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Drink Deeply and Drink Chapter 13



Callie POV

Everything is dark, the temperature of where I am isn’t cold. Still, I can sense something looming in the dark, just out of reach.The silence is almost deafening.The last thing I remember is getting shot. Oh no Rick! I can’t help but throw a quick prayer to the gods: Please let him be safe.  

“I’m sure that your vampire is well. However, that cannot be said about you.You could be moments from death, little girl. It’s your choice child: Do you trust yourself to make the choice? Do you truly love and trust your vampire?”

I look around and find no one. “Who are you, and how do you know Rick?” I demand of the air around me. I must be going crazy since I’m talking to my myself.


Then a deep chuckle sounds as a man dressed as if he was from ancient Rome appears. His hair is cut short like he had been in the military: A general I think. “Why, I am his master, Appius, my pet. I’m surprised Rick,” he sneered at the name like it was beneath him, something which should never have left his lips, “never spoke of me. Tell me child, does my child treat you well? Does he tell you the truth? Are you his equal? Maybe my son needs a new lesson?” He sounded — cheerful at the thought of teaching Godric a lesson, which just made my stomach churn since the tone of his voice as he said teach didn’t sound like something from a  classroom setting.

His voice was sickly sweet like he was setting up a trap. “Yes, he tells me the truth, and he treats me as an equal: He treats me like a queen.”


He smiled like the cat that got the cream. “Oh really?” He said, “his name is Godric, your stupid girl, not Rick.” I guess Rick could be short for several names, but could it be? Is he the one I’ve wanted to meet for so long? And his child? Eric? And Sookie? “He thought he could escape me by imprisoning me all this time.” I froze.  He had imprisoned his Maker? But why would Rick…No, Godric not tell me the truth? Oh gods! I gushed about Godric at dinner. I am such a fool. He smiles, showing all his teeth, including his fangs,“So much hurt and confusion in your face my pet. I am sorry to have to tell you this, but your little fling with my errant child is nothing but a joke to him. I’m sure he has been laughing at you.” I feel anger harden into a stone in my stomach: Godric is Rick, and I love Rick! And he may even care for me! This poser thinks he knows us?!

“I love him,” I shouted, forcing my anger, and my love, through. “It matters not that he  has kept his true name from me, now leave me alone.”


The man’s face twists into a dark and menacing mask. “Insolent child,” he mocks. “I should whip you like I used to whip Godric, but I will leave you to your fate.”  For some reason he actually sounds disappointed at not whipping me!

A chill shoots down my spine and suddenly it’s black again until the sky turns bright blue and the sun warms my skin. I start to walk down the cramped road until I hear a man shout, “slaves, young strong able bodied slaves. Good for working in your fields, or maybe one to warm a lady’s bed? Come one, come all.” I feel my stomach turn and I have to fight back the urge to vomit. I have never understood how anyone ever thought that it is okay to own another person. By the look of the people and their clothes I am in Rome, but why? And how? This is certainly not my idea of heaven. I love history and all that jazz, but man I would want something a bit different, definitely there would be no slaves there. Everyone is equal, I don’t care what race  you are.


I glance up to the platform and I can feel my chest tighten. There, with messy, too long hair, and sporting his tattoos stands Godric. This must be Godric’s memory. But how? He stared out at the crowd defiantly, daring someone to buy him. His sign reads 100 denarii, there is more written on the placard, but Latin was not my strongest subject: I wish I had paid more attention to the subject in school.

“Fifty denarii for the Gaul,” I heard someone shout from the foot of the platform. The voice belongs to a tall, rugged looking man.


Nonaginta duo denarii, domine bonum. Et quod a puero usque ad sanus. Puer esset habentes bonam agri,” the slaver argued.


The ragged looking man countered, “Sixty Denarios LX. Et ipse vultus amo multus of opus et labor est ante subjici reducte.” If my basic knowledge of latin is right, the horrible man has managed to lower the price. I run the words over in my head, trying to figure out what I missed. Then it hits me, Godric must not be easily controlled.That is the only reason that makes sense. He hands over the chain that connects Godric’s wrists and collar together, but the man is not the same one I saw minutes ago. As I follow him, the world goes black again. The next scene comes into view and it’s night-time now. I’m in an open room, alabaster pillars surround a huge pool. In the distance there’s a cracking noise. At first I’m not sure what it is. Until I hear a scream. I run forward, not really sure where I’m going.

The scene I stumble upon horrifies me. There, tied to a blood stained  post is Godric! He’s slumped against the post, or is it holding him up? I draw near and see the man from before. Appius seems pleased with himself. I can barely see through the tears that have started running down my face. I run to Godric and touch my hand to his face only to have it go right through him. At the same time the whip comes down again and again. He can’t feel me, and I’m sure he can’t hear me to know that someone cares. This is not heaven, this is my personal hell!

The one thing I can’t stand is a loved one being hurt and not being able to help them. Godric looks so weak, so tired, and my heart breaks for him. This can end anytime now, I don’t want to watch this horror anymore.


The evil man laughed and walked towards me. On instinct I back away and around to the other side. That is a big mistake because there, right in front of me ais the remains of Godric’s back.

If I could vomit I would, but…I haven’t seen any of these scars on Rick.  If this happened when he was human then wouldn’t he have scars?


I hear a crunch and peer in front of Godric:  the bastard is feeding him blood, but not enough to heal him fully, just enough so there’ll be scars.

Godric accepted the blood  that was given. Oh my poor… wait, what is he to me? I’m not sure if we made anything official. I shake my head, so not the time to think about that. The vile man spoke and sent shivers down my spine. “What do you say slave?” he growled.  Godric’s voice came out weak.“Thank you for healing me master. I will not run away again.” Oh shit! He had tried to run, not that I blame him, but even I know what is next, Godric didn’t walk with a limp so his Achilles tendon wasn’t cut and he had all his other parts.  So that left…my stomach rolled again as the man produced a white hot branding iron with a symbol I know from reading my history books must be the mark of his house.

A loud scream and the unmistakable smell of burnt skin fills the air. The brand was left there, on poor Godric’s shoulder for a long time before it was removed.“You will never be able to leave me again,” his Maker state with a sound of finality. He then sank his teeth into Godric’s neck and drank greedily. I could do nothing but cry when the monster fed Godric more blood and took him inside. I just saw his turning. I’m hurt and angry at being forced to watch something I didn’t wish to see, and angrier at the way Godric had been treated.. Suddenly the scene shifts and all is dark again. All I want right now is to go home but there is this pull keeping me here.

The next thing I see is a peaceful looking little town. It looks kind of like something Thomas Kinkade would paint. Relief sweeps over me, maybe the nightmare part is over? I enter the city and instantly recant my earlier thoughts. Bodies are everywhere: women, children and men. All slaughtered. I draw a deep breath and walked on. In the center sits Godric, holding a child, lifeless in his arms as he drinks. For a mercy, Appius is not with him. Then I realise he must have trapped his maker already. I will have to ask him sometime how he did it, but the man before me now is not the one I know and love. Godric is covered with blood, a lot of it. I can tell it is weeks old. Does he not like to bathe?

