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Lily of the Night.



Author Note: The Banner is all Kittinyaz . This was written for the writing contest for March. There are more chapters in the works.

Chapter 1


Lily made her way through the woods to her favorite clearing as she did  every night of the full moon. Her aunt Agatha, being a free spirit herself,  never minded her late night trips into the unknown woods. She knew  as soon as Lily turned  eleven that she was just like her mother, and her mother before her. She was one of the chosen wild children: The deep of the night calling to something within their very being. Agatha would watch Lily play in the gardens near her house. Lily, though always such a small child, didn’t seem to show much fear: Often getting too close the fire  when they  held bonfires to the spirits.  Her black hair  in the moonlight  and her flowing dresses gave her an otherness glow.


One  such night when she was in the woods, she met a very strange boy. He had messy black hair and green eyes to match her own. His messy  appearance  would have scared a normal child.  Lily, however, was no normal child. Instead she walked closer to the boy, undaunted and regal. When she got close enough she noticed he had a mark around his neck. It looked like a symbol in one of her aunt’s history books. Something about Gaul?  She couldn’t remember.


“What is a little girl like you doing out here at night alone? And without any parents near by?” Her eyebrows rose as she gazed on his youthful face.


“And where are you parents? Is it not too late for you as well?  This land has been in my family for years.”


The stranger smiled boyishly. “I am older than I look: You should never judge by what you see little girl.”


Lily snorted, “Why not? You certainly did.”


The stranger smirked. In all his milleniums he had never met someone who would talk back to him. He found this little girl quite entertaining. “Fair enough, and do you speak to strangers often?”


She smiled, “I’m Lilly. What’s your name?”


He cocked his head, curious as to where she was going with this.  “Godric,” he replied.


Lily smiled widely. “ Nice to meet you Godric; we are no longer strangers for I now know your name.” He laughed,  the small child was clever indeed.


“I suppose you are right.” She nodded, pleased she had won.


She remembered the first question she had asked her new friend. “Why are you out here tonight? I haven’t seen you around before.”


Godric nodded. “I am out here hunting. Why are you out here?”


Lily was puzzled at first. “Unless you wish to catch a rabbit, there isn’t much in these woods. I’m here because they called to me as they do every full moon. They call me to dance in the moonlight.” This surprised Godric. Was this child ill? She must be if she was hearing voices.


“Who calls to you Ma petite?”


It was her turn to tilt her head, “ The spirits, they call to me. Do they call to you, too?” He shook his head,processing everything she has said.  A sudden noise  behind Lily had Godric’s fangs out and he got into in a defensive crouch. Lily, noticing the two white sharp points protruding from his mouth, looked surprised. A loud howl from close by startled her and she spun around.


“Who’s out there? I am not afraid of you!“ Turning to Godric she urged him to,  “Run Godric! I’ll hold them off.” Godric chuckled at the bravery of the little girl in front of him. Surely she must the strangest creature he had ever known.


“I am fine child.  You should go home. I fear you will not dance this night.”


Lily shook her head. “ I am not leaving you alone! Besides the noise is coming from the path I have to take to get back home.”


He nodded; brave, but still a child. “Very well but stay behind me.” She looked at him and nodded.


Snarling echoed in the little clearing and Lily jumped, and turned around to see a huge snarling wolf flanked by one other wolf.  She had seen wolves before. Sheba, her pet wolf, was still in the house back home. She was wishing she had brought her on this outing.


The bigger black wolf jumped at her. She closed her eyes, but opened them again when she realized the wolf hadn’t hit her. Instead, it lay broken and bleeding  a couple of feet away, and the second one was engaged with the Godric.


Lily watched her savior, engrossed in his every move, as Godric and the wolf  seemed  to go blow for blow with each other: Each striking and blocking until she heard a loud yelp and the ripping of fur. Godric turned and took in the shaking form before him. He walked up to her, but still maintained  some distance, “Are you scared of me now?” Godric’s voice sounded somewhat forlorn at the thought of this tiny human being scared of him.


Lily shook her head,  “No, you killed the bad wolves, why would i fear you. You are all messy. Come on, there is a stream not far away where you can wash.” She took his hand and led him further into the woods.


