Lily of the Night Chapter3


Time seemed to pass in the blink of an eye as Lilly stayed in the comfort of her self-made cubby. She had found a spell to protect her hiding spot. This way she figured if anyone came to look for her and she needed to hide, they wouldn’t even be able to hear her heartbeat. The only downside to this spell was that only someone of your blood could undo it, and since as she now knew Gracie was her grandmother, the spell no longer offered much comfort. And unless she wanted to go the path of her maternal grandmother, she would have to think about how else to keep herself safe.


With this in mind, she leafed through a couple more spell books until she found a spell that seemed easy enough for her to do. And it took little focus. The lover’s protection spell wherein only one who truly loves you could find you. It called for the caster to have a strong loving connection with another being: It didn’t say they couldn’t be a spirit. She smiled. Her mother and maternal grandmother should do the trick.  Placing the book on the floor, she pressed her hands together tightly, as if she were praying, and focused, slowly pulling her hands apart,  forming a blue fiery ball between her hands.


“I call on the love within and the love without. Your heart to mine and mine to yours. The love we share I bid to protect and shield this place. Protect me from my enemies and those who seek my harm. Let it be. Let it be. Let it be.”  


Lily let out a loud long sigh as she felt a burst of energy leave her. She couldn’t help smiling as she felt the spell take hold. She would still be cautious though:  Lily had never been one to allow herself to be overconfident.  There were always those out there better and stronger than you. And if you think you have all the answers, then you open yourself up to being tricked. For facts often change, therefore, so does the outcome of every choice you make. She knew this. It was etched into her soul: Memories and knowledge passed down through the ages. She had, after all, read  Cassandra’s book.  


Reclining back on some of the pillows she had sewn specifically for her getaway, Lily allowed herself to truly think over everything she had learned. She would start to make her plans. Graduation was not so far off so she decided it was time she got a job. After all, how was she going to find Octavia if she couldn’t even afford food on her own? She would say that she was saving up for a car, that should satisfy her aunt and Gracie. Now to find a job. But where could she go? What should she do? A thought for tomorrow, she decided. At that moment her stomach made itself known. Pizza for dinner it is, she thought and went to order her favorite.


Meanwhile miles away….


Godric jumped up with a start. He had felt a huge tug on his chest. Not unlike that of the call, one of his beloved children would have used. But this felt urgent: rough, uncontrolled emotion. Eric and Sookie must be fighting and one of them had over flooded the bond again, he decided. He stared out the window absently, rubbing where his heart would be beating if he were human. He would have to have a talk with his son and daughter about controlling themselves, but his mind fell upon Lily.  He had thought he would have gotten a letter by now. Whether it was angry and hateful, or loving, he wanted to hear from his Lily. No, no she was not his anything! Closing his eyes he inhaled. He shouldn’t have left? Maybe he should have stayed? No, he knew that hadn’t truly been an option.


He lay back on his bed and the ache he had felt was gone, so he slipped into downtime. Lily was fine. Her aunt would surely call if she wasn’t. That was his last active thought for quite some time.


Life had been full of meaningless drama with one battle after another. It was as if once vampires came out of the coffin, it gave them a free pass to try to kill each other over territory. And crimes against vampires had increased. Godric gave an audible sigh. To be king: funny he never wanted power, he had only accepted because of who had asked him. Godric had fooled himself. He had thought that the violence from punishing vampires would comfort his need for battles of that of a long-ago time. Still, he couldn’t help but feel as if part of him was gone.


The letters should have reached them by now. Did Lily hate him? He had promised to be there for her. Gods, when was the last time he had even tried to see her? Maybe she had found a human man to love her: A boy her own age without complications. He had hoped for a letter from her at least. Unless she forgot him. He shook his head.  No, he was over 2,000 years old. He would not be undone by a little girl whose eyes sparkled as she looked into his.  The fluidity of her dancing. Her cleverness. NO! He was a feared warrior, not a lovesick fanatic like those vampires in…What movie was it again? It didn’t matter, any movie where vampires sparkled instead of burned in the sun was a farce.