His eyes are black, feral almost. I’m shivering even though I can’t feel the wind or anything. Fear grips me: he’s scary, more animal than human. The scene changes but doesn’t go black again. Instead there is a field. It looks like a war of some kind. I see the shield wall and know it’s a viking battle. Vikings? If Rick is Godric, theAlex Skarsgård  is Eric Northman and Suzanna must be Sookie Stackhouse! Whoa!


I draw closer to a dim light and hear voices. I can’t quite make them out yet but I hear screams. By the time I get close enough, I see Godric caring for who I figure to be Eric. And then we’re in another town. This one, too, has bodies. Godric is holding a little boy out to Eric. “Drink. When there is no other choice. you do what you must to feed.”


Eric speaks as he shakes his head, “he is the same age as my son, I will not kill him.” Godric snaps the boy’s neck and I scream. How could he be so cruel?

I’ve had enough. My knees give way and I fall to the floor.  “Have you seen enough? You must hate him now,” the man I now know as Godric’s maker jeered, “all the innocents he has killed, the lives lost. He has no remorse. You saw him snap that boy’s neck yourself. A good girl like you must hate him.” His lip curled up into a mocking sneer, “Good. Fear my child, human.” “He will only take your life in the end.”  He laughed harshly.


“ This is a fucking joke to you! So what if he has a past., We all do, and it would be foolish of me not remember that. He was a monster you made. Now leave me alone, I am done with you,” I shout before I start crying. I believe what I said for the most part. I’m scared. And to be honest, I’m a bit mad as well. He could have told me!

“See child, do you see the horror that my son is? And before you interrupt to defend him, he hid the truth from you. Poor little girl,” he made a tsking sound, “even I can see from here the pain you hide. It goes deeper than your sadness for my son. So alone, even with friends. Friends who lie to you.” What’s he talking about? Pain? Friends who lie to me? Tina and Mickey have never lied to me. Sure Rick, or Godric, or who ever he is has hidden secrets, but doesn’t everyone have secrets? He and I will just have to have a talk.


“You don’t know me!  Or my friends! You are just a soulless monster,” I declare vehemently.


He smiles at me, now so close I can feel his breath on me. “Foolish child,” he says, shaking his head, “I loved once, and love is a useless emotion. Remember my words, and happy dreams.” He is gone again. What the hell  is this? What did I just hear? Is my life based on lies? What am I going to do? I just want to go home. I just want Octavia. I want my bed.

“Callie, I love you please, wake up I need you to wake up.” The light burns my eyes as familiar eyes gaze into mine: There is fear in those eyes. Then there is relief. I can see the room is full of people, but that doesn’t matter, it’s Godric’s eyes boring into mine. I throw my arms around him I hold him tight, “my vampire,” I say and kiss his neck. I heard a small gasp and just smile. The room starts spinning so I lay down again.


Drink Deeply and Dream Chapter 12



Godric Pov
Bending over her, I brush her hair back from her face, her eyes never leaving me. “R..RIC.. I’m…cold and sleepy,” she stutters out  kissing her lips gently.


“My love stay with me please.Let me give you my blood . Please let me heal you.” I hear her heart stutter inside her chest. And suddenly I don’t care if she hates me.from the wound the bullet went through the other side. Biting into my wrist i forced  my blood down her throat.My child had disappeared. I knew he went to hunt for the shooter. I don’t care about all the years i have been peaceful. For this the shooter will die horribly. And If she dies then I will not stop until his entire family is gone.


A bright light came from my beloved. As her wound was healing. I could finally hear my daughter  on the phone with ludwig.


“Ric I love you..” And Callie was asleep. I could feel my panic rise inside. This girl,this light, my own angel. Taking her into my arms i cried as i bit into my wrist feeding her my blood. “Forgive me,this is not how i wanted things to be.” I felt a swell of emotions in my chest.We had discussed her taking my blood. But part of me wanted to tell her everything before that happened. Now if she lives and finds out i lied to her. And that she is has my blood in her system? I just held her in my arm tight to my chest. I swear i will tell her everything, gods if she lives. I can take her angry or hate.Just let her live.  The wind picked up and a huge clap of lightning struck the clear night sky.the earth shook beneath us the wind just picked up faster. My eyes fell back to my dying love. What just happened?


It was a few minutes later i could tell she was  getting stronger.Her wound still hadn’t fully healed and i licked it shut the rest of the way. I felt warm, not like one does from a blanket or fire. Not this heat was coming from within.Flashes of a little girl in a pale purple dress  twirling around the room with a vampire not my own.only the way she looked at her was familial. Flashes of her growing up. The tears and agony in her heart when she was sent away from her family unit. The loneliness she felt. How in her teen years all the pain surfaced in the form of scarlet red lines on her arms. Some looked deep as she was wheeled into the hospital. I could feel myself fading from the suddenly bright surroundings. How could she  have gone through this?


“ Master, master,Master!” the frantic voice of my child rouses me from my thought. “ Eric ?” i sound dazed even to myself until  the slight weight in my arms drew my eyes to rest on my beloved.Her breath seemed to even out. She could live, I will have to call ludwig. “We need to get her  to safety. She is still too weak.” He was right so i nodded to him and we sped to the cars and i followed Eric to my house. She would be safe with me and mine.


We entered the tall stone gates and up the long the driveway. I was quick to park and pick her  up in my arms.Eric typed his code in and the door opened. I place her on my couch and dialed the number  for the good doctor. Minutes later there was a knock on my door. Eric had already arrived at the door, motioning  for me not to move. I went to scold him, how dare he? I could punish him for his insolence. He stared at me obviously  feeling my rage. He bowed his head for a minute before he spoke.


“ Master forgive me, you were distracted, so you didn’t sense them until they knocked.While she is recovering you should stay close. I fear she is now tied to you more than we can tell at the moment.” I nodded accepting his answer. I didn’t have to like it though.


The door opened , Sookie  was by my side a fireball in her hand at the ready. How I love my children. “Listen tall dark scary, we knows yous has our girl.We knows shes not good.Now let us in before we put a stake up your ass and into your dead heart!” I couldn’t help shake my head and chuckle both Eric and Sookie  shared confused looks. “It’s alright Eric that would be Mickey one of her closest friends. Though mickey I would be careful about threatening vampires. Eric could’ve killed you.” Mickey smiled and walked in past Eric . Behind him strolled in Tina looking dangerous. She had stayed quiet until I heard.


“Oh my ever loving gods what did you do RICK? She has had your blood?Why tell me you had a very good reason to give it to her.” I shocked, I was never questioned. It is the love that my beloved has for her, that she has her head.


“We were out to dinner and she got shot. Eric  went to get the attacker. Eric where is low life?” Eric sighed  “He must have taken a potion or pill, and died before i got there. He had a mark of black arrow with a red tip. I am not sure what it means.”  I heard to distinguished gasps before pound of frantic hearts.


“Mickey, you call Adrian and I will call Octavia. We are out of time. How they found her I am not sure.” I froze what did my brother truly have to do with this? What the hell is going on! And what does that little girl sleeping on my couch have to do with anything. A stirring in my blood told me Callie was  trying to wake up.Her eyes never opened and whatever was going on in her head it had her scared.Kissing her lips I sat down beside her. I will tell her everything when she wakes up. No more secrets and no lies.