It was about fifteen minutes  before they came across the stream: She let his hand go. Godric decided to accept her offer and started to bathe. He smiled when he realised she had her back to him: Most likely to give him privacy. He couldn’t help but think how cute she really was. Something in his heart tugged at his mind. He just didn’t know  what it could be.


He thanked the Gods that he could clean up faster than a human. “You can turn around now. I’m done washing.”


Lily turned around smiling. “Can I touch them?” He looked at her curiously for a minute. What was she talking about? Lily sensed  he hadn’t known what she meant. “Your fangs. May I touch them?”  


He nodded and  dropped his fangs again. “You are not  afraid of me? I could kill you  right here and no one would find you.”


She shrugged, “If you were going to kill me I would be dead and you wouldn’t have  killed those wolves. “


Godric laughed; this human was too much. “ Do you still want to dance in the moonlight?” He asked. She nodded, so Godric took her hand and pulled her close and spun her  around and around. until Lilly started to yawn. Godric brought her back in the direction her scent had come from.

Once he arrived at the pale blue porch he woke her up. Sleepily she rubbed her eyes as he placed her on her feet and she smiled up at him. “Will you be my friend?” He smiled. He wanted to say yes, but what place would she have in his world? Lily, not being as naive as most  eleven year olds added, “Will I at least get to see you sometimes?”


He smiled and shrugged, “Maybe sometimes.”


She nodded and  threw her arms around his waist. “Night Godric, thank you again.” She was up the stairs and in the house before he could speak.


The next morning Agatha was sitting at her kitchen table eating a muffin when she heard the distinct footsteps of her niece.  That girl couldn’t walk quietly to save her life she mumbled to herself. Taking one last peaceful sip of her coffee she waited for the energetic ball of energy she was about to get hit with.


Agatha hadn’t even looked up from the paper in her hands before a musical, “Good morning Aunt Aggy! Guess what I did last night?”


Putting the paper down and out of the reach of anything remotely liquid, she asked, “Oh? What did you do last?”


Smiling, and without missing a beat  she said, “I met a superhero, and he saved me from some huge bad wolves. Not wolves like my Sheba, these were huge aunty, and mean. But Godric the superhero killed them and I showed him where he could wash up in the stream. He was like that Logan guy from X-men, only his pointy weapons were in his mouth. Isn’t that cool Agatha? I met a real hero!”


Agatha listened calmly as her eleven year old niece rambled about her night out. She was concerned about this superhero though.  He was most likely a vampire. Dangerous! The vampire could have killed Lilly, but he didn’t. Why? Leave it to her niece to meet a vampire, and most likely befriend it. So much like her mother!


“And did you do anything else last night?”


Lily nodded excitedly “He put me on his toes and we danced in the moonlight together. But then I must’ve fallen asleep because  when I woke up I was home.” Lilly watched with interest as her aunt nodded, deep in thought. Taking this time to grab an apple, she called to Sheba who dutifully bounded to her side.


“Aunt Aggy I am going to go play in the flowers today. Is that okay?”


Agatha nodded, “ But after lunch it’s school time.”


Lily nodded  so fast she looked like a bobble head. “ Yes Aunty, I’ll be in round lunch time.” Lily kissed her aunt on the cheek before she skipped out the door.

The rest of the day went by too slowly for Lily’s taste. She couldn’t help  daydreaming about her fanged hero. Agatha  couldn’t shake the feeling that she should just let it be, that she shouldn’t be worried, but what parent would be okay with a vampire hanging around their child? For the first time she doubted the powers that be. Lily is just a child, she should be allowed to be a child. Agatha sighed. She had known from the start that this child  was one of the otherworld: That she would walk in both worlds, this one and the next. She had been born under the sign of the crow: The messenger between this life and the next.


The clock on the wall struck 4:30pm and she looked over at a studying Lily. She had finished her normal school work and was reading a book of Prophecy and fortune telling. It was full of old family  visions dating  hundreds of year back. Lily looked up, a question written on her face.

“What is it Lily?”


Lily  bit her lip for a minute, “The spirits told me to tell you the answer you seek you already know.  And a Whisper of death? They went silent after that.”


Agatha could feel her stomach turn and was sure her eyes had gotten huge. The only Prophecy she could think of was the one where it said that a child born to their bloodline would face death and befriend him: She would embrace death and take death within herself. Was her niece the child?


