The REAL chapter 10

Sorry for my rush to edit and post it seems my chapters 10 and 11 got mixed up. Sorry for those who have read the other  “10”  that should have been 11. SO if you were wondering why the jump in time… blame an overly excited and tired author who has been watching her nieces and nephew, not to meant my cousin’s baby shower…



Callie Pov


My arm linked with Ric’s as we walk through the door and into the well-lit room. Rows and rows of red and blue striped booths and long party sized tables with blue and red striped tablecloths filled the dining area. To the left, in the far corner, you could see that they had outside seating: It didn’t look half as bad as I thought it would. Over in the right corner, I see our speaker and his wife. I can feel my nervousness still slightly percolating in my stomach. I can’t  read Mrs.Skarsgård’s emotions. Now, come to think of it, I can’t get a reading on her husband much either, which didn’t scare me much since reading emotions is not an exact science.


Ric leads us over to the booth, and to our newly made acquaintances: Well my newly made acquaintances at any rate.


“Hey ,it’s nice to see you again.“ I smile at the two sitting closest to the wall. Mrs.Skarsgård motioned for us to sit. We both reached for the menus at the same time and I giggled. I looked over the menu to see that most of it were BBQ wings.Deciding on the honey BBQ boneless wings, fries, and a diet Pepsi, I close the menu and can’t help but smile.


The waiter comes up to our table and takes our orders. Ric orders his Royalty blend and so does Mr.Skarsgård. I can feel the shock hit me as I realize he’s a vampire? As if reading my mind the person in question smiles, “Yes, I am a vampire.” All I could do was nod, my mind going a mile a minute. I was sitting across from a real Viking! Ric starts to laugh.


“I think you have just stumped her Alex.Yes, dearest heart, Alex and I have been considered brothers for many long years now. I believe we met when you were in Sweden Alex?” The blond vampire nodded, smiling. I get a feeling they are hiding something and it is something I feel I should know by now. I shrug the feeling off. It doesn’t really matter: Vampires are still kind of secretive.


“I bet you have so many stories about Ric! I would love to hear them sometime.”  


He smiled and nodded, “Yes,  I may have a story or two that may interest you.”


Ric interrupted, “Just remember Alexander, I am your elder and I have just as many, if not more, embarrassing stories of you.”  I couldn’t help but look at the two old friends The electrically charged chemistry between them is a positive vibration against my skin, sending jovial waves of emotions at me. Rick looks like he is his physical age as he laughs at whatever Alex had said. I let myself bask in the flow of energy. Colors of red, blue and green dance between the two. I could tell their auras were nearly the same: Different shades and short or long tendrils that seem to dance around each other.


I wonder who is older? I will ask when Ric and I are on our way home.


“So tell us, Callie, how is it keeping this one out of trouble.” Suzanna pointed to Ric.


I couldn’t help but smile, “Oh,  there has been no trouble, although he did drop me in a lake.“ They laugh and I join in the chorus of giggles and chuckles.


“I  would think that you would not be the one to talk Suzanna. You, of all people, attract trouble.” He turned his head to look at me, “There was this one time Alex had cautioned her not go off the hiking trail. She thought she knew the way so she went off on her own. When we found her she was covered in mud, and being chased by a bear!” I looked at Suzana who was wearing a scowl.


“I thought that since I could commune with animals I would be able to pet the bear cub… It was so much cuter than a teddy bear,” she cooed that last part. “And what are you laughing at darling… From what Ric says…how many time were you chased by angry husbands and fathers… with pitchforks? A little birdie told me that one time your hair caught on fire and Ric had to dump a couple of buckets of water on your head.” We all busted out laughing, well all but Alex.


“That is not fair I am sure you have a couple of exes in your past my dearest.” Suzanna shoots him a  glare that I pretend not to notice. Alex smiles, and I can see that his aura has shifted to playful as he grins at Ric.


“Has Ric ever told you about that time he crossed a very nasty little witch?”


I shook my head. “No, he hasn’t, but I bet it’s a good story.”


He smiles at me, “Oh it is a very good story. We were in northern Romania when Ric stumbled on a fair and beautiful young girl. He was instantly taken with her. They did see each other over the weeks that followed. Until he was fatally wounded and he had crossed her path. He didn’t kill her, but she had been betrothed to another man. Well, let’s just say that the girl’s mother was not very happy. She cursed him, and for months his hair kept falling out. In fact, it fell out every night until we came across a much older witch who was able to remove the curse.” I just looked at Ric, who I’m sure would bright be red if vampires were capable of blushing,  but I doubt it was from his misdeed in the story, It was more the fact that I was told about it.