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The REAL chapter 10

Sorry for my rush to edit and post it seems my chapters 10 and 11 got mixed up. Sorry for those who have read the other  “10”  that should have been 11. SO if you were wondering why the jump in time… blame an overly excited and tired author who has been watching her nieces and nephew, not to meant my cousin’s baby shower…



Callie Pov


My arm linked with Ric’s as we walk through the door and into the well-lit room. Rows and rows of red and blue striped booths and long party sized tables with blue and red striped tablecloths filled the dining area. To the left, in the far corner, you could see that they had outside seating: It didn’t look half as bad as I thought it would. Over in the right corner, I see our speaker and his wife. I can feel my nervousness still slightly percolating in my stomach. I can’t  read Mrs.Skarsgård’s emotions. Now, come to think of it, I can’t get a reading on her husband much either, which didn’t scare me much since reading emotions is not an exact science.


Ric leads us over to the booth, and to our newly made acquaintances: Well my newly made acquaintances at any rate.


“Hey ,it’s nice to see you again.“ I smile at the two sitting closest to the wall. Mrs.Skarsgård motioned for us to sit. We both reached for the menus at the same time and I giggled. I looked over the menu to see that most of it were BBQ wings.Deciding on the honey BBQ boneless wings, fries, and a diet Pepsi, I close the menu and can’t help but smile.


The waiter comes up to our table and takes our orders. Ric orders his Royalty blend and so does Mr.Skarsgård. I can feel the shock hit me as I realize he’s a vampire? As if reading my mind the person in question smiles, “Yes, I am a vampire.” All I could do was nod, my mind going a mile a minute. I was sitting across from a real Viking! Ric starts to laugh.


“I think you have just stumped her Alex.Yes, dearest heart, Alex and I have been considered brothers for many long years now. I believe we met when you were in Sweden Alex?” The blond vampire nodded, smiling. I get a feeling they are hiding something and it is something I feel I should know by now. I shrug the feeling off. It doesn’t really matter: Vampires are still kind of secretive.


“I bet you have so many stories about Ric! I would love to hear them sometime.”  


He smiled and nodded, “Yes,  I may have a story or two that may interest you.”


Ric interrupted, “Just remember Alexander, I am your elder and I have just as many, if not more, embarrassing stories of you.”  I couldn’t help but look at the two old friends The electrically charged chemistry between them is a positive vibration against my skin, sending jovial waves of emotions at me. Rick looks like he is his physical age as he laughs at whatever Alex had said. I let myself bask in the flow of energy. Colors of red, blue and green dance between the two. I could tell their auras were nearly the same: Different shades and short or long tendrils that seem to dance around each other.


I wonder who is older? I will ask when Ric and I are on our way home.


“So tell us, Callie, how is it keeping this one out of trouble.” Suzanna pointed to Ric.


I couldn’t help but smile, “Oh,  there has been no trouble, although he did drop me in a lake.“ They laugh and I join in the chorus of giggles and chuckles.


“I  would think that you would not be the one to talk Suzanna. You, of all people, attract trouble.” He turned his head to look at me, “There was this one time Alex had cautioned her not go off the hiking trail. She thought she knew the way so she went off on her own. When we found her she was covered in mud, and being chased by a bear!” I looked at Suzana who was wearing a scowl.


“I thought that since I could commune with animals I would be able to pet the bear cub… It was so much cuter than a teddy bear,” she cooed that last part. “And what are you laughing at darling… From what Ric says…how many time were you chased by angry husbands and fathers… with pitchforks? A little birdie told me that one time your hair caught on fire and Ric had to dump a couple of buckets of water on your head.” We all busted out laughing, well all but Alex.


“That is not fair I am sure you have a couple of exes in your past my dearest.” Suzanna shoots him a  glare that I pretend not to notice. Alex smiles, and I can see that his aura has shifted to playful as he grins at Ric.


“Has Ric ever told you about that time he crossed a very nasty little witch?”


I shook my head. “No, he hasn’t, but I bet it’s a good story.”


He smiles at me, “Oh it is a very good story. We were in northern Romania when Ric stumbled on a fair and beautiful young girl. He was instantly taken with her. They did see each other over the weeks that followed. Until he was fatally wounded and he had crossed her path. He didn’t kill her, but she had been betrothed to another man. Well, let’s just say that the girl’s mother was not very happy. She cursed him, and for months his hair kept falling out. In fact, it fell out every night until we came across a much older witch who was able to remove the curse.” I just looked at Ric, who I’m sure would bright be red if vampires were capable of blushing,  but I doubt it was from his misdeed in the story, It was more the fact that I was told about it.


Not that I cared that he’d been with others before me. Hell, I’d dated some before him too, but no one would be with MY vampire other than me again if we decided to do the horizontal shuffle. It wasn’t lost on me that I was back to calling him mine, even If it was just in my head. I look over to Suzanna:  Her eyes meet mine and there is something warm in her eyes. I just smile as the waiter returns with our drinks and our food. Apparently, we lost track of time.


Sookie Pov


I can’t believe the turn this night has taken. The young girl across from me is a delight. Her laughter and general brightness seem to be natural and abundant. Callie seems more relaxed than she had been previously. I think the familial tie between  Eric and Godric put any fears to rest. I can see that we will be good friends.  The restaurant is almost a flashback to Merlotte’s, albeit this place smells less of beer. I can’t believe it has been so long since Sam has passed, and Alcide too.


Suddenly I come back to the topic at hand in time to hear that my husband had his hair on fire. That was not a story I had heard before. I wonder what else my father in law has kept to himself.


“Not that I cared that he had others before me. Hell I’d dated  some before him too, but no one would be with MY vampire other than me again if we decided to do the horizontal shuffle”


I turn to the source a little shocked; she had been muffled until now. I just smile at her. She just claimed one of the most powerful and oldest vampires as her own.The fierceness behind that thought was clear. She had already accepted Godric, and the vampire himself seems more relaxed around her: I only hope it doesn’t change when his real name is known to her.


They are good together. Even my serious, deadly Viking is relaxed around her: It is easy to relax around her. I can easily see her fitting into our family. She would fit so well that I can’t help but think she was made for our Godric.


The waiter approaches with our drinks and food. We thank him and dig in as the boys sip their blood. Our conversation stays light: As Eric starts to talk about his village I get only a few twinges of pain from him. A quick look at Callie and I see she is eating up every word. She truly has a thirst for knowledge. Her next question doesn’t shock me as much as it has me curious how my boys will handle this one.


“If you are as old as you say, then you may know Erikir, and Godric, his maker. I have enjoyed hearing about them. I wish I could meet Godric the most. Oh and Sookie the fairy queen. The ones who help spur the unity of the races. If Alcide were alive today I would love to meet him too. But sadly that isn’t the case.”


I sit looking at her as we eat. I can’t believe her desire to meet US. She doesn’t even know her dream has come true yet. Oh, this sweet girl is in for a shock.


Godric draws me out of my thought process when he asks, “And what would you do if you were to meet Godric.”