She half wanted to lock Lily away, she didn’t want  her to die. Then again, prophecies were never without metaphors. She knew she would not be able to keep Lily away from her destiny, so she would prepare her as best she could. But first she would seek out this Godric when Lily was  asleep.


10:30 Pm that night.


Agatha  wandered out to the clearing she knew her niece visited. Seated on a  rock, she waited  to meet the vampire who, she had reasoned, would be there. She didn’t have to wait long.


“Evening. You are not my little friend. Is she not well?” A voice said from the darkness.


Agatha stood, her shoulders tense but not overly so. “What do you want with Lily?”


Godric’s eyebrows raised. “She was wandering alone in the woods,” he shrugged. “I killed the wolves which were threatening her. She is enchanting and clever for her age.”


Agatha nodded.  “Did you taste her?”


His brow furrowed. “Did she say that I did?”


Agatha shook her head. “No she didn’t.”


He nodded, relieved. “I did not. I do not feed on children. If you wish for me to never come back I will.”


Agatha thought for for a few moments too long, so Godric nodded and started to walk off, but stopped when the woman sighed and spoke, “No, stay. She doesn’t make friends easily. I fear it’s because she is not exactly of this world.”


He nodded his understanding. “ Yes I sensed that, what is she?”  


Agatha sighed; she might as well tell him. “It all started long ago, with our Ancestor Cassandra of Delphi. She found favor with the Gods so they blessed her with the gift of talking to spirits, to commune with the dead. She acted as a seer, or soothsayer if you would. Cassandra passed beyond the veil, and her daughter was granted the gift, but Cassandra’s granddaughter could only see the future.


She had not received the same gift as her mother. Soon the gifts passed into myth, with only a few of us practicing the old ways. My twin and I had the strongest traces of the gift than has been seen in many years. I can not have children of my own. My sister conceived, but died shortly after. Lily, she feels the pull stronger than any of us. I fear she may have the full gift of Cassandra.”


Godric stood thinking over everything he had heard and what he knew of Lily. Agatha just watched as the man in front of her seem to be lost in his own mind. “I don’t think I can really leave her alone, not after last night: She has my interest. And I would like to be her friend.”


Agatha nodded and spoke, her voice stern. “Remember Death, she is just a child.”


He nodded his agreement, “You remember, witch: If she is what you say, she is also an old soul trapped in a young body. ”


Agatha nodded. “Do not tell her you go by death. Promise me vampire, on your honor.”


Godric was mildly surprised at her request but nodded. “I promise I will not tell her I am Death.” Pleased with that, Agatha  turned and walked away. Godric stood silently and looked at the sky. What had he gotten into?


Three days Later


Lily found herself once again walking the familiar path to her magical sanctuary. When her  small bare feet  felt the sweet cool grass, she couldn’t keep a smile off her face. There sitting on the grass was Godric. Filled with glee, she ran to him and sat herself on his lap. Over the past few nights it had become their routine. Where they would meet in the clearing and talk about their day.


“Good evening little one, how was your day? You smell of lavender and freesia.”


Lily smiled and nodded. “You said you liked those smells.” Her eyes  tracing once again the tattoo around his neck. Finally feeling brave enough, she brought her index finger up to trace the marking. Godric smiled at her as she looked into his eyes.


“And how was your day rest?” She asked in return. He smiled at her simple acceptance of who he was.


Letting out an unneeded  breath he responded, “It was peaceful Lily.Thank you for asking. Did you learn anything new today?”  She smiled up at him and nodded. “Yes, I learned about candles and how to make them.” He smiled at how proud she seemed to be over making candles. “That is a very handy thing to know. You know back in my day we made candles too.It was one of the few ways to see in the dark.” She nodded, understanding his words.


“Godric, can I ask you something?” Her attempt at a serious face was just too cute in his mind. But instead of laughing as he wanted to, he return her seriousness.


“You, Lily, may ask me anything you want. I promise to answer you the best I can.” Lily nodded as she thought about the words she wanted to say. “What does this mean? Where did you get it?” She hadn’t stopped tracing his markings. “It is a symbol of my people Little one. It means protection: It granted to the best warriors and and those of higher ranking families like chiefs.” Lily just looked up at him, letting his words absorb into her ever growing mind. Godric hoped she understood. She seemed quite smart, but he was not the best judge of human children.


