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Sins of the Father







I walked over the threshold and could immediately detect that we are not alone in the house. Were, mixed with Fairy, and finally a human with a little more in his blood. The sound of dishes in the kitchen had me wandering down the hall and into the kitchen where I ended up face to face with a very dark complected, and very eccentric looking man. I immediately pushed Sookie behind me and crouched slightly, fangs bared, ready to defend my daughter. Since he made no threatening moves I simply glared at him, but remained at the ready.


“What are you doing in this house. What is your name and why are you here?” I hissed in surprise and anger. A hand on my shoulder drew my attention from my prey:  I turned my body slightly so I could see both my son’s wife and the would be threat, remaining between them so fi the threat should make a move I could stop him.


“It’s ok father. This ,is my best friend Lafayette. He came to stay here while Eric is the way he is. He wanted to be here, for me, just in case,” Sookie said, sounding so very sad. “Eric also pays him a wage to do the things around here I can’t. And he makes sure I eat..” I turned back to the man to see if what she said was true. His eyes told me the truth I needed to know. He loved my daughter, and if he was her friend then he was mine, for now. If he were to betray her or my family I would rip him apart.


“I am sorry for the misunderstanding,” I apologized. “With our family in danger, I just can’t let my guard down.”


“Yeah, yeah sure,” he said as he waved one manicured hand in the air in dismissal. “Sooks, you called tall and deadly’s Papa?” The man, Lafayette, sounded rather surprised that Sookie would go behind her husband’s back in such a way. Sookie shook her head. “No, Eric called him. I am just the delivery girl. Speaking of which, we should probably go to his office.”


I nodded my assent, and motioned for her to lead the way. We only went a few paces down the hall before she stopped and typed in  a pass code and placed her hand in the middle of the door. She casually glanced my way: her face was as stone, but her eyes told the true tale.


“Please don’t mind the mess. I have tried to keep it clean but he just won’t let me in: Sometimes He’ll change the passcode. Sometimes I believe he blames me for Pam missing. We were shopping and I had gone into a bookstore, she had gone into a shoe store. We were supposed to meet at the car. I had no idea we were being watched. I have been going through growth spurts as my spark matures. I found out after Pam was taken that was the reason I didn’t pick anything up.”


I knew from experience that the  mall could be a distracting place. All  the smells and sounds. Why weren’t her instincts working? Had she started using Sookie’s gift to alert them of danger, instead of using the telepathy in conjunction with her own instincts?.
A good question, and one I will have to ask my grandchild when she is recovered. Right now the beautiful girl in front of me had tears rolling down her face. Her voice was laced with grief and guilt. How could my child blame her? Where was he coming from? Pa

m was not a young vampire. I sighed when I realized it all came back to me and what I had failed to do before any of them was even a sparkle in their father’s eye.  I embraced the girl firmly in a hug and whispered, “It is ok dearest, this was in no way your fault. I could use a True blood, and bring one for Eric as well. I will make my willful child drink something.”


She nodded and turned to go back to the kitchen.


I stepped up to the thick metal door and knocked. “Go away Sookie! I don’t want to talk to you right now,” my child’s voice growled through the door. I knocked again, still without  speaking: I had muted the bond so he couldn’t tell I was standing in front of the door.


“Damnit Sookie! I don’t want to deal with fairy drama crap anymore! My child is missing and in pain!  And I can’t find her! So leave me alone for once!”


Oh, that was it, I could understand the pain and anger he felt, even the fear that was on his mind. But he had no right to speak to her that way.  My heart went out to her if this was what he had become. Why hadn’t she called me herself? I would have to speak with her later.


“Is that anyway to greet your Maker Eric Northman! I have taught you better. Open this door.” I roared, letting my distaste be known through our now unmuted bond. The door flew open and my child fell to his knees.


“Forgive me, master, I did not know it was you. I have not been myself since Pam ..” His voice cracked and trailed off.


“Off your knees my son, and we will get her back together. But first, you will treat your soon to be bonded with respect.” My child looked slightly chastened at my words, as well he should. “As for fairy drama: What did you think was going to happen when you chose a fairy? Hybrid or not, each race has its challenges. She loves you more than I can express. Now, stop punishing her and yourself for this. Pam is a grown vampire. Now, what have you found?”


He rose slowly from his knees, still not looking in my eyes,  “Nothing. But the cameras at the mall caught four strong men approaching the car where Pam was standing. There was a quick fight and then they grabbed her with what I think it is a silver net.  Then they drove  off. From the angle of the camera you couldn’t see the make or model.” In my heart I knew the car belonged to Russell, but I wanted more evidence, no I wanted more than that. What if it wasn’t him? A voice in my head told me I was desperately grasping for an other answer.

I felt my son: There were no more leads and it had been a week since Pam had been taken. That old witch better be here when she said she would be.  I knew she could help track Pam. Blood always calls to blood.