I can see her eyes sparkle at the thought. “I would ask him of the things he has seen. I would thank him for not meeting the sun and helping to make it so you and I, or any Vampire /human relationship is not only accepted, but celebrated. I would love to pick his brain and find out more about the Gauls and the ancient world.” I can see a slight shadow fall over Godric’s face and could tell that he is uncertain of his next response.


“You have studied him, yes?” Eric asks her. “Surely you know what  vampires call him?” At her look of uncertainty he continues,  “His name is Death, and not because he is a tribute to some higher power.” He shakes his head to emphasize his words. “No, he has killed many: A fact he is not proud of, although at one time he was. He has bathed in the blood of many. Even Vampires older than he fears him.”  Eric finishes.  Callie seems to draw into herself. The poor girl, I sigh to myself. It’s not her fault she’s in love with a legend: One hardly anyone knows a lot about. Godric sits stiffly as a board as she just looks at him.


“I honestly don’t care about the bloody acts he may have committed: I refuse to think he is evil. We all commit sins, we all do wrong. Hell humans do just as many horrible things to each other. How many human warriors have bathed in the blood of their fallen foes? But the books say he changed. And if you care for someone, you take the good with the bad. And I would tell Godric that if I ever met him. I would tell him that he is cared for. And his past means nothing except to teach him and others what not to do.”


She smiles at Godric and I can hear the truth of her words in her mind. She must be reaching out to me subconsciously for me to pick up on her clearly.


“That is a good lesson to learn, I wish I had learned that early on in life.Maybe I wouldn’t have gone through so much.I was quite stubborn when I was younger.In fact, I almost missed my chance with my husband.All because I tried to apply the human world with the vampire.”


The look on my husband’s face is one of shock and intrigue. He is happy for his maker, we both knew he may have found the one: His one. We fell into a comfortable silence as we finish our meal. And I beat my husband to the bill.  Speech in front of a bunch people,4500 dollars for new clothes. Dinner for four 39 dollars My husband’s face when I beat him to the check priceless…


Drink Deeply and Dream chapter 11



Godric Pov

As my child finished his speech I could not help but feel elated at my companion. She was passionate and still, she remained calm. I liked how understanding she was. Her gift of perception was impressive. If I didn’t know any better I would’ve sworn she could read minds. Could she? Doubtful, she didn’t smell like the Fae. But, then again the Fae are not the only ones with such gifts. Witches could develop them only if the gift was in their clan line. Other than demons the list of telepathic creatures is scarce. I would have to look into her past a little bit.


“Rick, are you ok? “ I nodded my reply. “Oh, well, you didn’t say anything when the speaker stopped.”


I waved her off and smiled. “ Come Dearest heart, I believe you have someone to meet.”


She smiled nervously, “What if he finds me rude? I did interrupt his program. I just didn’t want some jerk to ruin the night with his bigoted narrow-mindedness. There is a lot to think about.To know about. But this exhibit won’t be in town long. And tonight was the only time the historian would be here.”


I flashed her a smile. “Shh, easy My love I am sure he was not put out by your words.” She gave me a “How could you know that” look” which is similar to the “You are just saying that” look I’ve seen Sookie give to Eric many times over the years.


“I am sure it will be fine. If you have changed your mind I can just let him know.” She placed her hand on my shoulder, “No, no it’s just my nerves, I haven’t been sleeping well lately. I’ll be fine. I may not get a chance to speak with an expert on the culture again.”


Her smile told me she was happy again. I could only imagine how much more happy she would be if she knew that she was talking to an actual Viking. The light in her eyes sent warm feelings through mem yet I could not let go of the fact that there was something below the surface: A sorrow she was hiding. Someone not as experienced as I would miss the subtle hints.


“Mr. Skarsgard, this is my girlfriend Callie. My dear, this is Mr. Skarsgard.” She beamed and brought her hand up as if to shake his.To my delight, he took her hand in his and shook it gently.


“Evening Mr.Skarsgard, I really enjoyed your speech. I find it interesting about mistletoe.I had no idea it had such a story behind it.” He smiled and I couldn’t help but return it. I could sense his mirth through the bond.


“Yes, so many legends have been lost with time unless one actively seeks them out: Unless it was through history where it was passed down from father to son.”  


Callie nodded, “I have always thought it would be better to learn first hand from an elder. I love it when my Aunt tells me legends of her people. I do agree with you on the fact that the passion for learning of our pasts and legends have been replaced  with modern theory and science.”


I could not have been more proud of how this was going. Callie was surely an interesting girl.


“You seem to be well versed in my culture and history,” my child inquired.


She nodded slightly, “I enjoy history. Last semester I studied Rome and Gaul cultures.This semester I am studying Viking culture and the immigration west, which I am writing a paper on and Vampire history and politics.”


Understanding dawned on him and I could see he had pieced together the interesting combination of studies. And the fact she is also supernatural. “Well, those are interesting subjects. Come, we should go somewhere to get something to eat, my wife is giving me the ‘I’m hungry’ look. Rick, my old friend, would you and your delightful companion join us?” Bright green eyes locked onto mine. Oh heaven, help me. If she ever uses those eyes against me. I see my child motion for his wife to join us.


“I see no reason not to. Callie, would you like to join them?” She nodded enthusiastically and I kissed her forehead. I was taken aback when I felt her temperature was much too high for a human. “Are you well? You feel warmer than usual.”


Again she nodded. “I’m fine, it’s just a little warm in here.” I spared a glance at Eric, his face matched my confusion. We may be dead but we can sense temperature: The room was not hot at all. I glanced at Sookie who acknowledged my findings.  


“If you are sure that you are well. Where should we meet?” I asked.


Sookie smiled. “Hello, I’m Suzana Skarsgard and I think I heard Rick say you are Callie it is nice to meet you.” Callie smiled and shook her hand. “ Yes, that is my name it is very nice to meet you.” Sookie smiled and turned to Eric. “I actually would love to check out that Barbecue place Callie mentioned. What do you say, sweetie?”


I choked down a laugh at the voice she used with Eric. It is no wonder she had him wrapped around her little finger. It seems both our women have a way of working magic only women seem to have. “Of course, Lover.” He turned to me and nodded. “We will see you in a couple of minutes.”  They were gone out the door. Callie just started after them. Leave it to my child to forget he never told her he is a vampire. I had a feeling that dinner would be entertaining. I guided us to the car and we pulled out of the parking lot.  


Sudden vibrations drew my attention to my love. She quickly slid her phone from its hiding place, Looked at it, then turned it to silent.


“Who was that Ma petite?”


She shrugged. “Nothing urgent.” She went silent and I did not feel inclined to pry further. Though I am almost sure it had to do with the call from earlier.


Thousands of miles away and quite a few hours earlier…


“Evening master, I bring news to you from our spies in the new world. It seems there has been a woman  vaguely matching the description you gave.” The gruff looking man behind the huge oak desk nodded his approval.


“Good Igor go, have her followed. I want to know if she meets a certain Vampire. You know him, he has distinctive tattoos.”  


The smaller, twitchy man smiled. “Already being done, master. That is why I came to see you: It seems she has already met him. The spies say she is in love.”