“Godric were you a prince? How did you become a vampire? I read about Vampires? Say are you Vampire Prince?!” Whatever he had thought she would ask,he wasn’t expecting a rapid fire questions.


“I was a chief’s son when I was human. I was also a great warrior. No, I am not a prince among Vampires. I am, of course, respected for my age.”


Lily remembered she didn’t know his age. “ How old are you?”


He smiled a toothy grin. “ I am over  2,000 years old. Does that scare you?”


She shook her head. ”No you don’t scare me. You are my hero. You won’t hurt me ever! Right?”


He smiled softly at the trusting little girl. He couldn’t remember the last time he smiled this much outside of a battle. “You have nothing to fear from me child, but I am no hero.”


Lily pouted for a few minutes. “You are my hero! And you can’t say different!” He nodded, letting her words echo in his head. This little child had  won over his cold heart.


“If you say so Princess Lily. May I have this dance?”


She smiled as she got to her feet. “I would love to Prince Godric.” They smiled as Godric twirled her around on his feet until she started to yawn. Godric held her to his chest as he flew her back to her home and handed her to her aunt  who smiled.


“I shall see her tomorrow night,” he kissed Lily’s forehead. “ Good night ma petite. Sleep and dream.” WIth that Godric  took his leave into the night.


One Year later


Lilly was excited.  It was her birthday, and it was a full moon. The fullness of the moon meant she would dance with her spirit friends, but not before talking with Godric. She remembered  over the past year every conversation they’d had. He had been so many places, and seen and done extraordinary things. She had found out he had lived in  Rome. He said it was where he got the red disk on his shoulder, but he never said what it meant. And the feelings she would get from him made her scared to touch it. She had some scars herself that she wasn’t very fond of, but Godric would kiss a new scar and say that it showed how strong she was.


It was around that time he had started to teach her the basic forms of self defense: Showing her how to use her size to her advantage. She had gotten so good she could topple Godric, though she often expected he let her. But she would take a win wherever she could get it. Her feelings she knew were changing.


She had also started what her aunt Aggy said was her frequent visit from Aunt Flow, and that she was turning into a lady. All she knew was that every time she thought of Godric,  a warm fluttering feeling in her stomach would overcome her. She cared so much for her dark knight,  that even the thought of seeing him brightened even the worst of days.


The thought of verbalizing that she thought he was her Dark knight made her laugh. He was so not Batman. He didn’t wear a cape, or need fancy gadgets. All he need was his fists!


The clock on her dresser told her that her Aunt’s coven would be coming over to celebrate her birthday before they would go out for the night. Tonight  was one of their Holy days, and Lily would be spending the time with Godric. Agatha had even invited him to their house.


The voices of the spirits would  start to whisper after sunset, just before the tugging in her chest would draw her to the clearing. Their clearing, as if the universe was calling them to be together.


“Lily come on, the party is about to start. Get down here, everyone is here.” Letting a sigh slip from her lips, she made her way down the stairs and into the gathering crowd of over zealous women. You would swear they were old grandmothers by how much they pinched her cheeks. She put on her best smile and just rolled with it all: That is until one very nosey lady came into view.


Grace Mathis appeared to have everyone’s good on her mind. But Lily hated her! The voices always warned her about Grace and her coven. She even warned her Aunt that they were not good people. But Agatha never listened, and so Lilly stopped talking.


“My Lilly, you have grown, haven’t you? You Aunty says you are almost of age to join us. What do you think? Are you excited?” Lily smirked. She would love to show that crone where she could shove that invite. But she knew her aunt would be mad and she didn’t want to risk her visit with Godric so she bit her tongue.


“I am unsure Lady Grace, I am sure it would be an honor to join your coven. However, I have not yet declared a power or a specific skill set. Unlike my aunt, who is a healer. But I shall keep your invitation in mind. Now if you would please excuse me? I need to find my aunt.”  Grace was pleased  at the girl’s answer but still not content. She wanted the girl like she had wanted her mother. The poor mother though! The voices in her head drove her mad.  Grace couldn’t help smirk. Poor Olivia. Falling from that height! All because the spirits told her too. Maybe her daughter would prove to be much stronger.