Not that I cared that he’d been with others before me. Hell, I’d dated some before him too, but no one would be with MY vampire other than me again if we decided to do the horizontal shuffle. It wasn’t lost on me that I was back to calling him mine, even If it was just in my head. I look over to Suzanna:  Her eyes meet mine and there is something warm in her eyes. I just smile as the waiter returns with our drinks and our food. Apparently, we lost track of time.


Sookie Pov


I can’t believe the turn this night has taken. The young girl across from me is a delight. Her laughter and general brightness seem to be natural and abundant. Callie seems more relaxed than she had been previously. I think the familial tie between  Eric and Godric put any fears to rest. I can see that we will be good friends.  The restaurant is almost a flashback to Merlotte’s, albeit this place smells less of beer. I can’t believe it has been so long since Sam has passed, and Alcide too.


Suddenly I come back to the topic at hand in time to hear that my husband had his hair on fire. That was not a story I had heard before. I wonder what else my father in law has kept to himself.


“Not that I cared that he had others before me. Hell I’d dated  some before him too, but no one would be with MY vampire other than me again if we decided to do the horizontal shuffle”


I turn to the source a little shocked; she had been muffled until now. I just smile at her. She just claimed one of the most powerful and oldest vampires as her own.The fierceness behind that thought was clear. She had already accepted Godric, and the vampire himself seems more relaxed around her: I only hope it doesn’t change when his real name is known to her.


They are good together. Even my serious, deadly Viking is relaxed around her: It is easy to relax around her. I can easily see her fitting into our family. She would fit so well that I can’t help but think she was made for our Godric.


The waiter approaches with our drinks and food. We thank him and dig in as the boys sip their blood. Our conversation stays light: As Eric starts to talk about his village I get only a few twinges of pain from him. A quick look at Callie and I see she is eating up every word. She truly has a thirst for knowledge. Her next question doesn’t shock me as much as it has me curious how my boys will handle this one.


“If you are as old as you say, then you may know Erikir, and Godric, his maker. I have enjoyed hearing about them. I wish I could meet Godric the most. Oh and Sookie the fairy queen. The ones who help spur the unity of the races. If Alcide were alive today I would love to meet him too. But sadly that isn’t the case.”


I sit looking at her as we eat. I can’t believe her desire to meet US. She doesn’t even know her dream has come true yet. Oh, this sweet girl is in for a shock.


Godric draws me out of my thought process when he asks, “And what would you do if you were to meet Godric.”


I can see her eyes sparkle at the thought. “I would ask him of the things he has seen. I would thank him for not meeting the sun and helping to make it so you and I, or any Vampire /human relationship is not only accepted, but celebrated. I would love to pick his brain and find out more about the Gauls and the ancient world.” I can see a slight shadow fall over Godric’s face and could tell that he is uncertain of his next response.


“You have studied him, yes?” Eric asks her. “Surely you know what  vampires call him?” At her look of uncertainty he continues,  “His name is Death, and not because he is a tribute to some higher power.” He shakes his head to emphasize his words. “No, he has killed many: A fact he is not proud of, although at one time he was. He has bathed in the blood of many. Even Vampires older than he fears him.”  Eric finishes.  Callie seems to draw into herself. The poor girl, I sigh to myself. It’s not her fault she’s in love with a legend: One hardly anyone knows a lot about. Godric sits stiffly as a board as she just looks at him.


“I honestly don’t care about the bloody acts he may have committed: I refuse to think he is evil. We all commit sins, we all do wrong. Hell humans do just as many horrible things to each other. How many human warriors have bathed in the blood of their fallen foes? But the books say he changed. And if you care for someone, you take the good with the bad. And I would tell Godric that if I ever met him. I would tell him that he is cared for. And his past means nothing except to teach him and others what not to do.”


She smiles at Godric and I can hear the truth of her words in her mind. She must be reaching out to me subconsciously for me to pick up on her clearly.


“That is a good lesson to learn, I wish I had learned that early on in life.Maybe I wouldn’t have gone through so much.I was quite stubborn when I was younger.In fact, I almost missed my chance with my husband.All because I tried to apply the human world with the vampire.”


The look on my husband’s face is one of shock and intrigue. He is happy for his maker, we both knew he may have found the one: His one. We fell into a comfortable silence as we finish our meal. And I beat my husband to the bill.  Speech in front of a bunch people,4500 dollars for new clothes. Dinner for four 39 dollars My husband’s face when I beat him to the check priceless…



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