The desk broke as the man slammed his fist into it. “Does he love her?”


Swallowing what could have been a lump in his throat, Igor replied. “The spies say that he does not yet truly know that he does, but they say he acts like he does.” A fist slammed on the desk again.


“I want her dead! Send the order tonight! I want her dead by dawn. I was going to let her live to see her awakening. But If she has found her true mate then she cannot be allowed to live any longer if our plan to raise our king is to succeed.”


Igor stammered at the violent display of his master. “W..w..what king Master?”


The man smiled brightly. “Ocella. It is the time, God of our kings and queens rise and fix this debacle  Humans our equals? Weres bonding with vampires? There will be a reckoning.


Well, well Marco, it looks like you have failed. You couldn’t hide her. A shame really,” he smirked.


The startled form of Igor ran out the door to go and make the call his master bade him make.


The man turned to the window and gazed at the gray sky and the fog billowing over the sea. “Yes, brother, soon you will walk among us again to take your revenge on those impertinent children of yours.” He glanced at the moon which was barely covered in clouds.


“You have done well so far fairest ladies, but not even you can keep watch forever: Your luck will run its course soon enough.” With this, he went to find his nightly meals.


Sookie’s Pov -present time


It had been years since I had seen my father-in-law Godric smile so much. His happiness was overflowing over the bond I shared with Eric. Eric, on the other hand, may have been pleased with Callie’s display earlier, and he may have found her intriguing but he still had his doubts about her.


It brought to mind the time that a kid in my class got so protective of his momma when she started dating a new guy. Oh, my poor Viking.  I, on the other hand, could see a little of myself in her. She would most likely keep the old man on his toes. In fact, it is good for vampires to have some excitement in their lives.


On the drive over I had watched the bonds of my family closely. While Pam was safe and content in Paris I get an underlying tinge of homesickness. Maybe I should send Tristan to go bother his sister. I couldn’t help the smile on my face: Those two in Paris? I doubted the city would last long. Still, it could help with an antsy Hybrid. I filed away a note to bring it up to Eric once we got home. Godric’s emotions were all over.


What was this Callie doing to him? I hoped she never stopped. Not that it would matter since I doubted Godric would let her go. He can be stubborn that way: No shock there, Eric had to have gotten it from somewhere. It would be fun to see what she did to the ancient mystery of Godric.


Since she was calling him Ric, I had a feeling that he hadn’t told her much about himself.


I shook my head at that thought. It never goes well when secrets are kept. A shock of worry from my bonded mate drew my gaze to his most handsome face. “Min Alskare? Are you alright ?”


I shrugged “ I don’t think Callie knows who is she dating. And I can see this blowing up in his face.”


My husband nodded slowly, “I understand your concern but there must be a reason he has not told her. You heard her confession: She has studied his culture. Sookie, it is not a popular field of study. I’m surprised she knew of Upsala. He must have his reasons, and we should respect that.”


I nodded, mulling over his words. “We have been in hiding for a long time darling. And I do not regret doing so, but Tristan is older now: While we both have many obligations, I feel like I grow bored and restless. If you search yourself you feel it too. I feel that there may be something coming down the road and we may need all of our Allies.You know I am not one to go looking for trouble,” he nodded a glint his eye.


“Of course, not my wife, it just finds you. May the Gods help my maker if she is  your sort of trouble.”


I couldn’t help rolling my eyes, “Laugh it up, buddy but what seems to have slipped your senile old brain is that if I had not been such a trouble finder we would not have ever met, Godric would be finally dead, and we would not have a son together. Callie could be a good thing for him if he opens up to her. He has come along way from his younger days and his dealings with humans. But if she finds out he is hiding part of himself she may not trust him.”


After a long pause, he gripped my hand. “Forgive me, you are not so much the damsel in distress anymore. I worry about the old man, I do agree with you about honesty. I will stand by my maker, but what if she is hiding something?”


Of course, the daddy’s boy would stand by his Daddy.


The thought had crossed my mind: She seemed straightforward. Not like I could read her all that well, but she was excited to meet Eric. And her thoughts matched her words. The fuzziness of her thoughts makes me feel like a younger version of me. Almost Dae, and yet there is still a wall beyond the thoughts I can gather. What could have a wall that I couldn’t get by? But as long as her word keep matching the thoughts I could read clearly. I wouldn’t give her the third degree.


“Maybe she is, but they just started dating. Eric, the difference is that Callie is her real name. She does not exactly know his now does she?”  We both sank back into a comfortable silence.


We Finally pulled up to a roadside diner, not unlike Merlotte’s. Bigger and maybe a little more upscale but not by much.We waited to meet up with Godric and Callie before we entered the restaurant.

Sorry, it has been about a year since I posted a new chapter. But to be honest my muse is evil. Though she gives you guys a few stories.It has been a crazy year I have lost a few key people in my life.What does this mean for DD AND D? Well, I have two more chapter done and waiting for my Beta’s approval.Ty for sticking with me. I appreciate it. Until next time. Happy Holidays.


Lily of the Night Chapter3


Time seemed to pass in the blink of an eye as Lilly stayed in the comfort of her self-made cubby. She had found a spell to protect her hiding spot. This way she figured if anyone came to look for her and she needed to hide, they wouldn’t even be able to hear her heartbeat. The only downside to this spell was that only someone of your blood could undo it, and since as she now knew Gracie was her grandmother, the spell no longer offered much comfort. And unless she wanted to go the path of her maternal grandmother, she would have to think about how else to keep herself safe.


With this in mind, she leafed through a couple more spell books until she found a spell that seemed easy enough for her to do. And it took little focus. The lover’s protection spell wherein only one who truly loves you could find you. It called for the caster to have a strong loving connection with another being: It didn’t say they couldn’t be a spirit. She smiled. Her mother and maternal grandmother should do the trick.  Placing the book on the floor, she pressed her hands together tightly, as if she were praying, and focused, slowly pulling her hands apart,  forming a blue fiery ball between her hands.


“I call on the love within and the love without. Your heart to mine and mine to yours. The love we share I bid to protect and shield this place. Protect me from my enemies and those who seek my harm. Let it be. Let it be. Let it be.”  


Lily let out a loud long sigh as she felt a burst of energy leave her. She couldn’t help smiling as she felt the spell take hold. She would still be cautious though:  Lily had never been one to allow herself to be overconfident.  There were always those out there better and stronger than you. And if you think you have all the answers, then you open yourself up to being tricked. For facts often change, therefore, so does the outcome of every choice you make. She knew this. It was etched into her soul: Memories and knowledge passed down through the ages. She had, after all, read  Cassandra’s book.  


Reclining back on some of the pillows she had sewn specifically for her getaway, Lily allowed herself to truly think over everything she had learned. She would start to make her plans. Graduation was not so far off so she decided it was time she got a job. After all, how was she going to find Octavia if she couldn’t even afford food on her own? She would say that she was saving up for a car, that should satisfy her aunt and Gracie. Now to find a job. But where could she go? What should she do? A thought for tomorrow, she decided. At that moment her stomach made itself known. Pizza for dinner it is, she thought and went to order her favorite.