Lily hated the party! There were soft whispers about the poor crazy girl who would fall sick from the voices in her head. But they never pushed too much as to why Lily had never been to a meeting, unlike the other kids. It was just not healthy for a girl of her age to have no friends. Lily just smirked. Her best friend could kill all of them in a second if he wanted to. Her best friend was older and smarter than anyone at the party.


The sun setting was the coven’s cue to leave and meet somewhere else. Agatha kissed her forehead  before saying good night. Lily went upstairs and changed into something more comfortable. Jeans and a purple top. She grabbed her jacket since it promised to be a chilly night. She jumped off the porch steps and made a beeline for the woods until a musical tenor laugh stopped her from going further. She spun around  squealing, “GODRIC!!!” She ran and jumped into his arms and he held her close.


“Lily how was your big day?”  


She  smiled her biggest smile. “It dragged on forever! I couldn’t wait until sunset! Those crazy friends of my aunt’s came over and they felt weird. The voices tell me they are not good people. So thank the Gods you’re here. What are we doing tonight?”


Godric sighed, shaking his head. “How about you start by telling me your day then I will give you a gift?” Lily nodded happily and launched into a full on story about everything she did that day, pausing only after Godric sat on the ground and she sat in his lap.


“Sounds like a busy day Ma petite. Now I have something special for you.” He took out blue velvet box and handed it to her. Curious as to what it was, she looked at him and he chuckled, “well then? Open it.” Lily didn’t need to be told twice.


In the box on a white gold chain sat a blue lilly. She smiled  back at Godric  and then back at the necklace, “Will you put it on me?” Godric nodded and slid the chain around her neck.


“You will always be my little flower.” She settled back against him and they fell into their normal questions until the night drew to the peak of the moon and the feeling to dance was at its strongest. So they danced. Lily closed her eyes this time, wanting to stay this way. But Godric had a different plan. “Open your eyes Lily. Look where we are!” Lily squealed again as she saw they were flying a few feet off the ground. After  they finished dancing it had gotten really cold out, so Godric took her back home and tucked her into her bed.


“Godric never leave me…I love you..”


Before he could reply she was out cold. His kissed her forehead whispering, “I will never let you go my little flower. Think of me when you hold your necklace close and dance around in  our little clearing. I will be there even if you can’t see me.”


The sound of her Aunt’s car  came to a halt as Godric heard a car door close. He sped downstairs as Agatha entered the house. The look on Godric’s face told her she was in for a very serious conversation.


“Do you have minute to talk with me? She is asleep and won’t hear us.”


Agatha nodded and led the way into the kitchen. “What is on your mind Godric? “ She was curious, since the last time they talked like this she had warned him about her niece.


“In several years time Vampire are going to reveal themselves. This, we suspect, will be a hard and dangerous road. And the high council of supernaturals has decided that those who are oldest and strongest should lead our kind to peace with the general populace: If we are successful more may step forward.”


Agatha took his words and thought them over before replying. “And what does this have to do with Lily?”


Godric’s face fell. “I have been chosen to take the throne of Texas: my life is too dangerous for now. It  could  be much worse in the future. I meant to say goodbye  to her tonight but  she was so happy and then she just passed out.”


Agatha nodded, “It was probably for the best. It’s going to hurt her to see you leave. Will you be back?”


Godric stopped to think for a minute before deciding it probably wasn’t wise to return.


“Not for a long time, if ever, so watch over my little flower. She should probably go to normal school and make friends. Surely she will be able to find them.”


Agatha nodded. “The sun is coming up, you should go. And good luck with everything.” He nodded and flew off into the sky.


Four years later


Lily made her way  down the moonlit path her feet knew so well. Her spirit  answering the spirit’s call to dance. Maybe she would run into Godric. She doubted it though, since he had stopped coming around four years back. Why? She didn’t know. She often thought she had done or said something for him to be mad about. But each time she would ask he wouldn’t answer. But tonight, surely tonight her vampire  would be there waiting for her and they would dance in the moonlight, and maybe she would get the courage to tell him she loved him. He looked no older than 17 and she was 16 now, not a big difference to her anyway.


