Sins of the Father Chapter 8





The room is nice and smells of Freesia: A flower my mother used to always have in the house. How odd, a taste of home. I place my bags on the bed and  start toward the bathroom as I disrobe.Taking in my appearance in the mirror, I can’t help but notice the blood on my neck and chest. I even notice the slight bruising  where the Were who grabbed my neck had squeezed. The rest of my body didn’t seem as bad off though, so that was a plus. Turning on the  hot water, I slide into the shower and start to wash away the blood from every part of my body, taking my time  to enjoy the water and steam.


My mind couldn’t stop wondering about the girl I had saved. I mean was she really okay? Of course, her vampire’s blood would heal her, but who goes off one of their own when a member of their respective family had been taken? Did she have a death wish? Not that I could talk too much.:When mom died I did drop off the map. Though it wasn’t like I couldn’t handle myself. And my Ya-Ya knew where to find me in a blink, literally in a blink. I wouldn’t put it past her to appear out of thin air. I pull myself from my thoughts and think about my mission.. Find the one called Pam: help retrieve and secure Pamela Swynford De Beaufort.  And assist in the death of one Russell Edgington. I was not to interfere with anything else!


My  Ya-Ya’s instructions were very firm about that last part.I had been walked through the spell my Ya-Ya  had used to aid against Russell’s maker. I just needed to figure out how to make it into something that could be used as a host until the very last minute before it’s used. Closing my eyes, I massaged my head as I washed any blood from it. After all this, I would get to meet my father. What changed? I had asked often over the years, only to receive vague answers and the run around. I’d bet he is tall and his eyes will match mine.I just had to help the one called Godric find Pamela. I needed to tell him about the brand I saw. I could feel the water cool and decided to get out and dry off: Hiding in the shower would not help me achieve my objective.


Selecting a pair of black loose fitted pants and a v- neck purple t-shirt and my flat shoes, I walked down the stairs to see what looked like a mediating Godric. I took a minute to take in his form. I could see why people would find him attractive. I mean, he is extremely attractive. I felt a pull inside me to got to him so I did: My instincts are hardly ever wrong.


“Did you enjoy your shower?” I smiled of course he knew i was approaching. He was a vampire after all!  “I did, thank you. Does meditation really help you find inner peace?” He chuckled and I couldn’t help but smile.


“It can, when little girls aren’t trying to sneak around a vampire.”


I could feel myself turn red, “I’m sorry but I need to speak with you.”


He nodded, “I figured you would. Is it about the attack today?” I nodded solemnly at him.


“Yes, the Werewolves, they had a mark on them. It matched the same one from Project Werewolf. I know that only because I have read many books for my studies. My Ya-Ya keeps impeccable records. She said you once sought her wisdom on such a matter. She continued to track the wolves movements.”


He nodded, “I know who they belong to, but I ask that you say nothing in front of my child, and guard your mind against Sookie.”


I nodded at his request. “No worries there. I can’t be read unless I want to be .A gift I got from my father, or so I was told. Either way, I will keep you updated, and tomorrow I will start prepping for the spell to find Pam.”


He nodded, flashing me a half smile. “Thank you, but you should eat something. I can hear my child stir, Sookie must be waking up. In the kitchen you will see her cook. I am sure he will make you some food, and we will talk more tonight. But this night is dwindling and the sun will be up soon.




I made my way  down the stairs  to my usual room when I stay here. Cyra’s confessions, although unneeded, just confirmed my fears. Russell  has Pam and there is only one  way to get her back. I will have to make a call to Rowena when I rise. I will have to ask her when she will arrive, and if she can keep my child busy so I can sneak away. The only way to save Pam would be to give myself to him. By the time Eric would figure it out  I would be most likely finally gone. I would need to leave a letter for him explaining everything.


My one regret is that I wouldn’t be able to get to know Cyra. I think we could have gotten along had I met her a few years back. Cyra, if she is anything like her mother, she will be hard to get by. Stripping down to my boxers, I settle into my bed and let myself go into down time.


Before the dawn can take me, my phone rings, pulling me out of the pleasant void of thoughts.