Meanwhile miles away….


Godric jumped up with a start. He had felt a huge tug on his chest. Not unlike that of the call, one of his beloved children would have used. But this felt urgent: rough, uncontrolled emotion. Eric and Sookie must be fighting and one of them had over flooded the bond again, he decided. He stared out the window absently, rubbing where his heart would be beating if he were human. He would have to have a talk with his son and daughter about controlling themselves, but his mind fell upon Lily.  He had thought he would have gotten a letter by now. Whether it was angry and hateful, or loving, he wanted to hear from his Lily. No, no she was not his anything! Closing his eyes he inhaled. He shouldn’t have left? Maybe he should have stayed? No, he knew that hadn’t truly been an option.


He lay back on his bed and the ache he had felt was gone, so he slipped into downtime. Lily was fine. Her aunt would surely call if she wasn’t. That was his last active thought for quite some time.


Life had been full of meaningless drama with one battle after another. It was as if once vampires came out of the coffin, it gave them a free pass to try to kill each other over territory. And crimes against vampires had increased. Godric gave an audible sigh. To be king: funny he never wanted power, he had only accepted because of who had asked him. Godric had fooled himself. He had thought that the violence from punishing vampires would comfort his need for battles of that of a long-ago time. Still, he couldn’t help but feel as if part of him was gone.


The letters should have reached them by now. Did Lily hate him? He had promised to be there for her. Gods, when was the last time he had even tried to see her? Maybe she had found a human man to love her: A boy her own age without complications. He had hoped for a letter from her at least. Unless she forgot him. He shook his head.  No, he was over 2,000 years old. He would not be undone by a little girl whose eyes sparkled as she looked into his.  The fluidity of her dancing. Her cleverness. NO! He was a feared warrior, not a lovesick fanatic like those vampires in…What movie was it again? It didn’t matter, any movie where vampires sparkled instead of burned in the sun was a farce.


Did it really matter in the end if he felt for the girl? He chose to leave her, even though it was to keep her safe. There needed to be a strong vampire leadership if they were going to keep the less cooperative vampires in line. Still, even now he couldn’t look at the moon without thinking of a little girl in curls snuggled against him. He was absentmindedly rubbing a spot on his chest whispering. “Lily ..” Before he could say anything else a knock on the door drew his attention. “Come in Isabel. What is on our schedule for tonight?” He asked.

Isabel had been Spanish in her human years; she was the most loyal second Godric could have asked for: Her loyalty and devotion were second only to his own child Eric. Speaking of Eric…he wondered what his progeny was up to these days?  “I will be out in a minute,” he said since Isabel had yet to open the door.


He pressed a button on his cell phone. “Yes maker mine, you rang?” Rolling his eyes, Godric sighed. “Carson, I want you to go visit your brother in Shreveport for a few weeks. You have been well behaved and it has been a while since you left my side.”


There was a pause before his youngest progeny busted out laughing. “You want me to spy on the Viking? Don’t you think he will see through that? He isn’t naive, nor is he stupid.” Godric shook his head, again with a small smile.


No. Somehow he had been gifted with two progeny with sharp and strategic minds. “He isn’t, that is true, but I am not being sneaky about it. I will call him before you leave. Yes, you can take the Jaguar. Goodbye Carson.” Godric hung up his phone and shot a text to Eric.


Godric: Good evening my son…


Eric: I am good father. It has been a .. while…


Godric : It really has Eric. Carson wishes to visit you and your Pamela.


Eric: And why, may I ask, does the brat want to visit? Thalia still is not into him...


He couldn’t help but laugh, Carson had, at one point, tried to win Thalia’s heart by conventional means. His youngest had walked away with a broken arm, and that was only because of Thalia’s respect for Godric and Eric. Sadly it made Carson want her all the more.


Godric: Maybe he will grow on her…


Eric: HaHa  I think she would rather have hep V or cancer…


Godric: You are probably right… Carson will be arriving tomorrow night…


Eric: Why am I on babysitting duty? Doesn’t he have a life of his own? He always breaks something in my bar!


He let out a sigh. Why is it like pulling fangs to get his vampire children to behave and at least get along. Not for the first time since he turned Carson, he wondered if this was how human parents felt.


Godric: I will replace anything he breaks, you know that.


Eric: If my dear little brother wants to visit so badly why isn’t he texting me? Unless you are the reason for his visit?


Godric: Would I really do such a thing? I stopped meddling in the lives of my children years ago…


Eric snorted. His maker just chose to not be as blatant about his meddling, he certainly had not given it up.


Eric to Carson : Dad says you want to visit. Do you really miss your older brother?


Carson to Eric: Sure do. p.s Daddy dearest suggested it.


Eric to Carson :  I figured as much.


Carson to Eric: The old man just has to meddle. Hey, is that hot female, Thalia, still working at the bar?


Eric to Carson: 1. The old man is our maker, do not let him hear you call him old. 2. You can not be seriously thinking about trying to get Thalia. She will eat you… Better yet, by all means, try for her,  maybe then I will be an only child.


Godric to Eric and Carson: Did you two forget, who is your maker?  I can feel the mischief and amusement in the bonds. And Carson, if you want to live to be Eric’s age, leave Thalia alone. I will make it an order if I must. Eric! Do not feel so smug. You may be old, but I am still much older, and I won’t hesitate to punish either of you and you will not enjoy it. Am I understood?


Eric and Carson to Godric: Yes, Father.


Satisfied he had settled the matter at hand, he left his sanctuary and went out to deal with his area.




Eric to Thalia: Carson is coming to visit this week.


Thalia to Eric: WHAT!  But this is my week to work at Fangtasia ERIC! Tell him to come another time.


Eric to Thalia : Trust me it is not my idea.It was my maker’s idea.


Thalia to Eric: That old man is lucky that  I respect his ass. God’s help him if he tries to kiss me again!


Eric to Thalia : I understand, just don’t kill the boy.


Thalia to Eric : FINE!


Eric chuckled. He knew it was going to be an interesting week.


Lily Of the Night chapter 2




Driven by fear and the need to seek safety, Lily ran through the darkening forest, her feet taking her down the familiar paths. Her one thought was to get away from everyone around her: She just wanted to disappear and become invisible.


She was more than grateful for her mother’s letter since it explained things she had never truly understood, and alerted her to some hard truths. Truths which she had known for a while, but had been too stubborn to face them, and too afraid, and hurt by Godric’s leaving.


Unfortunately, it left her with more questions than answers.


Lily sighed How could she save her aunt? Could she stand against Gracie? How would she survive the short time until graduation? Who could she turn to for help since the only ‘friends’ she had were the children whose parents also belonged to the same coven as her aunt and Gracie.?


Until then she had always thought of her magic as a gift since she truly enjoyed what she could do with it, but right then it was more of a curse, a thing to be avoided, since it had taken her mother and father from her, had warped her aunt, and was about to bring more trouble into her life.


Before she knew it she was on her knees in the clearing. She had tripped on a rock and landed on the ground, sobbing, the questions going round and round in her head. What was she to do?”