The familiar smell of flowers was comforting to her;they gave her an odd sense of strength. Soon the beat she often heard in her heart started and she began her dance around the clearing: Spinning, twirling dancing her heart out. All the while praying to the moon to send her Godric to her. The moon peaked in the sky and her movements got faster and faster  until the energy inside her rose to the surface so fast and hard it took her breath away. She could feel the energy rising to the sky, an offering to the moon and the spirits. The energy inside her body around the full moon  got stronger every year. This started just after she met Godric and got worse as she felt his absence in the years after.


What happened to him? She often wondered if he was okay. She would know if he wasn’t alright. Surely the spirits would tell her?  He was a vampire after all, but he still had a soul: She could see it!  As the night dragged on her heart fell into despair. Why did her only tangible friend leave her?  She never felt like a freak when he was around. Her aunt had long since stopped homeschooling her, insisting that she go to public school. Agatha had wanted her to make normal friends. Sure, like it was going to be easy. What would she say.  Hi, I’m Lily. Do you know you have a spirit following you? It’s your grandmother, and she she says she loves you. Oh, and once a month I dance under the moon where this energy  rises to the moon. Wanna be my friend?


Lily scoffed at the idea at first. But she tried harder to make friends as the years passed and Godric never showed. Snapping out of her memory she sighed loudly into the darkness.


“I guess tonight marks the last time I shall pray to the moon to give me my friend back. It is time to put away childish notions. So mote it be  I will leave this night and remember fondly the past and let it be that: The past. One such as I am is better off in the here and now. Goodbye Godric, wherever you be, I hope you are well and happy.” With that she gathered her blanket and some food she had brought and made the  walk back home.


Her Aunt was sitting on the porch waiting for her. Agatha was all smiles when she saw Lily  approach the house. “Did you have a good dance tonight?”


Lily shrugged, “The spirits got what they wanted as usual. I am going to bed, I have school tomorrow. I don’t think I will dance the next full moon. I have midterms that week.” Agatha took in the defeated  form of her once vibrant niece.


A few years ago she had realised that Lily had fallen in love with Godric. And Godric knew this too, but  he had stopped coming altogether. And Agatha enrolled her in public school.


Agatha had written Godric a few weeks ago, asking him to write Lily a letter for her birthday. Hoping that if she knew he was alive she would be alright, but no letter came. And Agatha’s guilt weighed heavy on her soul. What had she done to her Niece!  They should have had Godric explain things to Lily instead of just disappearing.


Three months later..


Agatha had gotten the mail and she smiled. There were two letters: One to her and one to Lily. She brought the mail inside and sat at her table and opened her letter and read it.


Dear Agatha ,


I am sorry my letters will not reach you in time for her birthday. I do hope it was a good one. You wrote to me about how sad she has become. I am sorry to hear that. I am hoping she has made many friends by now. Does she still dance under the stars?  I regret my choice of walking away from her. But we are right, she has no place in my world. She should remain innocent as long as possible. I hope this finds you well.




Agatha let out a breath and grabbed a pen to answer his letter. She couldn’t wait until Lilly came home, her little girl may just smile again.


Agatha had just finished making cookies when Lily came home.


“Hey Lily come in here for a minute please,” she said as soon as she heard the door close. “I have a letter for you.”


Lily walked down the hall and into the kitchen. “A letter from who?”


Agatha frowned and responded, “Whom,” and almost immediately looked apologetic, “Sorry, a throwback to homeschooling you.” She then smiled and handed her the letter. Lily read the return address and the name … Godric had sent her a letter! part of her was curious as to what he had to say: The other had stopped caring. She tossed the letter on the table and shrugged.


“Thanks Aunt Agatha. Maybe I’ll read it later. I have homework, then I think I’ll spend the afternoon reading the tomes. I have Tae Kwon Do tonight, too, so I need to stretch before I go. I think I will take aikido next, it sounds like it would be a good workout.”  It wasn’t lost on Agatha how much Lily kept busy, but she never saw Lily  go to the clearing any more.


She could tell Lily hadn’t been dancing by Lily’s increase in frustration. Her little girl was going to snap if she didn’t express her soul.


Lily had  reached her room and closed the door. Her hand was shaking as she held the letter: The need to read his words, to know how he was weighing on her mind. A voice within her whispered, “Do you really want to read his lies? Do you want to know how he has forgotten you? You are a child compared to him. Why would he wait for you. You don’t even know if he really loves you?”