“Hello ,Rowena. To what do I owe this pleasure?” The fact  that she  called this close to sunrise is curious.
“Morning Godric, Listen here you stubborn Idiot! Don’t you dare do what you’re thinking of! Of all the foolish things you could plan to do! Do you really think going to him will solve anything! I will be there on Thursday. I have been held up, so that’s in two days. We will talk of this then. For all our sakes don’t be stupid. Rest well old friend.” Click, Ah good old Rowena. So demanding and to the point. And that all seeing Mother of hers. They can not stop me from saving Pamela. I will go through with my original plan. With thoughts  of how I would make my plan work, I fell into my day rest.




Sins Of the Father Chapter 7





Ever since Pam  was taken, I knew I had not been myself but I had harmed my soon to be Bonded. I may not have have hit her, and I would never do so, but I still blamed her just a little for losing Pam. What good is having juiced up fairy powers if you can’t use them? Then again she is in the middle of maturing and we were told that her powers could fade in and out. Pam should have been on guard, but why did it take Sookie so long to meet up with her? Sookie was not one to shop without a purpose. Looking at her sleeping form, I could feel guilt tighten in my  chest. I had driven her to leave. I had driven her to try to figure it out alone. I had thought that once my maker had  arrived, his calm and steady emotions would have helped. But that is not what happened.


Something had changed in the old man. He was a far cry from his earlier days as Death. There was a storm behind his calm facade. He was hiding something, and if this had been any other time I would have sought out what it was. But with my child gone, and the sleeping woman  in front of me causing trouble, I didn’t dare stray from my current path. Though what the hell was that girl! My maker was never one for maker’s commands? Who was she to him? And how was she an ally? She was younger than Sookie! I cut my wrist and put it to the lips of my sleeping beauty. I can feel the blood slide down her throat and absorb into her bloodstream.  I could have lost her forever. I need to get her more guards.


She will moan and groan but this is the last time I let her be in this position. I had thought that once that pathetic excuse for a vampire, Compton, was dead and gone she would wise up. And for awhile she had. Until to tonight! Did she really think it was going to be safe  going back there alone? She should have at least had Indira, or even Thalia, go with her. Looking over her prone body, I get the urge to turn her immediately. Fuck! Even if she hates me, at least she would still be be with me. But then Godric would  be angry since he had been turned against his will. I hung my head. This little fairy is going to get me killed, herself killed, and anyone else around her if she isn’t careful. I may have Godric speak to her: He is so much better at that than I am.


I groan as there is a shooting pain in my side, and I find myself groaning in pain. I need to find Pam, I can’t think clearly.  The  girl. What was her name? Did it matter? Not really, but she smelled of Were blood. But I knew she wasn’t a were, so Weres attacked Sookie. Were they the same  ones that took Pam? The blood smelled similar to that of the wolves from the night Pam was taken.  They could all be related to each other? Or maybe from the same pack?


They were just as tainted as the others… If my heart were still beating, it would have stopped. Vampire blood! They had all taken Vampire blood! But that would mean they..  they could be a lead! I have to speak to Godric. Though he probably identified the smell since he was so close to the girl. Again, what is she to him? Lover? Former lover? Doubtful since I knew almost all of his conquests.Unless they were before my time! But she could not be that old. There was just no way. She smelled completely like a normal witch So she had to be maybe twenty, maybe twenty-four? Youth these days age weird from back when I was human. A soft noise from my beloved’s lips drew my eyes to her face. Bright blue eyes were staring up at me.


“Eric how did I get here? You made it! You saved me!”


I shook my head, “You were rescued by Indira and Thalia, along with the help of a strange girl who is currently upstairs with Godric.”


Her eyes widened, “I’m sorry Eric. I thought that if I went back there, that I could help figure out what happened. You know, trigger a memory or something.” Her brow wrinkled as she thought for a moment, “Hey wait I did! The plant next to the bench I sat on that night after shoe shopping with Pam. It made me sleepy..i couldn’t keep my eyes open. What if the reason I couldn’t sense trouble was because i was knocked out.. But then why not take me too?” I leaned down and kissed her forehead gently.