Did it really matter in the end if he felt for the girl? He chose to leave her, even though it was to keep her safe. There needed to be a strong vampire leadership if they were going to keep the less cooperative vampires in line. Still, even now he couldn’t look at the moon without thinking of a little girl in curls snuggled against him. He was absentmindedly rubbing a spot on his chest whispering. “Lily ..” Before he could say anything else a knock on the door drew his attention. “Come in Isabel. What is on our schedule for tonight?” He asked.

Isabel had been Spanish in her human years; she was the most loyal second Godric could have asked for: Her loyalty and devotion were second only to his own child Eric. Speaking of Eric…he wondered what his progeny was up to these days?  “I will be out in a minute,” he said since Isabel had yet to open the door.


He pressed a button on his cell phone. “Yes maker mine, you rang?” Rolling his eyes, Godric sighed. “Carson, I want you to go visit your brother in Shreveport for a few weeks. You have been well behaved and it has been a while since you left my side.”


There was a pause before his youngest progeny busted out laughing. “You want me to spy on the Viking? Don’t you think he will see through that? He isn’t naive, nor is he stupid.” Godric shook his head, again with a small smile.


No. Somehow he had been gifted with two progeny with sharp and strategic minds. “He isn’t, that is true, but I am not being sneaky about it. I will call him before you leave. Yes, you can take the Jaguar. Goodbye Carson.” Godric hung up his phone and shot a text to Eric.


Godric: Good evening my son…


Eric: I am good father. It has been a .. while…


Godric : It really has Eric. Carson wishes to visit you and your Pamela.


Eric: And why, may I ask, does the brat want to visit? Thalia still is not into him...


He couldn’t help but laugh, Carson had, at one point, tried to win Thalia’s heart by conventional means. His youngest had walked away with a broken arm, and that was only because of Thalia’s respect for Godric and Eric. Sadly it made Carson want her all the more.


Godric: Maybe he will grow on her…


Eric: HaHa  I think she would rather have hep V or cancer…


Godric: You are probably right… Carson will be arriving tomorrow night…


Eric: Why am I on babysitting duty? Doesn’t he have a life of his own? He always breaks something in my bar!


He let out a sigh. Why is it like pulling fangs to get his vampire children to behave and at least get along. Not for the first time since he turned Carson, he wondered if this was how human parents felt.


Godric: I will replace anything he breaks, you know that.


Eric: If my dear little brother wants to visit so badly why isn’t he texting me? Unless you are the reason for his visit?


Godric: Would I really do such a thing? I stopped meddling in the lives of my children years ago…


Eric snorted. His maker just chose to not be as blatant about his meddling, he certainly had not given it up.


Eric to Carson : Dad says you want to visit. Do you really miss your older brother?


Carson to Eric: Sure do. p.s Daddy dearest suggested it.


Eric to Carson :  I figured as much.


Carson to Eric: The old man just has to meddle. Hey, is that hot female, Thalia, still working at the bar?


Eric to Carson: 1. The old man is our maker, do not let him hear you call him old. 2. You can not be seriously thinking about trying to get Thalia. She will eat you… Better yet, by all means, try for her,  maybe then I will be an only child.


Godric to Eric and Carson: Did you two forget, who is your maker?  I can feel the mischief and amusement in the bonds. And Carson, if you want to live to be Eric’s age, leave Thalia alone. I will make it an order if I must. Eric! Do not feel so smug. You may be old, but I am still much older, and I won’t hesitate to punish either of you and you will not enjoy it. Am I understood?


Eric and Carson to Godric: Yes, Father.


Satisfied he had settled the matter at hand, he left his sanctuary and went out to deal with his area.




Eric to Thalia: Carson is coming to visit this week.


Thalia to Eric: WHAT!  But this is my week to work at Fangtasia ERIC! Tell him to come another time.


Eric to Thalia : Trust me it is not my idea.It was my maker’s idea.


Thalia to Eric: That old man is lucky that  I respect his ass. God’s help him if he tries to kiss me again!


Eric to Thalia : I understand, just don’t kill the boy.


Thalia to Eric : FINE!


Eric chuckled. He knew it was going to be an interesting week.