She couldn’t take it anymore so she threw her letter in her closet and opened her book to the chapter on the history of England. Once she was satisfied she had jotted thorough notes on the matter she  went to the little library in the house and picked up a small but very thick book.The title read Prophecies of Cassandra. A sudden zap of energy made her drop the book. When she bent to pick it up she saw another book shoved  behind the rest. As she pulled that one from its hiding spot she opened the cover. There was no title to this one, so she read the first page.


To my daughter.

Lily, if you are reading this then I am no longer with you, and for this I am truly sorry. I wrote this after I had a dream. And I caution you  to  keep this book safely hidden. If you found this book then the spirits deemed it time for you to know the truth about my death. And if you are not 18 when find this, you are in danger.


Lily closed the book, and grabbed the book of Prophecies: She had heard of Cassandra, but never really saw any books about her or everything she saw. What was up with the cryptic  book from her mom. What did the spirits know of this?


She could hear footsteps on the stairs. “ Lily? Are you still up here?” She stashed the book under the one of prophecies and walked toward her room.


“Yes, Aunt Agatha I haven’t left yet. I think I may just stay home: I am feeling kind of sick.” There was a pause, and for minute Lily held her breath. She hoped her aunt wouldn’t ask questions. Tonight was one of those nights her aunt went with her coven.


“Oh, alright. Take it easy kiddo. Okay? Dont over do it.”


Sighing in relief she replied. “ I promise, I’ll probably stay in bed and eat some noodles. Anyway, have fun at your gathering.”  Lily heard her aunt go back down the stairs, and once she heard the door shut she flipped open her mother’s book and read on.


You can not trust my sister. I know this will be hard, but you need to trust me. She my not be acting the same way she used to, you wouldn’t have noticed.


We were young when we moved to the house you are in now. Our parents, your grandparents, were fair and hardworking. My mother was the oldest daughter in her family, as I was a few minutes older than Agatha, and you my only daughter. You know by now that you are not normal. You never were meant to be. You hear the Spirits of our  Ancestors, and those of the ancient beings of old. My mother met a woman by the name of Gracie Mathis and they became great friends.


It wasn’t long before my mother and father started to fight. And soon life became a living hell. I was 18 when my mother died. She was  found in a clearing not far from our house.  My father and I found her. The spirits led me to her before she bled out. No one could figure out how she had gotten cut so deeply and we never found the knife or a suspect, so the case was dropped. But I kept being drawn to the clearing. It is our sanctuary. I can only surmise my mother gave her life to make sure I was safe, and you are safe, in that clearing.

My father was devastated and he clung to Gracie, my mother’s best friend. My father buried himself in his work, leaving Agatha and I under the eye of Gracie.


Since I was 18, I could move away: And I did. That is when I met your father, Ken Thompson.


We fell in love in the college dorm I had been living in. I majored in the plants and flowers. Your father studied architecture.


When my father died, we moved back home. At this time you were little over a year.


Your father tested positive for cancer: It was stage four Brain cancer. He got to hold you once before he stopped fighting. The doctors  never knew how someone as healthy as your father could, out of the blue, get cancer. No other tests were positive before.


I am sorry sweety. It is really hard for me to write this. Even the thought that I won’t see you grow kills me inside. Gracie came through for us again. And Agatha and I  joined her coven. She soon approached me and told me she knew about the voices and she could help me translate them better, and get them to work for me. So I started training with her and I got stronger than I ever thought possible.


The voices did get quieter and quieter. And my paranoia grew by leaps and bounds. Only the potion Gracie gave me would help put off the anxiety and pain.


I came across this book of Cassandra, the one you most likely  have next to you. There was a prophecy. Find it and read it. And do something for me. After you graduate you run baby girl, and you run far and fast. Do not drink anything Gracie gives you. She is the one who killed me. And she is the one your aunt is close to. Agatha may not know what is going on, but you need to be careful. Go to the clearing as much as you can. Seek help from the spirits. You are powerful, you just don’t fully understand it.

Remember even in the darkest night there is always a light. I love you.


Lily slammed the book shut, tears rolling down her face. She had known Gracie was bad news. Gracie had her aunt in her grasp right now! She grabbed the letter she had stashed and her book and ran back to the clearing. Back to where she had found her peace, where she found her heart.