on Monday and tomorrow was the Viking exhibit. I don’t  really want to go alone. The thought of bringing them? They just don’t value history like I do. I would have to fight to concentrate on the program. Just another thing to make me the odd one. I mean I am a virgin and at my age, that is a feat.


I feel people’s emotions, I can know how they feel. It’s like their emotions crawl along my skin, being absorbed into my being. Sometimes it’s great having such a gift.  When a laughing child or a happy couple walks by the joy is immense and magical. I love Christmas: the hope, and excitement, and the joy. It’s better than getting drunk. No, it’s a high!  It makes me feel like I’m floating, like anything is possible. Love never ends, people don’t die and things are perfect in the world.


Then the downside. The sadness, the hurting, and the sick. When I close my eyes the weight of the world sinks into the pit of my stomach. So much hurt, pain, hate, and brokenness in the world. My heart aches to fix it all. To bring the races together, to make sure every abandoned child  has a home. I would adopt every animal if I could.


That’s enough of those thoughts. Now is not the time to contemplate the chaos and darkness that is our world.Turning off the water and drying off I barely manage to slide on my panties and a tank top before I am out like a light.


The ground beneath my feet is rocky as I find myself stumbling around. The sun hasn’t yet set, creating elongated shadows of the thinning out trees. Suddenly, in front of me, all I see is a cliff face. The sun settles on the horizon, kissing the watery surface of the ocean. The wind smells heavily of salt water and refreshing air. I feel a deep peace fill me as I relax a foot away from the edge and I listen as the waves crash on the jagged rocks.


“Moira, you should not be out at this time of night.” I turn to see a man in a long billowing cloak. I am at a loss for what is going on and why he called me Moira? This was a dream again? “I’m sorry. It is just such a nice night.” The figure walked forward, placing the palm of his hand on my cheek. He removed his hood. This man  was of Indian descent, and I don’t mean the Native American type of Indian. He came from India, he bore some of the darker tribal markings which I couldn’t  decipher in the fading light of the evening. “That it is, but Moira you have your mother worried. I have sworn to protect you and having you run off isn’t making my job easy.” I felt myself nod. “I am sorry for causing you and mother to worry. I never meant to  be a hassle.” My lips moved but it wasn’t my voice? I brought my head forward to reveal that l it wasn’t my hair, it was blond! The man before me reached his hand out to me and I took it, following him  back down the path I had come down.


I blink, trying to adjust to the bright morning light. I hurriedly dressed and make my way down the hall leading into the small kitchen. On the counter is an envelope with my name scribbled on it: I could tell that it was Mickey’s writing. I open the letter only to read.




We tried to wake you up. Damn girl, what did you do last night after you left? Tina went to spend the night with Roscoe and  some guys from work and I are going out of town but we will back  tomorrow in time for school. And when we get back we will expect the details of that kiss from last night.  One more thing, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.


Be safe and have fun.


Love you  



That was conveniently easy  to get them out of the house. So what was I going to do before that Vikings exhibit?  I open the fridge and grab the eggs, cheese, and milk. Scrambled eggs and french toast sound amazing.  I looking over at  the blinking light on my  answering machine.  One message? I hit play and go back to  stirring my eggs.


Callie, it’s Octavia  I need you to call me back. We have the gathering of sisters coming up. And it is your turn to open the ceremony. Also, what do you want for your birthday this year? No, I cannot make you fly. Or make a man for you. Remember I Love….( beep)  and that was the end of the message.


Okay, so I forgot about the gathering and I really should call her back. BUT, it can wait until tomorrow. Right now I need to eat and check my email.


With the dishes washed and dried I make my cup of coffee and sit on the floor in front of the coffee table where my laptop was sitting.


Beloved Callie,


I enjoyed our kiss last night and I hope there  will be many more in the future. I spoke to Tina and she informed me your birthday is coming up. Why you did not tell me yourself wounds me. However, I ask that you consider allowing me escort you tonight to the exhibit. I was around during most of the time period and wouldn’t mind sharing my experiences with the  Vikings. Listed below is my personal cell phone number.


