Drink Deeply and Dream chapter 11



Godric Pov

As my child finished his speech I could not help but feel elated at my companion. She was passionate and still, she remained calm. I liked how understanding she was. Her gift of perception was impressive. If I didn’t know any better I would’ve sworn she could read minds. Could she? Doubtful, she didn’t smell like the Fae. But, then again the Fae are not the only ones with such gifts. Witches could develop them only if the gift was in their clan line. Other than demons the list of telepathic creatures is scarce. I would have to look into her past a little bit.


“Rick, are you ok? “ I nodded my reply. “Oh, well, you didn’t say anything when the speaker stopped.”


I waved her off and smiled. “ Come Dearest heart, I believe you have someone to meet.”


She smiled nervously, “What if he finds me rude? I did interrupt his program. I just didn’t want some jerk to ruin the night with his bigoted narrow-mindedness. There is a lot to think about.To know about. But this exhibit won’t be in town long. And tonight was the only time the historian would be here.”


I flashed her a smile. “Shh, easy My love I am sure he was not put out by your words.” She gave me a “How could you know that” look” which is similar to the “You are just saying that” look I’ve seen Sookie give to Eric many times over the years.


“I am sure it will be fine. If you have changed your mind I can just let him know.” She placed her hand on my shoulder, “No, no it’s just my nerves, I haven’t been sleeping well lately. I’ll be fine. I may not get a chance to speak with an expert on the culture again.”


Her smile told me she was happy again. I could only imagine how much more happy she would be if she knew that she was talking to an actual Viking. The light in her eyes sent warm feelings through mem yet I could not let go of the fact that there was something below the surface: A sorrow she was hiding. Someone not as experienced as I would miss the subtle hints.


“Mr. Skarsgard, this is my girlfriend Callie. My dear, this is Mr. Skarsgard.” She beamed and brought her hand up as if to shake his.To my delight, he took her hand in his and shook it gently.


“Evening Mr.Skarsgard, I really enjoyed your speech. I find it interesting about mistletoe.I had no idea it had such a story behind it.” He smiled and I couldn’t help but return it. I could sense his mirth through the bond.


“Yes, so many legends have been lost with time unless one actively seeks them out: Unless it was through history where it was passed down from father to son.”  


Callie nodded, “I have always thought it would be better to learn first hand from an elder. I love it when my Aunt tells me legends of her people. I do agree with you on the fact that the passion for learning of our pasts and legends have been replaced  with modern theory and science.”


I could not have been more proud of how this was going. Callie was surely an interesting girl.


“You seem to be well versed in my culture and history,” my child inquired.


She nodded slightly, “I enjoy history. Last semester I studied Rome and Gaul cultures.This semester I am studying Viking culture and the immigration west, which I am writing a paper on and Vampire history and politics.”


Understanding dawned on him and I could see he had pieced together the interesting combination of studies. And the fact she is also supernatural. “Well, those are interesting subjects. Come, we should go somewhere to get something to eat, my wife is giving me the ‘I’m hungry’ look. Rick, my old friend, would you and your delightful companion join us?” Bright green eyes locked onto mine. Oh heaven, help me. If she ever uses those eyes against me. I see my child motion for his wife to join us.


“I see no reason not to. Callie, would you like to join them?” She nodded enthusiastically and I kissed her forehead. I was taken aback when I felt her temperature was much too high for a human. “Are you well? You feel warmer than usual.”


Again she nodded. “I’m fine, it’s just a little warm in here.” I spared a glance at Eric, his face matched my confusion. We may be dead but we can sense temperature: The room was not hot at all. I glanced at Sookie who acknowledged my findings.  


“If you are sure that you are well. Where should we meet?” I asked.


Sookie smiled. “Hello, I’m Suzana Skarsgard and I think I heard Rick say you are Callie it is nice to meet you.” Callie smiled and shook her hand. “ Yes, that is my name it is very nice to meet you.” Sookie smiled and turned to Eric. “I actually would love to check out that Barbecue place Callie mentioned. What do you say, sweetie?”


I choked down a laugh at the voice she used with Eric. It is no wonder she had him wrapped around her little finger. It seems both our women have a way of working magic only women seem to have. “Of course, Lover.” He turned to me and nodded. “We will see you in a couple of minutes.”  They were gone out the door. Callie just started after them. Leave it to my child to forget he never told her he is a vampire. I had a feeling that dinner would be entertaining. I guided us to the car and we pulled out of the parking lot.  


Sudden vibrations drew my attention to my love. She quickly slid her phone from its hiding place, Looked at it, then turned it to silent.


“Who was that Ma petite?”


She shrugged. “Nothing urgent.” She went silent and I did not feel inclined to pry further. Though I am almost sure it had to do with the call from earlier.


Thousands of miles away and quite a few hours earlier…


“Evening master, I bring news to you from our spies in the new world. It seems there has been a woman  vaguely matching the description you gave.” The gruff looking man behind the huge oak desk nodded his approval.


“Good Igor go, have her followed. I want to know if she meets a certain Vampire. You know him, he has distinctive tattoos.”  


The smaller, twitchy man smiled. “Already being done, master. That is why I came to see you: It seems she has already met him. The spies say she is in love.”