“My love while i appreciate your willingness to help get Pam back, you could have been killed. And then once Pam was safe, I would have followed you to my final death.”


She looked at me as if she was about to cry. Gods I hate her tears! “I’m  sorry. I don’t ever want you to die. Even after i do. You need to live.”


I smiled at her, “Then so do you My Sookie, for I can not live without you.” Bending down, I kissed her, my tongue brushing against her lips to deepen the kiss. Gods, this is the last thing I need.




Sins Of the Father Chapter 6



The commotion in the yard drew me out to the porch where I saw Eric pinning a raven haired beauty to a car. I watched with mild amusement  as he dropped her. I can not quite see what she really looks like since my child is blocking the view. The sound of her voice is melodious, and her scent is slightly familiar.


“Did you think I wouldn’t be protected. The window on her car  was broken when she was in the car. She got cut. Heal her and calm down. I am a friend.”  Then her eyes met mine and I froze.They were familiar, Ammira! No, I shook my head, it is impossible. I didn’t think things could get any worse: I had been wrong. I command my child to cause the raven haired woman no harm, and assure him that she is an ally before he does irreparable harm to a long standing friendship.  As the petite figure made her way to me I couldn’t breathe, not that I needed to by any means.


“Ammira?“ She shook her head and then tilted it in respect. “My name is Cyra, daughter of Ammira, Grand daughter of Rowena, and the great granddaughter of Cassandra.You must have known my mother: I am told I look a lot like her.”  This is Rowena’s granddaughter. Was that witch trying to give me the final death? There, standing before me, was the complete copy of my beloved Ammira. I had never known she had a daughter.

Then again, we were only lovers  for a short time.  “Yes,” I nodded, “I knew her well. I have known your Grandmother for a long time.” She nodded, “she has told me of you. Yes she has told me that you need a spell. She will be joining us in a couple of days. She was held up.” I nodded, still shocked  at her appearance, until i noticed she was covered in blood: I could smell it was Were.


“Were you attacked as well?”


,She shook her head and shrugged,  No, it was four on one. And the girl was in no form to fight for herself. I just couldn’t let them hurt her. It is just not in my nature.” I was amazed that she took on those weres alone. Then again, she came from a long line of Cardinal Witches: They were often fierce and dangerous, but only when they had to be. But they were still bound by the fates.


“There is a shower upstairs, and extra room if you want it.” I beamed at my child as he spoke to our guest. “My mate, Sookie, would offer it to you herself but she is still unconscious.”


Cyra nodded, “Quite understandable. Thank you Mr. Northman.”


He nodded, “Call me Eric , you saved her life. Thank you.”


Cyra nodded and turned to me, “Could you show me the way please? I would hate to stumble into the wrong room.” She flashed the smile her mother always used one me. She was a minx! Heaven help me. She is not Ammira!


Walking up the stairs, we turned a corner as I lead her to the room with a shower attached and motion for her to enter, W=which she did. I was face to face with her, her eyes pouring into my soul.


“I will see you later…” she pause and I remembered I had not introduced myself.


“Godric, and I will see you later as well, Cyra. ” She smiled and closed the  door.


I turned on my phone once I was back downstairs and begin to scroll through my contacts. Rowena’s name popped up before I could press send, so I answered it.


“You wanted to talk to me?” Figured, the old bat was still the same. “You didn’t tell me she would look like your daughter! I didn’t even know she had a child. Rowena, I can’t afford a distraction! When will you  be here?”


She laughed at me, actually laughed at me! If I didn’t need her, and if we weren’t friends…! “What? The great Gaul was thrown off his game by a young girl? Come now Godric, give her a chance. I can assure you she is trained to be professional. I am sure you can handle one girl Godric. Tell her stories of her mother if it will make you feel better.She is there to help you find Pamela. And maybe aid you any other way you may need.”


She was right, I just had to keep focused and plan how to save Pamela, and fix this before it gets worse. “I should have told you how much I loved her.That I would have turned her if she had wanted me to. I would of saved her. And now you offer me her daughter? What if I can’t protect her either?”


