Season’s Greetings


Hey everyone, Thank you so much  for all the love you have shown Drink Deeply And Dream. It was not long ago I posted that the muse was done.(summed up). Well that was when the pesky confusing little nymph decides to start working again.


This season is a very busy one for a lot of people. But I have my shopping done and its all wrapped.:)  I shop all year round finding things on sale.(my cousin has a thing for flipflops.So I hit the big sales at the end of summer) While I don’t have a finished chapter to post. I can promise  Chapter 10 is in the works.Currently at 1707 words!


But there is an other in the works….yep that’s right I am working on a second fan-fiction. It doesn’t have a working title but its on chapter two and not even my beta has seen it yet.Oh and there is more  the muse is itching  for me to map out a third….Talk about confusing voices in ones head. If it is not Callie screaming at me, then surely it is .. Oh wait a minute I can’t tell you yet..You don’t know the person. to my delight Godric,and Eric and been silent so far thank the stars.. :3  Oh and I’m working an original story!  It seems the magic of the season has got its hold on me.


So with the muse dancing to imaginary music that only she can hear ,the song she sings I barely understand. She is a cruel mistress. I bid you a very Merry Holiday. I hope yours is filled with family and magic.



Have a happy weekend