“Peace daughter, you are never alone.You have the tools you need already.” Lily looked everywhere but saw no one. “W..Who is there? This is private property, and you are trespassing.” There was silence, her words hanging in the air, daring the person who spoke to answer her.


“Hush child.  This land is ours as well. We are the ones of old, the ones from ages past. We are your family, we are your past and your future.You are one of us, a daughter of the earth and sky itself. You are safe here because we are here. You are safe because your grandmother’s blood called us here. She made this clearing into a sanctuary for you, and for us.” Lily drew a deep breath, silencing her sobbing and trying to keep her focus on what the voice was saying. Finally, confused, she got up and sat on a nearby rock.


“My family? Where were you when my mother died, or when my father got cancer? If you are so old and powerful, then why didn’t you stop my mom from killing herself?” At this point, she was shouting, and she knew it, but she couldn’t help the raw emotions threatening to control her.


“Your mother’s death was and always will be, most regrettable. She left this land, and she went off and found a treacherous lover. The son of the woman who sought her power for her own. Your grandmother bound us to this land in hopes of protecting her daughters. But your mother moved away. We followed her, but we could not be as strong a presence because we were not here, where we are naturally strongest, where your grandmother called us to. Yet we could not leave your aunt unprotected.


When your mother came back pregnant with you, the evil one’s plan had worked and it was too late to stop it. Your father never knew his mother had cast a spell on him so that he would carry out her plan. The fact that your father loved your mother only made the spell stronger. After she became pregnant with you, his health diminished.Then you were born. Powerful spells and curses carry heavy prices. Gracie chose to have her son die in her stead.Gracie used powerful magic, blood magic, to create the spell which bound your parents together, and blood magic doesn’t care whose blood is used to satisfy the need for balance as long as the price is paid.  Gracie is your grandmother. As the fates predicted.”


Tears fell down her cheeks and she started sniffling, so she took out a little hanky from her pocket. “If the fates are all knowing, then why didn’t they stop all this! They intervened in the past!  I mean those wolves should have killed me, and yet on that same night, I met a vampire who saved me!


“Simply because from the plot of the evil one you were meant to be and SHINE.You, the child created to embrace death’s arms. You are the one to finish what has been started, be the answer to Cassandra’s prayer. Read the book child. Then everything will be made known to you. Do not fear for your safety. Help is always nearby, you just need to ask. Farewell Daughter farewell.”


Lily hadn’t gotten a word in edgewise before the voice disappeared. “MORE RIDDLES!!!!!!!! YOU ARE SO NOT HELPFUL.” She yelled out into the night and stared down at the book in her hands. What did they mean that help was always nearby? Her head started to spin with all the questions and information she had been given. Maybe she just needed to lay down. Before she could register a single thing she was out cold on the grassy earth.


Lily woke up five hours later. Groggy and still very tired, she collected her things. She would read his letter sometime tomorrow since it was going to be a busy day. She had a feeling she was going to be very busy until well after graduation.


Lily made her way home and quietly went up to her room, avoiding all the squeaky boards and other things which made unwanted noise in the old house, even making sure the screen and wooden doors closed on a whisper rather than slamming them as she was wont to do.


The next morning Lily had gotten up and was dressed before  6:30. She quickly made her way to the breakfast table where she saw her aunt who just smiled at her lovingly. “Morning Lily, you are up early. You know it’s not a school day, right?” Lily had to admit that with all the things on her mind, she had forgotten that it was Saturday, so there was no school. Perfect she thought. At least she could start her plan today. She would gather some food and lock herself in her own little study she had built just off her room for her own books. It had been an old storage area hidden behind a makeshift panel. Plus her aunt would be leaving for the huge farmer’s market soon so she would have the time she needed to do what needed to be done.


“Lily, did you hear me? I said good morning.”


Lily looked at her and smiled, “Morning Aunt Agatha. I’m just sleepy. I didn’t sleep much last night.”


Agatha nodded, “I can understand that. Did you get a chance to read your letter from Godric?”


Lily shook her head. “No. I must have fallen asleep before I could.”


Agatha raised a perfectly manicured eyebrow. “You just said you couldn’t sleep.”


Thinking quickly,  she smiled. “And I couldn’t.  I would fall asleep, but then I’d wake up with cramps. You know how I get when my time of the month comes around. I get restless, and besides, I have a few tests this week that I’m worried about passing.” Agatha smiled and placed a motherly hand on Lily’s arm.


“You will do just fine. I trust you passed your classes: You are a brilliant girl. Have you taken anything for sleep? Maybe tonight  I should get some of Grace’s  remedy to help aid your rest.”


Lily shook her head. “No need aunty. I’m sure I’ll sleep well tonight. I think I’m going to study some spells.”


Agatha smiled and nodded.“Sounds good kiddo.I’ll be here after I go to the market. If you want any help. But I will be leaving around 3:00 to go over to Gracie’s: She’s having an all nighter tonight. I will leave money  for pizza for dinner.” Lily just nodded before heading upstairs. She was relieved to know that she probably wouldn’t be bothered.


Lily climbed into her closet and went into her secret study, covering the entrance once she was inside. She started to leaf through the pages of the Book Of Cassandra: She learned a lot about life when Cassandra was alive. The gifts that she was blessed with. The tragic end of  Cassandra and her lover.  Finally, she got to page 294: Defensive spells and Protection Rituals for whenever Gracie decided to strike  Lily would be ready whenever it should happen. After graduation, she would leave to find this Octavia lady.




Midnight Cafe Chapter 2


I wake up and look at my alarm clock which reads 3:30pm. Stretching to  loosen all the muscles that have stiffened during my nap, I put my feet on the small plushy cream colored carpet and  slip on my green slippers. I make my way to the kitchen and turn on the coffee pot: I always set it up before I go off to work. It’s a habit I got from my mother who used to work nights at the local hospital.The smell is ambrosia to my brain, as if I could absorb it into my blood  just by smelling it. Tonight was supposed to be my night off, thanks to the ditsy twins I will probably work every night until we find replacements. Good thing I don’t really have much of a social life.


I turn on the news and start making some eggs for breakfast when my attention is drawn to the newscaster on T.V.


“This just in: There have been two bodies found by the river sometime after 3 am last night. Families have been notified and the bodies identified. One Candace Williams, age 25, known to her friends as Candy, and the second victim is Amber Varilly, age 23. Both young women worked at at Midnight Café here in town: A known vampire owned business. Autopsies will be performed, but this is definitely not a vampire attack since the bodies were still full of blood. The city wants to know  what happened to these two girls. Back to you in the studio Jim.”


I drop the skillet  and it slams on the floor eggs going everywhere. all over the floor and fear grips my heart. They’re dead? How? I can’t believe this.It struck me odd that the bodies were found right around the time I closed the Cafe. Archer was there last night and he did leave early enough to dump the bodies. That wouldn’t have left me much time to kill them.

I am reaching for my phone to call Roscoe and Tony when it rings. I hear Roscoe’s deep tone when I answer, ,“Peaches, do not turn on the news yet we are on our way to your place.” I sigh, I should’ve known they were.

“Too late Roscoe,” I tell him sadly, and sounding stricken. “I just saw the news. I will make more eggs, coffee is already brewing.” I would have to make a few more pots: I really need a bigger pot, I muse.