She sighed before speaking, “She will be my replacement Godric, she is more powerful than her mother. I can not go into detail right now, but you will see, my little Cyra will surprise you. Now, I must go . Do have a good evening.” Before I could say anything else she hung up. I raced to the kitchen to get another True Blood.


Women! In all my existence I am still no closer to understanding them than before. I knew Rowena was playing her games. But to what point this time? Not that I had the time to figure it out! I had Pam to save  Sookie to protect, and I still had to tell Eric at some point about my brother.
Human’s say things get easier with age. Not for me it seemed. Still Cyra’s rolled of the tongue. Her smell was nice, and her skin looked soft and smooth. I almost wanted to  brush my fingers along her cheek and caress her, those feelings were not the same as the ones I’d had have before. No, I was fond of this girl because of who her mother had been to me. Now it would be like putting my Ammira into a pit of vipers. Looking out the window at the sky I whispered, “Forgive me my beloved.” I could only hope she would forgive me where ever she was.



Sins Of the Father Chapter 5






The Airplane reached the landing strip forty-five minutes later than it should have. I wasn’t supposed to arrive for another day, but my Grandmother sent me earlier than my great grandmother Cassie had wanted since apparently if I waited until the appointed time something terrible would happen, and that I was to meet her vampire friend  in Bon Temps. I tossed my bag into the  back of my rental car and slid into the driver’s seat and peeled out of the parking lot. Before I went to do my Grandmother’s bidding I had a date with destiny first. And some new clothes.


I pulled into the mall parking lot in Shreveport: I had felt a pull to go there for some reason. My training told me to always follow that feeling when it showed up,. so I did.


My hand was on the door to the mall, just about to pull it open when a scream and the sound of breaking glass echoes across the parking lot. Without a thought I rushed in the direction I thought the sounds came from, willing my magic to rise to the surface, prepared to react to my will. It usually it took a minute to get my magic going since I was far too young to have a lot of control over the power I had. I felt Apala, my silver dagger, in my hand. seemingly without my having to think about summoning it, must have been the adrenaline. Fortunately I didnèthave much time to think on it.


There was a woman in trouble, and my senses told me that werewolves were involved.  Why did I have to always be right about these things? Grabbing the nearest Were , I tossed him to the side  with ease, making his buddy  turn and attack me. Moving my blade in an upward arc, I slashed his stomach, just in time to dodge a punch from my other side. I was going to need new clothes after the fight, and that shirt was cashmere!


It was splattered with blood, and now only good for the trash bin. I ducked left and then my fist connected with  one the brute’s jaws, and ended up shaking my hand from the impact. THIS IS INSANE!! What are these guys? Super Were’s? I could see the fear on the girl’s face before she passed out. Great just great!  The last Were left standing lunged at me: I blocked his attack but lost my footing.  And he soon has  me pinned against the hood of the car.


“You will pay for killing my brother you witch.” His breath stinks! Man did he ever hear of brushing his teeth or or Tic Tacs?  I turned my head to catch a breath of fresh air and there on his neck, clear as day  was, a brand. I had seen that brand once before in a book my Grandmother kept. But what was it? Not the time Cyra!  I could hear my Grandmother’s voice chiding me.


“You are just a scared little girl! Where is all that bravery, huh?” The Were sneered. He moved his hand to my throat and started to squeeze. He was choking me? Oh Hell no! I so was not going to die there and then! Not by that smelly mannerless Were at any rate.


I brought my hand  up as far as i could and willed Fire to burn him. And sure enough he yelled out loud  as he let go of me. Big mistake!. I kicked him in the stomach, using the hood of the car I was just on as leverage. I noticed a couple of the other guys were getting up. Just great, here I am winded and tired. “Don’t you boys know how to lay down and play dead!! At least I thought you would know the command stay!” There were growls all around me. Way to go my big mouth! I hazard a glance over at the blond in the car.She is passed out, Damn she will be no help. Suddenly I hear a swooshing sound  at my side and there next to me stood a very beautiful woman. She was of greek origins. The one next to her  was shorter looked more Argentine than Grecian. Again  NOT the time for this.  They were crouched in fighting stances the tall one looked at me.


