What has been going on.

Well life this month has been hell.I lost my friend and his son in a fire, I have been sick and quite frankly I am just uninspired.I have chapter 9 almost done and part of ten.But i think im going to stop,working on drink deeply for now im just not feeling it.My depression  is kicking my butt.I have other stories in the works but due to current situations i dont think i want to even write anymore.Life has me down.but i will still be around. I loved to read  many if the stories out there.. I dont know i guess we will see what the nect few months bring.Happy Halloween, and day of the dead.


I am alive and kicking

Hello everyone good morning and happy autumn.I have not given up on dd&d .But I may have a new fanfic on the way.Chapter 9 of dd&d is giving me trouble.there is so much i want to say but unfortunately due to my deep depression.Writing and making my muse keep the plots  i have planned in order.Also i have entered into a new relationship.So when Adamand i can we spend time together.he has never seen trueblood.:p I am not worried I will have him caught up in all the yummy drama.Anyway I hope you all are well and basking in the magical season we find ourselves.On an other note thank you nominating me for you want blood. ❤ Have a great week