A soft knock on the door and a soft hushed beating heart told me it was Sookie. I opened the door and took the glass bottles from her hands. There were fresh tears in her eyes, she must have heard his words.  “I am going to stay at a friend’s house for a couple days. I need time to think.  I will have my cell phone on me so if either of you need me you can call.” I nodded; I understood her to need to get away. I wanted to go on the run as soon as I got Eric’s call: I had spent years running away from that day.

Sookie left, closing the door behind her. “We will find her Eric, and bring her home. I called in an old witch friend of mine. She and her granddaughter will be here tomorrow night.There may be a spell which will give us Pam’s exact location. Then we will plan her rescue and our revenge.”


He looked at me and nodded. The bright traces of life in his eyes had dimmed to the glow of a low wattage light bulb: A far cry from the zest for life he usually had.


“Thank you master. I knew i could count on you to have my back. You would never betray me. And I know that if you knew who had killed my human family you would have helped me destroy them years ago.” In a very unlike himself gesture, Eric  reached and embraced me.


I pushed calm and strength through the bond as he let go of me. Looking into my eyes he asked, “Where is Sookie? I don’t feel her close anymore.”


I sighed, a very human thing to do. “You were right here in the room when she informed us that she would be staying at a friend’s house for a few days. What you said when you thought she was the one on the other side of the was not like you. You’ve never said things to hurt your beloved on purpose before, and I didn’t expect you to start now. You shouldn’t push her away Eric, she is hurting as well.I fear she blames herself more than you blame her. Give her a few days and then make amends.”

He nodded, although his heart wasn’t in it, “You are right, as always. I will send her flowers in a few days. And beg her forgiveness.” I smiled at the thought of my  giant, prideful child begging. That would be something I would pay to see.






The Sins of the Father




Chapter 2


It was rough a half hour before I landed on an airstrip near Shreveport. I could just make out the form of Sookie. As I drew closer to the figure, was leaning on the black SUV.  She looked as if she had aged. Standing in front of her I notice that she smells of Eric, they must have started a bond.


As I get closer to my child’s mate I can see she is relieved to see me and yet still tired. Obviously she is tired from whatever has been going on.


“My daughter, it is good to see you again, though I wish it were under better circumstances. How is my child? And how are you? I know you and Pam have grown close over the years.” She just nodded and walked forward and into my arms. Tears started to leak from her eyes as she sobbed.


“Oh father, it has been so horrible. Eric hardly feeds, He doesn’t leave his office most of the time. He won’t even see me sometimes. He is so distant, I am so scared for him.” I take in her words and the painful pang already on my soul aches even more.


“Shh, shh my sweet daughter. Come, let us go to your home and I will see if I can knock some sense into my child’s head. He will need his strength for what is to come.” She nodded sorrowfully into my chest before looking into my eyes.


“I am sorry I ruined another shirt,” she said with a slight upturn of her lips. I chuckled and used my thumb to wipe away the rest of the stray tears from her blue eyes.


“Think nothing of it, I have plenty more at home. Besides, it would just give Pam a chance to shop for me?” If I could get us all out alive. I let my thoughts stay in my head: No need to worry her. Not yet anyway. I refuse to get her involved.


Eric will hate me enough as it is.


Sookie nodded and let me get into the driver’s seat. And we were soon speeding down the road towards Bon Temps and to my child I could only hope that if there is a God that he would protect Pam and grant us victory.


Clenching the wheel tightly, I focus on the remainder of the drive.


“Are you alright? You seem to be thinking awful hard over there. You already have a plan, don’t you? What troubles you father?”


The gods blessed my daughter with a sharp mind, maybe to sharp for her own good. Or maybe for MY own good. I settle for a half-truth instead of the outright lie I am incapable of telling her.


“I do, but it is not an easy road to walk. And the price may cost us dearly. But mostly I worry for Eric and Pam: I hope we are not too late to save her. And I pray my son is not too far gone from his self. I fear that nothing will be as it is now when this over .”


I heard her sigh before she turned to look at me. ” Well, Godric I don’t know what your plan is, but what I do know is that Pam is a lot more durable than she seems. Eric can feel her, barely, but she lives. I know Eric well enough to know that he will stand by you no matter where you lead. His love for you knows no end. And I will follow you too.”


Her words struck a chord in my dead silent heart. She leaned over and kissed my cheek. Smiling her thousand watt smile. Leave to Sookie to light even the darkest of situations. But she doesn’t knows all my sins. I park the car as she finishes her speech and we exit the car and walk up the stairs to the old farm house.


“You are right my dear. Thank you for reminding me. I am glad to see my son’s attitude and high- handedness hasn’t caused you to lose your sanity.” I kiss her forehead as she opens the door for me.


“Godric will you please come in,” she said; it was the first time I had ever been to their home in BonTemps. I smiled and nodded, I could hear my child’s nearly silent sobs echoing my ears. Oh, my poor Eric.