“Open the door Peaches,” I hear over the phone and through the door, causing me to giggle slightly. I should have known they’d turn up unannounced with such news. I hang up and throw open my door to see both of my dearest friends who are more like brothers.


“Come in, I can’t believe they’re gone! It’s going to be so bad since they mentioned the café. Did either of you see them leave with anyone? The last time I saw them I was counting the money to put in the office just the night before. So I didn’t see them leave with anyone if they had.” Neither Tony or Roscoe saw them leave that night since we’d had to close the kitchen down early due to a gas leak I had discovered that had discovered.The fridge had broken down too. It was fiasco I had to get the repair guys to fix it and replace all the perishable food, So I  had them go home early.


“So none of us saw them?” Tony asked, then thought for a minute. “Actually they were hanging with the Archer heads, but I didn’t see them leave with them. I thought they were just being friendly to get more tips, you know how they were.” Sadly we all did.


“Do not speak ill of the dead, no matter how true it is,” I sigh going back to my now mess kitchen floor.


Roscoe smiles, “Here Willow, you go sit, I’ll make us breakfast. I even grabbed some groceries. I know how  often you forget to go to the store. Girl, you really need to eat more . How small you are just isn’t right.” Rolling my eyes and go sit on my couch, I can’t help but wonder how Dustin is going to feel about all this. I know for a fact that all his businesses are warded against violence, so it hardly ever happens at any of his businesses, but they don’t protect us out of work. We are solely responsible for what we do outside of work. In the  seven years that the Café has been open there has never been an issue. So why now? I wonder if this is going on anywhere else, or just our Café? Or is it maybe all of Dustin’s businesses.


“Hey, Princess Peach, your breakfast is done!” Tony is standing in my living room motioning for me to follow him.


How dare he go there! Two can so play that game. “ Coming Luigi! Hey Mario! Our dark knight, Luigi  is calling.” Tony just busted out laughing and walked with me to the kitchen.


“You two are too much, you know that right?” Roscoe and I shrug, neither of us phased by the other. Ever since we met when the Café first opened we have always joked around.


“How did you ever get your nicknames? I don’t think you ever told me?” Tony asked. He’s been around us enough when we were joking around, I’m just surprised it took him this long to ask.


I smile and take a bite of my eggs. “Well, believe it or not. it had nothing to do with the Mario games. It was a sunny day and we had just gotten some  fresh peaches in. I made a comment about how much I love peaches and a customer heard me and said she loves peaches with fresh whipped cream. We laughed about it until a very racist threw his two cents into our conversation.


Well, he didn’t know Roscoe for obvious reasons. Well, the rude customer grabbed my ass and squeezed and said some inappropriate things. Roscoe heard and left the kitchen, still wearing his batman apron. The jerk who grabbed my ass, being who he was, went after Roscoe verbally. Needless to say, Roscoe came to the rescue and the lady at the counter called him my Dark Knight. I remember looking at her for a minute: She laughed and pointed at the bat symbol he was wearing. So he would call me Peaches when I was having a bad shift to make my smile.and I would reply by calling him my Dark Knight. Until you joined our fun and crazy crew, that is, Tony. Then you became Mario, and when you two started dating became Luigi because soon after that he slipped and called me Princess Peach.” We all laughed together and it felt good to relax after the news I heard, and before going to work.


I notice the boys have their uniforms with them: Apparently, they planned on staying all day. Which I didn’t care about since we always have fun together anyway. It’s 7:00 when we turn the news on again.


This just in:  Four more bodies have been found. Two males and two more females! Each killed the same way as the previous two. Their names have not been released, pending notification of next of kin, we do know they are employees of Vampire associated businesses. Two carried name tags from the Local bookstore, Main Vein. The other two worked at a downtown hotel. The question on everyone’s  mind is ‘Who is doing this?’ and “Could it be the Fellowship Of the Sun?’

The Fellowship Of the Sun, as you may remember, was disbanded and tagged as a terrorist cell four years ago.

Enquiring minds want to know:  What does this mean for our fair city since most of the businesses are Vampire owned or are Vampire friendly. Back to you John.”


I look at my best friends and can’t believe my ears. The Fellowship has been out of play for four years like the broadcaster said, or so we thought.  “Shit! Willow, what is going on? Boss man is not going to like this.We should call him so he doesn’t get blindsided.”  


I shake my head,  “It’s 7 pm Roscoe, he’s already up, and I am pretty sure he has seen the news. I don’t doubt that every vampire  in the city has heard the news.”


We clean up after dinner and take turns showering and getting ready for work when there is a knock on my door. We all share a look as I walk to the door. Who’s at my door? Everyone I know is already here.


I open the door to see a very worried Dustin in his black trenchcoat. “Dustin! Are you alright?” When he doesn’t come right in I realize he can’t. How stupid am I. “Dustin, I invite you into my home.” He nods, relieved, and walks across the threshold.


“Are you alright? Have you heard? And you should have checked before answer that door.What if I was a human killer.” He asks as his eyes land on Roscoe and Tony who agreed with him.


Yes, we heard about Candy and Amber earlier, and the four others just now. What’s going on Dustin?  and no one knows where I live but the three of you.And besides, I have my dark knight over.Besides we were just heading to work anyway. ”


He looks at me like I had seven heads. “Even after all the deaths on the news? Why?”


I look him in the eyes so he would understand that I mean everything I’m about to say.  “I came to work for you after the revelation when the Fellowship threatened to burn down your building. I showed up for work to help you clean up the glass that was smashed and the Café destroyed, so yes, I was planning on going to work tonight. You are one of my friends, you are my boss, but also a friend. And I may not know all the rules and protocol of your world, but in mine, that means we stick together.And we stick together. There is more power in a united front. If we close down for even one night they win. Whoever they are? I maybe just a human, but I am your friend. I could walk out my door right now and cross the street and die from being hit by a car. You hear about how one food product is being recalled, like chicken, but that doesn’t stop everyone from buying it still. And seeing as Roscoe and Tony are both dressed for work, I think it’s safe to say we are with you, boss.” I look to my other friends and they nod their agreement.


Dustin just looks at us for a minute, before closing the distance between him and I.Placing his hands on my shoulder he gazes into my eyes as he lays a kiss on my forehead. I smile.It is the first time he has shown any real affection for me. And I feel a shiver down my spine I would have to think about that later along with why my Lady parts seem to be in a knot.


“What do you say, boss ? Shall we go feed the masses?” He smiles a little apprehensively, “I say  let’s go open a café.”


He sighs, “Okay, whose car are we taking then?”


Roscoe raises his hand, causing me to quirk an eyebrow at him. What? Are we still in school?. “We should go in two cars in case one gets vandalized.” So it was agreed and we were quickly on our way to The Midnight Café. Just before we entered, Dustin tugged on my wrist gently enough to just get my attention. “Thank you Willow, for being a friend.”
I smile as he kisses my hand, “No problem Boss. Now, let’s go before we’re late. I hear the boss is a stickler for punctuality.” He chuckles and it sends pleasant chills down my spine.