“You must be an ally, you smell of the blood of the Were’s.” Her eyes  fell briefly on the passed out blond. “So much trouble!” She said as she shook her head. After, we finished them off  and one of them was taking care of the bodies When the taller one spoke again. “I am Indira, the one behind me is Indira, the sleeping girl behind you is my Mistress, Sookie. I ask you to come with me. I am sure my Sheriff would like to thank you in person. “


I backed up a few feet. “Nice to meet you Indira, I am Cyra.” I almost struck my hand out to shake hers, as is custom amongst breather, but remembered just in time that vampires were the exception to a lot of the rules we follow, “I was actually just gonna get some things before going to Bon Temps to meet my grandmother’s friend, give your Sherriff my regards.” I turned to walk away and back to my car when Thalia was suddenly in front of me.


“That was not an offer,” she growled. I think I saw the other vampire, Thalia, nodded. “And it just so happens that we are going  your way. My Mistress will ride with you since her car is in no condition to travel, and she is in condition to drive..” I sighed. Stupid demanding vampires!


“Yeah, put her the back seat where she can lay down. I just have to move some things to the trunk.” I walked back to my car and moved everything from the back seat to the trunk  and got out of the way  so they could place her on the back seat. Once she was securely in, I closed the door and got into the driver’s seat.


“Do you need a ride?” I asked, might as well be polite, even if they weren’t. The two Vampiresses shook their heads, “No, we will run  next to you for added security.” I nodded and sped out of the parking lot.


With my lead foot and love for speed I soon passed the sign saying that I was entering  Bon Temps.  My phone sounded and a line from Stevie Wonder’s Superstition played, Very superstitious, writing’s on the wall.

“Evening Ya-Ya.” I said once I put my phone on speaker phone. I listened for a moment,” Yes, I have the girl and she is safe, I am heading there now, with a vampire escort. Apparently she is the mate of the sheriff here.” I listened again, “No,  they are females. And yes, before you ask, I have the address you gave me.”


I sighed as the caller reminded me, yet again, to be careful. I’m young, not stupid,the two are not synonymous with each other! “I am glad you called though: The people who attacked tonight had some kind brand or tattoo that looked just like the one in the book you gave me. It was something about Operation Werewolf. Did we ever figure out who controlled those beasts?”


I paused, listening to her going on about how we hadn’t found anything out yet and that I was to keep it to myself until she arrived. What she said after that shocked me to my core. After all of this was done, I would finally get to see my father, a man I had only dreamed of seeing, no one  really ever talked about him, which gave me the feeling he was a huge secret or something. Was I really ready to face the man that had haunted my thoughts for so long. I guess I would just have see. But first I had a mission.  “Yes. No, sorry Ya-Ya, you took me by surprise, I’m sorry.”


There was more babbling on the other end of the phone, “yes I am focused  one hundred percent. I will see you soon. Tell Great Ya-Ya I said Hi and thanks alot for the warning.” She cackled! Not chuckled, but full on cackled!


The turn for Hummingbird Lane was sharp, but at least the driveway was nice. Not what you would think of these small towns, long driveways.


As I pulled up I could see the tallest and hottest man standing in the yard. His eyes were feral so I sat still. This must be the son of my Ya-Ya’s friend, I thought. I got out of the car slowly and threw my hands in the air. “She is safe, Vampire, just passed out,” I said quickly, just as he turned around and started towards me, hoping to get it all out before he attacked me. “I mean her no harm. She was attacked and I was on my way here when I stopped at the mall and heard her scream. Your friends can verify what I say as true,” I muttered the last part under my breath, hoping he wouldn’t hear me, but knowing he would anyway.


Thalia nodded, and this seemed to help, but then he  saw she had been cut. That must have happened when the glass broke. Before I could blink he had his hand tight around my neck. With quick gasp he dropped me and I sighed, thankful the protection spell had worked.


“Did you think I wouldn’t be protected? The window on her car was broken and  she was inside the car when it happened. Heal her and calm down. I am a friend.”  The next thing I knew  there was handsome man on the porch. “Eric,” he said, “as your maker I command you not hurt her. She is, indeed, a friend.” With those words I walked past the giant leering Vampire.