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The Sins of the Father


So this story is not like my first one. It will be darker than Drink Deeply is. SO Warning if you only love reading stories where Eric is a cuddly teddy bar. And Godric is happy and content. DO NOT READ FURTHER. I am not very nice to our favorite leading men.. But this has been in my head since before even drink deeply was ever thought of.

Disclaimer.. I do not own any characters except the few oc’s I in this to help the story.

I hope you enjoy.



Chapter one  


 Godric Pov

I have walked this earth for over three thousand years. I have taken many lives, and have seen centuries old kingdoms crumble.You don’t live as long as I have and not incur enemies.A thousand years is a long time to bear no sins. My life, my past is stained with the blood of thousands. What would you expect from the Child death? But even I know I’m not that monster anymore. Not since I turned Eric, my beloved child. His love for life and his humanity started me rethinking some of my more harsh tendencies. I wasn’t easy on him, but I had sworn before I ever met him that I would never be my maker. Yet, how long did I go on treating everything the way he did. I enjoyed it, the power over life and death, the thrill of torture. Looking back,  I like to think I was different, but I can not deny the underlying sadist that sometimes lays just below the surface.


I look out the window from my penthouse at the Dallas skyline. My regret, my deepest shame is keeping  Eric in the dark about his family’s killer. How could I tell him that it was my blood brother Russell? That my twisted and sick in the head brother slaughtered his family. He has a thousand years on me. And even if I could kill him, Russell’s mate is older than Eric. There is no doubt Russell would take me with him on his way out.


I know one day I will have to tell him, but he has found his mate and is happy. Could I take their happiness to assuage my guilt? Sookie has had enough hardships in her life, it would be cruel to interfere. And it would only make Eric hate me. A fact that would kill me. I love my child and I have come to enjoy his love for me. No, my secret will die with me, it shall be my sin to bare.


Taking an unneeded deep breath, I let out a long sigh. As the sun sets over the horizon, y phone rings on my desk where I had left it all day charging. Picking it up, I answer to only hear my child’s frantic voice.


“Master she is gone! I can’t feel where she is exactly! Only that she is in pain. Who would have taken her Master?” My frantic child says over the other line.


“Peace my son, who is missing? Is Sookie alright, or has she  gotten into trouble again?” That girl was a trouble magnet, though she brought much excitement to our lives.


“No, Sookie is fine I have ordered guards, which, I will confess she isn’t pleased about right now.  I have not had time to tell her what is going on. It’s Pam, Master! She has been kidnapped and I feel a subtle pull to Mississippi. But that can’t be right?”


Closing my eyes, I could see Sookie throwing a fit over being guarded but my heart would have stopped beating had I been human. Pam is missing and is in the direction of Russell.


“Do not make a rash decision my son, I will be with you before the end of this night. I will right this wrong, and we will get our Pammy back.”  I tried to sound reassuring. I once was called death, the child to kill his own maker thousands of years ago, when I was but three hundred years into this life.


That is a choice I have never regretted until this night. I had always thought Russel never knew who killed his beloved maker. Could I have been wrong? I should have killed my brother when I had a chance.If I had, Eric’s family would not have been killed and Pam would not be in danger. We need a plan; Russell will not go without a fight.


Pulling myself out of my thoughts I move at vampire speed to pack some clothes to take with me. Once I had my bags zipped and in the car I headed to the airport: My private jet would be faster than public airlines.I dial the one number I thought I would never have to use again.


“Godric? What has you calling me after all these years? It is not like we have kept in touch.”    I look out the window of the plane I swallow my pride.


“Evening Rowena, I may have need of your help. My grandchild has been taken by my brother. And it just so happens my brother is the one my child seeks for vengeance on behalf of his mortal family, he just doesn’t it know it yet. Russell is much older, as you know. “


I waited with baited breath as the other side was silent for much longer than i would have liked.

“Well, I told you to kill him when you killed your maker. But you held hope that with Appius out of the way that he would not be as bloodthirsty and cruel. Yet you, yourself leave quite the bloody trail through history. my old friend. What makes you think you will be able to kill him this time?”


She was right when she said that I had been warned to kill my brother. Which I had every intention of doing. I;d had the stake poised over his chest, but the sight of him at rest, and knowing first hand what Appius could make you do, I wanted to believe that once we were free things would change. But I was wrong. It’s terrifying to admit when you are wrong, even to yourself.


“He has My grandchild, he is after my child. I will not let him have them. I will kill him this time.” I vowed. I heard her sigh on the other end of the phone.


“I will aid you in your quest to free your you bloodline of Russell, he did, after all, slaughter my clan all those years ago. Though I will not be able to make the full journey alone. I shall send my granddaughter ahead of me. She is a  natural witch and my chosen successor. She is much closer to  where your child is. Do not move until I get there,” the line went dead.
So now I just needed to come up with a full plan which shall will include my child not finding out about my connection to Russell, and Russell’s connection to him.