The desk broke as the man slammed his fist into it. “Does he love her?”


Swallowing what could have been a lump in his throat, Igor replied. “The spies say that he does not yet truly know that he does, but they say he acts like he does.” A fist slammed on the desk again.


“I want her dead! Send the order tonight! I want her dead by dawn. I was going to let her live to see her awakening. But If she has found her true mate then she cannot be allowed to live any longer if our plan to raise our king is to succeed.”


Igor stammered at the violent display of his master. “W..w..what king Master?”


The man smiled brightly. “Ocella. It is the time, God of our kings and queens rise and fix this debacle  Humans our equals? Weres bonding with vampires? There will be a reckoning.


Well, well Marco, it looks like you have failed. You couldn’t hide her. A shame really,” he smirked.


The startled form of Igor ran out the door to go and make the call his master bade him make.


The man turned to the window and gazed at the gray sky and the fog billowing over the sea. “Yes, brother, soon you will walk among us again to take your revenge on those impertinent children of yours.” He glanced at the moon which was barely covered in clouds.


“You have done well so far fairest ladies, but not even you can keep watch forever: Your luck will run its course soon enough.” With this, he went to find his nightly meals.


Sookie’s Pov -present time


It had been years since I had seen my father-in-law Godric smile so much. His happiness was overflowing over the bond I shared with Eric. Eric, on the other hand, may have been pleased with Callie’s display earlier, and he may have found her intriguing but he still had his doubts about her.


It brought to mind the time that a kid in my class got so protective of his momma when she started dating a new guy. Oh, my poor Viking.  I, on the other hand, could see a little of myself in her. She would most likely keep the old man on his toes. In fact, it is good for vampires to have some excitement in their lives.


On the drive over I had watched the bonds of my family closely. While Pam was safe and content in Paris I get an underlying tinge of homesickness. Maybe I should send Tristan to go bother his sister. I couldn’t help the smile on my face: Those two in Paris? I doubted the city would last long. Still, it could help with an antsy Hybrid. I filed away a note to bring it up to Eric once we got home. Godric’s emotions were all over.


What was this Callie doing to him? I hoped she never stopped. Not that it would matter since I doubted Godric would let her go. He can be stubborn that way: No shock there, Eric had to have gotten it from somewhere. It would be fun to see what she did to the ancient mystery of Godric.


Since she was calling him Ric, I had a feeling that he hadn’t told her much about himself.


I shook my head at that thought. It never goes well when secrets are kept. A shock of worry from my bonded mate drew my gaze to his most handsome face. “Min Alskare? Are you alright ?”


I shrugged “ I don’t think Callie knows who is she dating. And I can see this blowing up in his face.”


My husband nodded slowly, “I understand your concern but there must be a reason he has not told her. You heard her confession: She has studied his culture. Sookie, it is not a popular field of study. I’m surprised she knew of Upsala. He must have his reasons, and we should respect that.”


I nodded, mulling over his words. “We have been in hiding for a long time darling. And I do not regret doing so, but Tristan is older now: While we both have many obligations, I feel like I grow bored and restless. If you search yourself you feel it too. I feel that there may be something coming down the road and we may need all of our Allies.You know I am not one to go looking for trouble,” he nodded a glint his eye.


“Of course, not my wife, it just finds you. May the Gods help my maker if she is  your sort of trouble.”


I couldn’t help rolling my eyes, “Laugh it up, buddy but what seems to have slipped your senile old brain is that if I had not been such a trouble finder we would not have ever met, Godric would be finally dead, and we would not have a son together. Callie could be a good thing for him if he opens up to her. He has come along way from his younger days and his dealings with humans. But if she finds out he is hiding part of himself she may not trust him.”


After a long pause, he gripped my hand. “Forgive me, you are not so much the damsel in distress anymore. I worry about the old man, I do agree with you about honesty. I will stand by my maker, but what if she is hiding something?”


Of course, the daddy’s boy would stand by his Daddy.


The thought had crossed my mind: She seemed straightforward. Not like I could read her all that well, but she was excited to meet Eric. And her thoughts matched her words. The fuzziness of her thoughts makes me feel like a younger version of me. Almost Dae, and yet there is still a wall beyond the thoughts I can gather. What could have a wall that I couldn’t get by? But as long as her word keep matching the thoughts I could read clearly. I wouldn’t give her the third degree.


“Maybe she is, but they just started dating. Eric, the difference is that Callie is her real name. She does not exactly know his now does she?”  We both sank back into a comfortable silence.


We Finally pulled up to a roadside diner, not unlike Merlotte’s. Bigger and maybe a little more upscale but not by much.We waited to meet up with Godric and Callie before we entered the restaurant.

Sorry, it has been about a year since I posted a new chapter. But to be honest my muse is evil. Though she gives you guys a few stories.It has been a crazy year I have lost a few key people in my life.What does this mean for DD AND D? Well, I have two more chapter done and waiting for my Beta’s approval.Ty for sticking with me. I appreciate it. Until next time. Happy Holidays.



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  1. Nice to see a new chapter. Sorry for your losses. This has been a difficult year for our family, too. Looks like the fun times are about to end. I wonder what Callie will awaken into. And a big bad is on the way.


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