Sins of the Father Chapter 4



So I’m really happy and shocked at the responses I am getting. And so to say thank you I am post two chapters! Enjoy.



I had to get out of that house. I love Eric, I do with my whole being. I just can not be around him right now! I heard him! Every freaking word! Fairy DRAMA… FAIRY DRAMA… Like I ever asked for this. Any of it! Ok, so when I was little I had wanted adventure and intrigue. Be careful what you wish for is right. How was I supposed to know my fairy powers would be on the fritz. Not like I had a magic road map on how they work! The fairies shut themselves away on a magical plane. And My dearest great-grandfather is nowhere to be seen.

I threw a bunch of clothes into my suitcase and grabbed my coat and bear that Eric won for me during our first date to the carnival. I made my way down the stairs, only to be cut off by Lafayette. “Where you think you going Honey chile? And what ya got all jammed up in that ‘ere bag?”

Good ole LaLa. He is always on the ball, always caring about me.

“I need a break for a little bit  LaLa I can’t stay here and it’s only for a few days I’ll be at Holly’s at any rate, if you need me.”

I had one foot out the door when a big, dark coloured hand landed on my shoulder. “Who trying to kid? Tall, blonde and sexy may not be up to par, but I know Holly told you she was going away for weeks last Friday. You don’t want me to tell  short, dark and sexy you going AWOL, do you.”

I sighed. Damn it! Caught! I would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for LaLa. “Okay, Okay,” I surrendered, “you got me. I just need space so I’m going to be staying at a hotel in Shreveport. My day and night guards will be notified. All will be well. I promise La La.” I turned  on the puppy dog eyes, I knew he couldn’t say no to me.


He let me go, admonishing, “Call me when you get there Sunshine.” I nodded and closed the door.


Did I lie, just a little bit? Bet your ass I did.


Was I going to stay in a hotel? Yup.


Would it be in Shreveport? Yup.


Would my guards be there? Nope, well sort of.  Alcide was tracking me anyway and lord knows, I can’t escape Indira or Thalia, but I needed some time and freedom to go to the same mall and read minds. Someone had to have seen someone. I couldn’t shake it off. My instincts were screaming at me. Why couldn’t I remember much of that night?

I mean, I knew why my curse didn’t function right. But I didn’t hit my head. Yet I had lost time from when Pam and I split to after she was already gone. Where the hell did all that time go?

I pulled into the mall parking lot, parking as close to the store as I could. Maybe retracing my steps would help?

I  looked in the rearview mirror to make sure no one was watching from beyond my range, and taking the biggest breath of my life, I got out and walked up to the main entrance. I built my resolve up as I entered, thinking Come on Sookie, Gran didn’t raise a coward.

Inside the mall, I headed over to the last place I remembered. I had just bought some things and was admiring this strange plant. I had been to the mall plenty of times since meeting Pam, and didn’t remember ever seeing it before. Pam had rushed me along, so when we split up and I had bought what I wanted, I had gone back to the plant next to the bench. I had only meant to stay a minute.  Shopping with Pam can do a number on a girl’s feet.


As my thoughts return to the present ,I started to feel my eyes get heavy, but I had  gotten enough rest. And the normal hum of voices was gone. My eyes flew open. I couldn’t hear or sense anything. I needed to get off this bench. I rose to my feet  and a wave of caution and peril washed over my body. I needed to get to my car I needed to get to safety.  I made a move to  the exit when I heard a voice speak.


“Looks Like we caught an other fly in our trap boys!” I ran as fast as my feet could carry me.There were three of them and one of me, good thing I used to run track. I cleared the mall exit and headed straight to my car, though when I got there my tires were slashed. GREAT!  ERIC< ERIC if you can feel me, if you can hear me HELP?!


I got  in the car and locked the doors before dialing Indira; Thalia would be with her. And they would be at the hotel. One ring, two rings, three rings.


“Indira!” Thank the heavens!


“Where the hell are you Mrs.Northman?”


“I messed up. I’m at the mall where Pam was taken from and my tires are slashed!” I could hear a string of swears.The line went dead and I knew they were coming. But would I be here when they did?

The breaking of glass told me they wouldn’t make it in time.