719 558 8991  


Yours always


I AM GOING TO KILL TINA!!!!  Why did she have to tell him anything? Was she glamoured?  Did he glamor my best friend? Oh hell no! If he thinks he’s going to escort me anywhere he’s sadly mistaken. I will give him a piece of my mind if I see him there tonight. My anger leaves quickly as I sip my coffee.


Pulling up my Google Documents I start to type a chapter of a story I am writing. It’s about a woman in her twenties who loves to write. She works nights at a hotel and is totally goofy. She writes Fanfictions about a smutty Vampire T.V. show called Real Blood: most of her writing is totally PG. Ironic but it is a work in progress. Her name is Emily and she met this guy Adam who is well on his way to stealing her heart. The little things he does make her happy.


My fingers pound on my keyboard as I write a few more  pages before closing it down and start some house cleaning.


The time passes quicker than I thought it would: I look up at the clock and can see that it’s 7:00. After another shower I dress in blue jeans, a green spaghetti strap tank top, and black lace jacket: Comfortable and so much more like me. A knock on the door alerts me to the fact that I had been staring in the mirror. I’m caught off guard by a tingly sensation  in my chest while I’m walking to the door. Another knock sounds, spurring me into action. I swing the door open and there, on the other side, in  Black jeans and a white tank top that hugs all his muscles is Rick.


“Did you get my email? You look surprised  to see me,” is the first thing he says. I nod. I had wanted to admonish him for just showing up without hearing from me, I had not called his phone and we both knew it. I look him in the eye and ask, . “I did but I’m curious:  How did you know my birthday is coming up? I don’t remember  bringing it up.” He smiles sheepishly. I knew it! He glamoured one of my friends! Before I could voice my concerns he seems to answer my thoughts.


“I did not glamor  anyone. .I simply asked Tina and she gave me the information. Just like she gave me your number after I dropped you off. She emailed it to me. But It is rude to call on a lady  who didn’t give you her number so I sent you mine. Tina said it was about time you got some, though she was not specific. Is there something you need that you have gone without?”


Disbelief and embarrassment flood over me but his concern is touching. It has  been a long time since anyone other than my aunt and two friends cared.  “No, erm, she meant  that I don’t date much. She has been trying to get me to go out more, but It is just not my thing. The fact you knew my concern about you using glamor on Tina has me puzzled. Am I that easy to read.


He smiled and took my hand, closing the distance between us so his lips were close to mine. “I doubt there is anything easy about you, My love.” The energy from our bodies being so close raised my desire for him. A half a heartbeat later I pressed my lips to his. His arms went around my waist and  mine around his neck.


Time slowed and it seemed everything around us did to. Next, he pulled away and we looked into each to each other’s eyes. “We need to go if we plan on getting there early enough for me to show you some of my favorite things before the show.” I nod and step away from him, my face hot from the lovely shade of red I was most likely sporting.  


“I agree one hundred percent.” I had no idea what was going on! I really should have called Octavia. I had heard about witches bonding on a higher spiritual level with their soul mates. But Rick was not my soul mate! And even then I was sure the fated pair could control them. I had kissed him twice but I had refused his blood? Oh boy, I could feel a twinge in my chest again as I slid into the passenger seat of his SUV


This was promising to be an interesting night.  All I need to do is avoid being too close to him. If it were  anyone else and any other situation I would be fine. But something inside of me  wants me to touch him. To hold him, to feel him in me. It is.almost as if my blood is calling for him. NO, no, no! I have to get a grip.


This is so frustrating! I want him! After only a few days of knowing this man, every shield I have is crumbling. All the hurt I have felt, the pain seems to be forgotten. It seems as if he wants me too, but he doesn’t know how broken I am inside. If he could only see the me who is insecure and afraid, the one who doubts she can be anything:  Ever. The little girl in me had shattered  so long ago that not even I knew her anymore. Sure, I had grown up strong. I was head of my magic classes as well as school. Octavia was an Angel sent from the gods. She was just sent  too late.


Rick sat tensely next to me and I notice I had been tense myself. Trying to relax, I stare out the window and try to avoid  his arm at rest and so very close to mine.


So I am getting back into the swing of things.So more posts will be on the way. A big Thanks to all you readers who have  stayed with the story.